You're All Crazy!

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Everyone returns from Mexico and gathers at the Crane Mansion; Ethan tells Little E that his mother died; Pretty causes more problems for Fancy and Luis; and Noah gets an ally in his bid to win Paloma back.

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Pilar, Miguel, Luis, Ethan, Gwen and Sheridan return to the Crane mansion where Sam, Ivy, Paloma and Kay greet them. Sam and Ivy offer to have an informal memorial for Theresa and Pilar is grateful. Ivy and Gwen privately talk and Ivy tells her daughter-in-law that unless Theresa comes back from the dead, Ethan is hers.

Upstairs, Fancy wishes that Luis would come back so she can make things right with him. Pretty enters her bedroom and Fancy says she thinks she needs to see a doctor because she doesn't know how she will explain her recent behavior to Luis. Pretty tells her sister that Sheridan went to Mexico to see Luis, so he might not even be a factor for her anymore. Fancy lashes out at Pretty for trying to cause problems, but Pretty retorts that Luis will never get the image of her and Noah out of his head. Fancy gets a call from one of the maids who tells her that everyone has returned to the mansion from Mexico, except for Theresa because she is dead. The sisters are shocked and Fancy says they shouldn't waste the time they have alive fighting and hugs Pretty. Pretty thinks to herself that Fancy is a sap and Fancy starts to head downstairs. Pretty stops her pointing out that she's still in her robe and should clean up a bit before seeing Luis. Fancy goes to get ready and Pretty wonders how she can prevent Fancy from seeing Luis.

Ethan talks to his parents and tells them what happened in Mexico. Ivy and Sam try to console him, but he blames himself for Theresa's death.

Kay tries to comfort Miguel, but he wants to know if Kay used magic while he was gone. Miguel recalls how green dust seemingly saved his life, but Kay plays dumb and assures him she didn't do it. Miguel believes her and says that magic only causes problems.

Pilar confronts Gwen about being at the memorial and tells her that Theresa's blood is on her hands. Gwen defends herself and reminds Pilar about their deal. Pilar tells Gwen that she will never replace Theresa in Ethan's heart and will always be second best.


Noah enters the Crane kitchen where he finds Paloma. She asks what he's doing there and he says Theresa was his friend too and that he wanted to offer his condolences to her and her family.

Sam tells Pilar that Juanita is on the Interpol most wanted list and if she comes anywhere near Harmony they will catch her. Gwen says that Juanita doesn't even know where Pilar lives or Pilar's last name so why would she come here? Sam and Ethan question Gwen as to why she would have that information. Gwen stutters a bit, but eventually spits out that if Juanita knew these details, she would have come here years ago. This appeases them and Pilar goes to the kitchen to help Paloma with the coffee.

Pilar enters the kitchen as Paloma tells Noah to go away. Paloma leaves the room and Pilar stops Noah from following her. Noah offers his condolences and Pilar says that Paloma seems to be in pain, but if he thinks he's the man who can make her happy then she will do what she can to help him.


Luis remarks to Sheridan that he wishes Fancy were there right now so he could make things right with her. Luis wants to call her, but Sheridan stops him saying that she is purposely distancing herself from him. Luis doesn't buy it, but Sheridan suggests that Fancy and Noah are probably back together. Luis doesn't believe her and starts to call Fancy.

Sam and Ethan interrupt Luis's phone call saying someone needs to tell Little Ethan that his mother is dead. Luis doesn't think it's his place to do it and Ethan agrees saying that Julian should tell Little E because he is the boy's father. Luis thinks that Ethan should tell the boy and Gwen panics that Luis will tell Ethan that he is Little E's father. Gwen sees Pilar and tells her to stop Luis from blurting out the truth. Pilar pulls Luis aside and tells him that he can't tell Ethan he's Little E's father because it's too much for Ethan to deal with right now. Luis agrees to keep quiet and tells Ethan that Julian has been a bad father and that Theresa always thought of Ethan as a father to her son, so he should tell him. Little Ethan comes in the room and hugs Ethan saying he's glad he's back.

Everyone gathers around as Ethan sits Little Ethan down and delicately informs him that Theresa died in Mexico. Little E doesn't believe it saying his mom wouldn't leave him. Ethan tells him that she didn't want to and promises that he will be there for him for the rest of his life. Ethan tells Little E that's it's okay to cry, but Little E gets up yelling that everyone is crazy because his mother can't be dead and runs out of the room.

Ethan thinks he blew it, but Sam and Ivy assure him he did the best he could. Sam says he just needs to be there for Little E and let him find his own way. Ivy suggests that Gwen could help with Little E, but Pilar angrily assures her that the L-P clan can take care of the boy.


Luis steps aside and calls Fancy. Pretty answers her phone while Fancy is in the shower and tells Luis that Fancy went out partying even though she knows about Theresa dying. Pretty makes it sound like Fancy has returned to her old party ways and is with her old boyfriends from Europe. Luis doesn't believe it, but Pretty tells him it's true.

Fancy comes back from the shower and asks who called. Pretty tells Fancy that it was Luis who said he doesn't want to talk to her and doesn't want her to come downstairs to Theresa's memorial. Fancy gets angry and asks if she's making it up, but Pretty suggests that maybe he's moving on with Sheridan. Fancy cries saying she's lost Luis forever.

Pilar talks to Paloma about Noah, saying maybe Noah has been telling the truth about him and Fancy. Pilar doesn't want her daughter to spend the rest of her life alone and tells her that Noah loves her. Noah walks up and Paloma agrees to talk to him.

Noah and Paloma go back to the kitchen and Noah pleads his case again. He tells her love can conquer all and asks her to come back to him.


Little Ethan runs back to the living room exclaiming that his mother is alive. Ethan assures Little E that his mother died in Mexico, but the boy says he just saw her upstairs. Little E wants a disbelieving Ethan to see for himself as everyone wonders if it's possible.


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