Fancy and Sheridan come to the same conclusion

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Eve and Julian are still at odds, Fancy and Sheridan both fantasize about having Luis' babies, and Whitney suspects Chad.

Fancy and Sheridan come to the same conclusion image

Fancy faces the truth.

Paloma and Fancy are at the station. They are talking about Luis and Sheridan, naturally. Paloma warns her to be careful. Speaking the truth may have the opposite effect than Fancy intended. Paloma likes the truth too just like Fancy. And she's stubborn, just like Fancy and like Sheridan. That's why Paloma figures that Fancy pushed Sheridan into Luis' arms with her speech. Paloma goes on and on about how in love Luis and Sheridan were. Fancy objects. She thinks she was able to talk Sheridan into leaving Luis alone for good.

Paloma brings up the discussion she and Pilar had with Luis. She tells Fancy how Pilar kept mentioning her desire for grandchildren to Luis. Fancy fantasizes about her life with Luis and their children. She can see herself having a dozen.

Paloma raves about her brother, a little too uncomfortably for Fancy. They agree he is "pure" except for his pig-headedness. She tells Fancy how he refused to give up on Sheridan no matter how much she and Pilar tried to convince him otherwise. This upsets Fancy. She feels that Luis has to be forced into a relationship with her. She remembers how men would beg her for just a smile. She decides if Luis doesn't want her, then she doesn't want him anymore.

Luis and Sheridan stand in his house. Luis waxes on about how he wants to turn back time and start all over again. They could be together the way they were meant to be. Sheridan is trying to talk but Luis won't let her get a word in. He keeps going on and on about their new life, their new house, the nine kids they're going to have. Sheridan fantasizes about that happy life. She imagines their family together.

Sheridan brings up Chris to Luis. He thinks she is talking about the need to divorce him. Luis wants to be the one to tell Chris. He doesn't get that Sheridan mentioned Chris because she has decided to stay married to him. She came to tell him that there is no hope for them.

Luis begs Sheridan not to give up on them. Sheridan apologizes. She does love him but their love is too fragile to last. And more than that, she doesn't want him. She cries as she tells him that over and over.


Whitney tells Theresa that she believes Chad is keeping secrets from her. Theresa advises Whitney to just ask Chad head on what he is hiding. Whitney is afraid of the answer. Theresa speaks from experience that secrets can ruin relationships. However, those problems are over because she's through pining after Ethan. She is settled on Jared.

Whitney talks of her suspicion about Chad. She doesn't notice that Theresa has passed out at first. When she does, she is alarmed. She goes out into the hall for help.

Jared overheard Chad's conversation with the mystery woman. He guessed his secret. He warns Chad to be careful or it will all blow up in his face. Chad tells Jared not to judge him. Jared denies doing that. Chad tells him he doesn't want to lose Whitney or Miles. He wishes he had told her the truth. Jared doesn't think that's such a good idea.

Chad reserves the motel room for his tryst at the same time Whitney steps into the hallway. Jared rushes to Theresa's side. He is worried about her but she comes to. She insists she's fine.

Whitney questions Chad about the motel remark. At first he acts dumb. Then he lies and says it was nothing, just silly talk. Whitney reluctantly accepts the lie. As soon as she leaves his side, he rushes off to the motel. Whitney wonders where Chad went and who he is with. Chad waits at the motel, wondering what he is doing there.


Julian gives Eve an ultimatum.

Eve and Julian are in his office. She tries to pull away from his embrace but he pulls her back. They make love.

Afterwards, they lie on a sofa together. Eve confesses her love for him. Julian just wants to pretend that the last month didn't happen. He wants to set a wedding date. Everything is fine until Eve brings up T.C.'s recovery again. Julian can't understand her obsession with T.C.'s health. He questions why she puts her ex-husband's welfare ahead of him. He gives her an ultimatum to forget about T.C.'s problems. Eve wont accept ultimatums. Julian goes back to blaming Eve and her hovering over T.C. for their problems. He claims she is using him to pull herself out of her dull, middle class life until her guilt pulls her back and away from him. It's just an excuse to push him away.

Eve denies the accusation. She is just using her medical skills to take care of T.C. It is just simple compassion on her part. Julian doesn't believe her. Eve was the goddess of his dreams ever since he first saw her singing at the Blue Note. It was torture for him being married to Ivy instead of her because he thought she was perfection. But now he knows different. Eve wants to know what he means by that. She pushes him for an answer even though Julian warned her she wouldn't like it. After she keeps goading him, Julian tells her the drugs didn't make her a tramp. "You really are one at heart."

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