Elf Attack!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Pilar is struck by Tabitha's strange behavior, the double wedding is back on, Ethan goes through Theresa's things, and Theresa tries to hide from Juanita.

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Tabitha and Endora sit at the kitchen table, while Tabitha worries that the demon is still around. Unbeknownst to the witches, a trail of black slime flows along the floor. Miguel enters and Kay greets him saying Noah is coming over with news. They go into the kitchen and then Noah and Paloma enter together announcing they got back together. Endora thinks true love always wins out, but Tabitha isn't so sure. Tabitha asks if the double wedding is back on and Miguel and Paloma say they need to postpone it because of Theresa. Paloma says Pilar would think they were being disrespectful if they had the wedding too soon. Kay and Noah are disappointed they have to put off getting married, but understand. In the background, Tabitha continues to worry and thinks the elf wouldn't have left without leaving total devastation.

Pilar walks in Tabitha's house and asks everyone what's wrong. Tabitha tells her the foursome is talking about a double wedding again. Pilar is pleased and asks why no one looks happy. Miguel tells his mother they are delaying the wedding because they want to give her time heal regarding Theresa's death. Pilar hugs everyone and says she's touched that they would sacrifice their happiness for her sake, but after losing two of her children she's learned how short life is and they should enjoy every second they can with the people they love. She says Theresa would want them to go ahead with the wedding and she wants it too. They decide to keep their original date and Kay asks if Pilar is sure she's okay with it. Pilar says she'll be okay and they discuss how difficult it is to lose a child. Pilar says she feels Theresa close in her heart.


A motorized toy car comes into the room out of nowhere and Tabitha yells, "Everybody down! Elf attack!" Tabitha and Endora hide under the table and Noah realizes he sat on the remote control, which made the car move. Pilar thinks Tabitha's reaction was odd and wonders what she meant by elf attack. Endora thinks, "This should be good!" Tabitha makes up something about a game her and Endora play. She then tries to change the subject back to Theresa, but Pilar won't let it go saying she always heard about the strange things that happen in her house. Paloma says it's not just this house, but all of Harmony. Tabitha says she doesn't notice, but Pilar says it's like there's an aura around the entire property. Pilar keeps asking questions about Tabitha and the house and Kay tries to distract her by bringing up the wedding.

Pilar pulls Kay aside and privately asks her if it's a good idea for Maria to be living in the house with Tabitha. Kay assures her it's fine, but Pilar says there's something not right about Tabitha and thinks it's strange that a woman her age had a child. She says Tabitha has lived in Harmony since before Kay's father and hasn't aged a day. Pilar says she thinks the rumors are true - Tabitha is a witch!

In Theresa's bedroom, Gwen and Rebecca box up all of Theresa's things. Gwen says they can give it all to charity and Rebecca takes some expensive jewelry for herself. Gwen thinks Theresa isn't a threat anymore, but Rebecca says her memory still is and Gwen should get rid of every trace of her so Ethan will forget about her. Ethan enters and angrily asks, "What the Hell are you doing with Theresa's things?" Gwen explains that she thought it would be too hard for him to pack up Theresa's things by himself. Ethan says she's right, everything is breaking his heart in this room. Rebecca remarks that it hurts her too, as she fondles Theresa's jewelry. Ethan goes off on her citing how awfully she treated Theresa and the racial slurs she used in Theresa's presence. Rebecca says she is affected by Theresa's death too, because now she can't eat shark or go to the aquarium because there could be a shark there. Ethan calls her insensitive and Gwen tells her mother to shut up. Gwen tries to apologize for her mother and Ethan asks Gwen to leave him alone in the room so he can spend more time with Theresa's stuff before it's carted away.

Out in the hall Rebecca tells Gwen she needs to make Ethan forget about Theresa. Gwen lashes out at her mother for the things she said to Ethan and Rebecca says in an odd sort of way she misses Theresa because now she has no one to torment. Gwen says they need to pretend they are remorseful about Theresa's death or else Ethan will get suspicious.


Alone, Ethan looks at a photo of him and Theresa and asks, "Why did you leave me?" He looks through a box of mementos Theresa kept from all the times they shared together. As he looks at the ticket stubs, seashells and photos, Gwen returns and tells Ethan he needs to get rid of everything so he doesn't dwell on Theresa. He says he's keeping the box of mementos and tells Gwen he still loves Theresa and no matter how many things of hers she gets rid of, Theresa will always be in his heart. Gwen thinks to herself that she will make him forget Theresa if it's the last thing she does.


After fleeing the morgue, Theresa sneaks around Mexico wondering how she will elude Juanita and get home. Juanita then appears and Theresa hides in a crate. Juanita runs into a police officer and Theresa thinks Juanita will be arrested and then she can go home. Juanita hands the cop some money and it's clear he is on her payroll. The cop says there are more cops on her payroll than not, so she is absolutely safe and will never see the inside of a prison. Theresa panics thinking Juanita will always be out there, ready to kill her and her family. Juanita wants to know what he found out about Pilar and her family, but he doesn't know much. Juanita is furious that he doesn't know where Pilar lives or her last name. She instructs the cop to find Pilar, because Theresa's death isn't enough, she wants Pilar's entire family wiped out. The cop asks how she escaped from the Americans and Theresa hears her say that Gwen assisted her. Theresa is furious and thinks she will never let Gwen be with Ethan. She thinks she needs to get home and moves around in the crate, which the cop and Juanita hear. The cop says the noise came from the crate and thinks someone is hiding in there. Juanita says to take care of it now and the cop yells for the person to come out with their hands up. When no one comes out and the cop won't shoot at the box, Juanita grabs the gun and fires off a few rounds into the crate.


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Gwen, Ivy and Rebecca toast to Theresa being gone. Rebecca says, "All is right with the world."

Miguel wonders what Tabitha and Kay are talking about. He asks, "What elf?"

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