She's Just English.

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Kay explains Tabitha's behavior to Pilar, Miguel worries Kay is using magic, Noah re-proposes to Paloma, Ivy and Sam try to console Ethan, and Theresa receives help escaping Mexico.

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In the kitchen, Kay tries to convince Pilar that Tabitha isn't a witch, as Tabitha worries Pilar will find out the truth. Pilar says that weird things have been happening in this house for years, but Kay explains it by saying Tabitha is just English. Pilar admits she may be wrong, but asks Kay to think about moving out because she doesn't want her granddaughter growing up around Tabitha. Pilar walks away and Miguel asks Kay what's going on. Kay fills him in and they both worry Pilar will find out she's a witch. Miguel says that shouldn't be a problem because both Tabitha and Kay took a vow to not use witchcraft, right?


Tabitha serves everyone sandwiches while Noah, Paloma, Theresa and Miguel plan their wedding. Noah suddenly says they can't get married and that the wedding is off. He says since Paloma broke up with him they aren't engaged anymore and they need to fix it. Noah leaves the room and Tabitha gets a headache from all the "icky, sicky love and romance." Noah returns with balloons, gets on one knee and proposes to her. Paloma agrees to marry him, as the demon's eyes show up and start popping the balloons. Tabitha realizes it's the demon, but tries to explain it to everyone by saying the heat in the kitchen caused the balloons to pop. Kay asks Tabitha what happened and she says she doesn't know. Kay doesn't buy it and asks if the elf is back. Miguel comes up behind them and asks, "What elf?" He demands to know if they are using magic again and the women swear they are not. Tabitha says Elf is a nickname she gave to one of Endora's pets. Tabitha walks away and Miguel suggests to Kay that they go down to the pier and get some cocoa. Pilar leaves and Miguel, Kay, Noah and Paloma head off to the pier.

Tabitha sends Endora off to bed and says out loud that she knows the elf is there. She tells him he can do whatever he wants to everyone else, but she and Endora are off limits!


In Theresa's bedroom, Gwen urges Ethan to get rid of the box of Theresa's mementos. Ethan tells her he will always love Theresa and needs to hold on to the memories of her. Gwen says he needs to move on so they can focus on the children. Rebecca comes in the room asking if they are ready to put the junk in storage. Ethan tells them to treat Theresa's stuff with respect, puts the box on the bed and leaves the room.


Gwen picks up the box and throws it saying she'll never rid herself of Theresa. Rebecca tells Gwen to stop feeling sorry for herself and start celebrating because Ethan is hers and there's nothing Theresa can do about it. Rebecca says they should put all of Theresa's things in the incinerator, but Gwen thinks they should put it in storage in case Jane wants something to remember her mother by. Rebecca says that she is Jane's mother now and they need to get rid of all traces of Theresa. Gwen says she's right and she will do whatever she has to in order to make Ethan forget about Theresa.

Ethan goes downstairs and sees Sam and Ivy. Sam tells him he's sorry about Theresa and Ivy says life must goes on. Ethan reminds her that Theresa was the love of his life and always will be. Ethan pours himself a drink and tells his parents he will never stop missing Theresa. Ivy urges her son to move forward by thinking about the children and letting someone help him through this. Ethan realizes what she's up to and tells Ivy she doesn't need to push Gwen in his face. Ivy says he doesn't need to forget about Theresa, but he could give Gwen a little affection for the children's sake. Ethan says he and Gwen already talked about it and decided to be together for the children. He says he cares about Gwen, but will never love her the way he loved Theresa. He tells his parents if Theresa was still in the picture, Gwen wouldn't have a chance, but since she's not, he'll settle for Gwen.

Ivy comes up to Theresa's room with champagne and congratulates Gwen on landing Ethan. The women toast to Theresa being out of the picture and Gwen and Ethan being together. Ivy and Gwen feel guilty celebrating while Ethan is heartbroken, but Rebecca says Ethan will get over it and eventually remember how wonderful life with Gwen can be and forget all about Theresa. Ivy and Gwen aren't so sure, but Gwen says she will be an amazing wife to Ethan. Ivy thinks deep down Ethan loves her and Rebecca says Gwen needs to make him forget about Theresa. Rebecca then makes a toast to "The shark that took the first bite."

Downstairs, Sam tries to console Ethan. Ethan tells his father that if Theresa could come back he would never settle for Gwen.


In Mexico, Juanita shoots at the crate Theresa is in. She wants to find out who is in the box listening to them and the cop opens it. They find it empty and Juanita thinks whoever was in there got away. She vows to find the person in the box and kill them.


Elsewhere, Theresa sneaks around trying to escape without running into Juanita again, while Juanita and the cop wander the streets trying to find the person who was in the crate.

Theresa doesn't know how she'll get home without a passport or ID and worries that Juanita will kill her and her family if she finds her. She continues to run through the streets and a woman grabs her. The stranger assumes Theresa is trying to sneak into the U.S. like she is and says they can hop a freight train. Theresa thinks this could be her way back home and follows the woman. They wait for the train workers to go on break and the woman runs to the train. Before Theresa can make her getaway, she hears Juanita approaching. Theresa listens as Juanita tells the cop how she must find Pilar and kill her and her family. Theresa worries that if they don't leave the area she will miss the train. Juanita and the cop leave and Theresa makes a break for it.


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Tabitha is covered in what looks like confetti and cake and exclaims, "This wedding is going to be utter chaos!"

Sam and Ethan enter Esme's room and find her and Julian dressed in loincloths with Esme in a swing over him.

Viki walks down the hallway with a knife saying it's time for Ethan to die.

Theresa explains to the woman who helped her get on the train that she's dead.

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