Theresa Escapes!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Theresa breaks free from the morgue, Pretty and Sheridan fight over the controller, Luis revives a passed out Fancy and Paloma forgives Noah.

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Once alone, Theresa thinks she needs to get home, but worries she would be putting her family in danger. She looks at Little Ethan through the monitor and cries. She then switches over to watch Ethan and thinks she needs to get out of there. Theresa looks around the room for a way out and finds a window behind some cabinets. She opens the window and jumps out.

On the wharf, Sheridan and Pretty fight over the controller. Pretty wants to make Fancy kill Paloma so one of them will have a chance with Luis. Sheridan thinks about it, but says killing someone is going too far. Pretty says it's family tradition and that Alistair has had hundreds of people knocked off. Sheridan starts to lean towards the plan and Pretty remarks that she certainly is Alistair's daughter. This comment stops Sheridan in her tracks and she says killing Paloma is going too far. The women physically fight over the controller again, inadvertently pushing its buttons, which makes Fancy act out.

Fancy starts to run into walls and generally flip out. She gets on the all fours and barks like a dog. Luis, Paloma and Noah watch her strange behavior and Luis asks what's wrong with her. Luis tries to clam her down, but Fancy continues to freak out and then her nose starts bleeding.

As Sheridan and Pretty continue to grapple over the controller, it goes flying out of Pretty's hands and breaks. She thinks she can fix it, but Sheridan won't let her commit murder and grabs the controller. Fancy returns to normal and then passes out. Luis holds her and says he doesn't think she's breathing. Sheridan thinks Pretty killed Fancy and Pretty says it was pay back for the scar Fancy gave her all those years ago. Noah calls 911 but keeps getting put on hold. Paloma and Luis try to revive Fancy while Pretty quietly urges Fancy to head towards the white light. Luis continues to try and bring Fancy back to life and when he tells her he loves her, she wakes up. Pretty is upset that Fancy is okay and accuses Sheridan of ruining everything.

After Fancy comes to, Noah and Paloma tell Luis that his love brought Fancy back. Fancy asks what she was doing and they tell her she was walking around like a lunatic. Fancy asks why this keeps happening to her and Luis says the important thing is that she's okay now and they will find out what's wrong with her. He says he loves her and Fancy asks him to hold her. Luis cleans up the blood from Fancy's nose and says he can't imagine life without her.


Noah tells Paloma that after witnessing how much Luis loves Fancy, he can't imagine his life without her and that he never wants to lose her. Paloma says she's been thinking the same thing about him. Paloma says she loves him and they hug. Noah asks if Paloma trusts him now, after witnessing Fancy's strange behavior and wonders if they can put their past behind them? Paloma says she believes him, trusts him and will never doubt his love again.

Pretty lashes out at Sheridan for not allowing her to finish Fancy off and says it's all her fault and she will pay for it. Sheridan tells her that Luis wants nothing to do with her and Pretty says one little push will make him love her. Sheridan suddenly realizes that Pretty had something to do with Fancy going after Marty and tells her she will stop her and Alistair for hurting any more people. Pretty thinks she's bluffing, but Sheridan says she will tell Luis everything about what she's been doing.

Luis tells Fancy he knew something was wrong with her and will take her to the hospital so they can figure it out. She worries it could be serious, but he says they will fix it and he will be with her every step of the way. Luis apologizes to Fancy for doubting her love, but says that her behavior was just so bizarre. He promises to never doubt her again.

Sheridan watches as Luis and Fancy kiss and Pretty dares her to tell Luis about what she's done. Sheridan thinks Pretty is right that if she tells Luis what's been going on, she'll never have a chance with him. Sheridan tells Pretty she won't tell Luis about the device and Pretty says the only way to get Fancy out of the picture is to kill her. Sheridan thinks there must be a better way to break them up without resorting to murder. Pretty threatens that Alistair could go after Marty again if Sheridan doesn't do what makes him happy and what makes Alistair happy right now is Luis and Fancy breaking up. Pretty urges Sheridan to give her the controller, but Sheridan throws it in the water.

Noah, Paloma, Luis and Fancy discuss how Noah and Fancy keep ending up together and Luis says maybe it's just one of those weird things that happen in Harmony. Paloma hopes she never hears that lame excuse again. Fancy starts to choke because the controller went into the water and hacks up the device that was in her head. Not realizing it came from Fancy's head, Noah finds the device and asks what it is, as Pretty and Sheridan look on and panic. No one has any idea what it is and Fancy says he should get rid of it. Noah agrees and throws it into the water. Noah then asks Paloma if they are beyond a shadow of a doubt back together. Paloma says yes and they kiss. Fancy tells Luis they have to get to the bottom of what's been going on because she doesn't know why she keeps hurting him. Luis tells her to stop worrying because together they will figure out what's wrong with her. He says she's stuck with him and that he has never felt this way about anyone.

Pretty yells at Sheridan and wonders why she threw the controller off the docks. Sheridan says no one should have that much power over another person. Sheridan is confident she will get Luis back on her own because they have a connection. Pretty scoffs at their past lives together and says she knows how to play hardball in order to win Luis for herself.


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