One Day at a Time

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Vincent threatens Julian and Eve, Marty returns, Gwen gets the upper hand on Pilar, the demon reveals why he's really there and Paloma tells Noah they're through.

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At the hotel in Mexico, Luis comes back from checking on the babysitter and says that she'll be okay. Sheridan doesn't care about the babysitter; she just wants her son back. Ethan tries to console Sheridan and Gwen thinks that it's her fault Marty is with Juanita. Pilar comes up to Gwen and blames her for what's happened to Marty. Pilar says once she tells everyone what she's done everyone will hate her. Gwen explains that she never wanted any of this to happen and Pilar asks if it was all worth it just to be close to Ethan.

As the family continues to panic over Marty, the little boy comes back to the room and says he's been with Juanita, who is a blast! Juanita watches from the hallway as Luis and Sheridan hug Marty. She says to herself that her message will be received and that she will destroy Pilar. Everyone asks Marty what he did with Juanita and he tells them that she took him to a place that has a special meeting for Pilar. Marty says it was a "neat" place, but that Juanita said something bad happened there with a rocket and a boat. Pilar takes this as a warning from Juanita meaning that Theresa's fate will be hers and that Juanita will always be lurking.

Sheridan takes Marty off to bed and Gwen and Pilar are left alone. Pilar lashes out at Gwen and says when Luis, Miguel and Ethan catch Juanita it will be all over for her. Gwen says she never wanted any tragedy to befall her family, but Pilar wonders why she let Juanita escape then. Gwen tells Pilar that Juanita still doesn't know her last name or that her family lives in Harmony, but if Pilar tells everyone what she did, she will give her that information. Pilar wonders how since Juanita is on the run, but Gwen has her number to contact her at any time. Pilar concedes that Gwen has won, as long as no one tells Ethan. Sheridan enters and asks, "Tell Ethan what?" Gwen covers saying they got a report from the police on Theresa and it would be too difficult for him to read.

Juanita hides from Luis, Ethan and Miguel on the wharf. She bumps up against a crate and the men hear it. They yell out for "whoever is there" to come out and Juanita text messages someone. The men see a rat and think that's what they heard. Luis gets a call from the Mexican authorities who tell him they have a location on Juanita and they take off. Juanita comes out and says paying off the local police comes in handy and she will make Pilar and her family pay.

Miguel, Luis and Ethan return to the hotel and say their lead was a false alarm. Luis asks Pilar to tell him the name of the person responsible for ratting her out to Juanita. Pilar says she knows only one person responsible for this nightmare - Juanita. She says she doesn't know who helped her, but looks at Gwen and vows her vengeance. Luis, Miguel and Ethan all agree to help her track the person down and make them pay.

In Eve's kitchen, Eve tries to wake up a passed out Julian because she thinks they are in danger from Vincent. Vincent enters the room and tells her that both of them have to die. Eve says he can't kill them because they are his parents, but he says that's exactly why he has to kill them. He points the gun at Julian and Eve stands in front of him. She tries to reason with Vincent and says she could help protect him from Alistair if he lets her live. He agrees, but says Julian can't know he's alive. Eve promises to convince Julian that Vincent was never there. Vincent hides in the pantry and says he will be listening so she better make it convincing.


Julian wakes up thinking Vincent is alive. Eve tells him he's not, but Julian can't understand why she's changing her story now, after trying for so long to convince him that their son is alive. Julian calls Vincent a monster and Vincent comes out of the pantry pointing the gun at Julian's back. Eve continues to try and convince Julian that he was seeing things and Julian asks if he was drinking Eve's booze and if it was drugged. Eve says it was because putting her drugs in the booze gets her high faster and that's why he is having hallucinations. Julian says that explains everything and makes Eve promise not to drink any more booze or take any more drugs and leaves. As soon as Julian is gone, Eve pours herself a drink and says her life is one catastrophe after another. Vincent comes out and warns Eve to make sure Julian never finds out about him or else she and Julian will both die.


Over at Tabitha's, the monkeys continue to throw things around the kitchen while Kay and Tabitha hide. Tabitha eventually has enough and says she will use magic to get rid of the demon elf and the monkeys. Kay urges her not to, but Tabitha casts a spell and zaps the demon elf. He says every spell she casts will only make him stronger. He then zaps himself and the monkeys into the bowl and the kitchen is returned to normal. Kay and Tabitha think Tab's spell worked and that the demon elf is gone, but when they aren't looking, black slime oozes out of the bowl.

Kay leaves the house after arguing with Tabitha over using magic and the lights suddenly cut off. Tabitha looks around asking, "I'm not alone here am I?" The black slime turns into the demon elf who is dressed in black. Tabitha senses that he's gotten stronger and the demon tells her that he's been given new gifts because he's been instructed to make her pay for taking Endora back by using goodness. He says there's a price to pay and turns a photo of Endora into dust. Tabitha warns him not to harm Endora, but the demon doesn't need her permission and zaps himself away. The lights go back on and Tabitha thinks she must protect Endora and believes the whole town of Harmony could be in danger.

On the docks, Paloma cries over Theresa while Noah holds her. Paloma says Theresa almost had everything with Ethan and wonders if she died for love. Noah doesn't know, but says he can't think of a better reason. He goes on to say how much he loves her and asks if they can move on from this tragedy together. Paloma says she wants to, but they will never be together. Paloma explains that she just found out her sister is dead and needed someone to lean on. She says her grief is no reason for them to get back together and that she can't get the picture of him and Fancy out of her head. She says it's over for good.

Paloma leaves and Kay walks up to her brother. Noah tells Kay that Paloma left him for good. Kay tells her brother to not give up on Paloma and he agrees. Paloma however is on another part of the docks thinking that while she loves Noah, they can never be together.


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