What's Your Excuse This Time?

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Ethan makes a decision about his future with Gwen; Pilar urges Luis and Paloma to give Fancy and Noah another chance; Theresa wakes up in the morgue and Pretty manipulates the situation.

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At the Crane Mansion, Ehtan goes into Theresa's room and picks up a photo of the two of them. He sits on the bed and says he's having a hard time dealing with the fact that he will never see her again. Gwen enters the room and tells him that she knows it will take a long time to get over losing Theresa, but wants to talk about the kids again. Ethan curtly responds that he will take care of them and wants to leave it at that. Gwen says that she needs him too, but Ethan responds that it's too soon to think about. She reminds him how happy they were before Theresa came into their lives and that they can get it back if he doesn't let Theresa's ghost come between them. Ethan tells her that he isn't over Theresa yet and needs to avenge her death before he can move on. Gwen says she understands that he wants revenge, but life goes on and he needs to be there for the kids. Ethan again tells her that he isn't ready to talk about their future and gets angry that she's pushing him on the matter. Gwen says she isn't pushing; she just wants him to start thinking about it.

Theresa lies in the mysterious morgue and wakes up. A man with a gun in a holster stands over her and she asks him how she got there and who he is. He only tells her that he is her guardian. She asks if she is in prison and he says no, but that she is dead to the world. Theresa asks more questions, but he only tells her that she can't leave and that they are helping her. He explains that the DEA found her in the shark-infested waters and brought her to them. He says she is safe from the threat Jaunita poses to her and her family. Theresa is happy to hear this and asks if she can call her family to tell them they are safe. He tells her if she talks to her family they will all be killed because Juanita is still searching for them, but if everyone thinks she is dead, her family will be safe. Confused, Theresa asks if Juanita is still searching for her family, how will making them think she's dead help them? He evades the question and Theresa weakly gets out of bed to get to the phone in the room so she can call Ethan. The guard prevents her from doing so, but Theresa fakes being weak and leans on the guard. She grabs his gun and tells him if he moves she will shoot him. She picks up the phone, but passes out before she can make the call.

Ethan goes to the docks and imagines himself, Theresa and their new baby walking along the wharf. Ethan thinks to himself that he will never be that happy without Theresa and then imagines that Gwen happens upon him and Theresa in his fantasy. Over Theresa's protests, Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa is dead and that he needs to move on. Ethan eventually agrees and tells Theresa that he needs to accept that she is dead and says goodbye to her. Theresa vanishes and Gwen asks if he is ready to move on with her and the kids. Back in reality, Ethan calls Gwen and tells her he's made a decision about their future.

Theresa wakes up alone and weakly tries to get up again so she can call Ethan. She gets to the phone but passes out. She wakes up and grabs the phone and dials. Her call doesn't go through and she tries again.

Ethan returns to the mansion and tells Gwen that Theresa is still in his heart and always will be. He says she is apart of him, but she's not coming back and he needs to move forward. Gwen gets excited as Ethan says they should be together as a family. He tells her he isn't doing it out of duty, but because he does love her. Gwen knows he doesn't love her as much as he loves Theresa, but Ethan says he wouldn't say it if it weren't true. Gwen is thrilled he has decided to be a family with her and the kids and Ethan says it feels right. Gwen goes to get champagne so they can celebrate and Ethan looks at the photo of Theresa. He says he will never love Gwen the way he loves her and says he can still feel her.


Pilar and Luis are downstairs talking about Theresa and Paloma enters the room. She apologizes for not saying goodbye to Theresa with everyone else and expresses how sad she is that she will never see her sister again. Luis says it's hard on all of them especially Ethan. Pilar tells her children that they should take a cue from Ethan and Theresa and fight to be with the people they love. Luis says he's trying, but Fancy is all over the place right now and Paloma says she isn't sure if she can trust Noah. Luis tells his mother and sister about Fancy going out to party instead of coming to Theresa's memorial. Pilar is shocked, but thinks maybe Noah was right that Fancy might be affected by the strange things that happen in Harmony. Pilar urges them to not let evil win and to not give up on love. She says they should give Fancy and Noah another chance and suggests that if they can't trust Fancy and Noah then maybe they don't really love them. Luis and Paloma thank their mother for her advice and leave to take a walk.

Alone in the living room, Pilar cries while she looks at a photo of Theresa. She asks for a sign to let her know that Theresa hasn't suffered and has found a way into heaven. The phone rings and Pilar looks to Heaven. She picks up the phone and Theresa says, "Mama, it's me," but Pilar can't hear her.

In the kitchen, Pretty calls Alistair and updates him on her progress with Luis. She tells him she will continue to use the controller to manipulate Fancy if that's what it takes to win Luis.


On the docks, Fancy happens upon Noah, who tells her to stay away from him. Fancy doesn't understand, so Noah pulls her aside and tells her he doesn't want anyone to catch them together. Fancy says she doesn't want to cause any problems and she doesn't even remember throwing herself at him. Noah tells her he thinks all the evil in Harmony is controlling her and making her act uncharacteristically. Noah thinks the same thing is happening to him and they commiserate over how they are alienating both Paloma and Luis. They agree to concentrate on their love for Luis and Paloma so nothing can get in their way again. As Noah and Fancy try to figure out what's been happening to them, Pretty walks by and sees them.


Paloma and Luis walk the docks and Pretty sees them. She gets excited, but worries they will miss seeing Fancy and Noah together. She makes a noise so Paloma and Luis hear it. As the siblings investigate the noise, they see Noah and Fancy hugging. Luis and Paloma wonder what their excuse is for being together this time and Fancy and Noah are speechless. Pretty thinks she should use the controller to make Fancy do something that Luis will never forgive and then she can have him all to herself.


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