Until Next Time!

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Theresa and Elena share their stories, Tabitha gets a glimpse of the future, Esme and Julian play out more fantasies and Viki lurks around trying to kill Ethan.

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Theresa makes her way on to the train where the woman, Elena is waiting for her. Elena says they need to be careful because if they get caught, they will get thrown off the train. Once the train starts to move, Elena questions Theresa as to why she needs to sneak back into her own country. Theresa is hesitant to tell her what's happened, but Elena urges her to unburden herself and promises not to tell anyone what she has to say. Elena then shares that she is temporarily leaving her children behind in Mexico with her parents so she can get set up in the U.S. Theresa questions why she is illegally sneaking into the country and Elena explains that she tried the legal route, but the immigration laws are too tough. She trusts Theresa won't turn her in to the INS and hopes Theresa will trust her as well. Theresa tells Elena her story and Elena asks what the point of going home is if she can't be with the people she loves. Theresa says she just wants to be near them, but has to remain "dead" to her family in order to protect them. The train stops and Elena says they have to hide. Someone shines a light in the car they are in, but don't see the women and leave. The train starts up again and Elena worries they will get caught and she will never see her children again. Theresa says they need to have faith that they will get over the border safely. Elena asks if she thinks she could get a job in the states and Theresa says once she gets her own life back on track, she will help her get a job, a place to live and her children back. Elena is grateful, but Theresa thinks to herself, "I just hope I can keep my promise."


In her kitchen, Tabitha looks for the elf and yells out that she and Endora are off limits. She doesn't find him, but the magic bowl starts to bubble. She looks in the bowl, but can't see anything. A clock suddenly flies out and Tabitha thinks maybe the bowl wants to show her the future. The clock lands on a calendar and she then thinks the bowl wants to show her Kay and Miguel's wedding. She asks if it will be the most exciting event of the year and a cake flies in her face, followed by a bottle of champagne that explodes all over her. Confetti falls and Tabitha says, "I get it. This wedding is going to be chaos. Complete and utter chaos!" Tabitha asks what else the bowl has to show her and a bell comes out. Tabitha thinks another wedding is about to happen and asks whose wedding will be the most shocking this year. The bowl shows her Ethan at an altar and Tabitha thinks Ethan and Gwen will have a recommitment ceremony. The water turns into a ball of fire and Tabitha looks in it and sees that someone is trying to stop Ethan's wedding to Gwen. When she sees who it is, Tabitha says, "Leaping Lizards! That's impossible!" Tabitha sees Theresa tell Ethan that she couldn't let him marry Gwen...not while she is responsible for her death!


Julian comes into Esme's room where she is waiting for him in a sexy negligee. They start to go at it thinking the killer has stopped attacking all her dates.


Downstairs, Sam tells Ethan he needs to be with someone who makes him happy. Ethan says Gwen is the one he wants to be with if he can't be with Theresa, but he doesn't think he will ever get over her. Sam says he's sure Ethan will do right by his children and then says he has to go upstairs to question Esme about the killer.

Viki talks to Alistair on her cell and tells him not to worry, she will kill Ethan before her Aunt Esme has a chance to snag him.


Sam and Ethan go up to Esme's room and see her literally swinging over Julian. They are both dressed in caveman loincloths and Ethan and Sam uncomfortably say they'll come back later. Esme tells them to stay because they are waiting for Julian's little blue pill to kick in so she can answer Sam's questions now if he wants. Ethan says he needs to talk to Julian as well, but Julian says it'll have to wait as his pill seems to have kicked in. Ethan and Sam leave the room and Viki lurks behind saying to herself, "It's time for you to die, Ethan."


Downstairs, Julian and Esme meet with Ethan and Sam after a couple minutes of having sex. Sam asks Julian if anything has happened since their failed attempt at catching the killer. Both Julian and Esme think the reign of terror is over. Ethan then tells Julian he wants to adopt Little Ethan. Julian flashes back to learning that Little E is Ethan's and Julian says it's long overdue since Ethan is the boy's father. Ethan questions this statement and Julian says that Ethan is truly the only father the boy has ever known. Julian gives Ethan his permission and blessing to adopt Little E and says he's sure it's what Theresa would have wanted. Viki stands in the hallway thinking she'd wish everyone would leave so she could kill Ethan.


Julian and Esme go back upstairs to play more sexual games while Sam and Ethan discuss the evening. Ethan says that Esme is a wild one, but he's seen a lot of positive qualities in her since he's been helping her with Viki's adoption. Sam leaves and Viki comes up behind Ethan with a knife. Ethan gets a call, sending Viki back into hiding. Ethan takes the call in the other room and Viki says she'll get him next time, because there will definitely be a next time!


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