Julian Finds Out About Vincent

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Vincent is unmasked, Noah asks for Kay and Tabitha's help, Juanita pays Marty a visit and Paloma learns that Theresa is dead.

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Valerie is on top of Julian on the kitchen table kissing him and telling him what a stud he is, while Eve is bound with tape over her mouth in the pantry. Valerie is loud on purpose so Eve hears them and Eve tries to get free so she can stop Julian from having sex with his son. While going at it, Julian grabs Valerie's hair and her wig comes off. Julian sees that it's Vincent on top of him and both men scream out in horror. Vincent runs away and Eve worries what Vincent will do now that Julian knows the truth.

A drunk Julian tries to wrap his mind around what just happened and hears a noise. He stumbles over to the pantry and sees Eve tied up. He rips the tape off her mouth and says he just saw their dead son. Eve tries to explain everything as they leave the pantry, but Julian is more than confused. Julian asks how he ended up with Vincent when he was with Valerie. Eve doesn't think Julian is ready for the whole truth and then Julian passes out.

Vincent paces outside the kitchen door in Valerie's dress worried that Julian will take the baby away from him or even worse, not let it be born. He then thinks he will have to kill both Eve and Julian so they never tell anyone about him and his baby.


At Tabitha's, the witches discuss using magic and Kay points out that the last time she did, the demon elf popped up. They wonder if they've truly gotten rid of him for good, but he's revealed to still be hiding under the kitchen table. As Tabitha and Kay continue their argument, Noah enters and asks for help with Paloma. He explains that Paloma thinks he's cheating on her and that she doesn't trust him. He asks Kay and Tabitha to help him convince Paloma that he loves her and that the cheating was a result of the weird Harmony occurrences.

Paloma walks the docks and thinks about Noah. She says she loves him, but it's not enough because she doesn't trust him. Paloma gets a call from Kay asking her to come over. She resists at first, but Kay convinces her to come over and cry on her shoulder.

In Mexico, Luis and Sheridan walk the wharf and Sheridan remarks how tragic the situation is. Luis says it's unfair, but at least they caught Juanita. Gwen asks what Pilar's connection to the woman is, but Luis doesn't know. Sheridan feels bad for Ethan losing the love of his life and says she knows what it's like. Sheridan says she's uncomfortable leaving Marty with a strange babysitter at the hotel and they set out to round everyone up so they can head back.


Pilar lashes out at Gwen for letting Juanita escape and worries for her family. Gwen doesn't think Juanita would hurt any of the children, but Pilar insists she would and thanks God her grandchildren aren't there. Gwen defends herself saying it's good news for her that Juanita is gone. Pilar assures Gwen that she will tell Ethan all about her role in this mess and he will hate her.

At the hotel, Marty's babysitter is knocked out and Marty asks, "Who are you?'


Miguel and Ethan and then Sheridan and Luis walk up to Gwen and Pilar. Pilar asks what Sheridan is doing there and Sheridan explains that she didn't know what was happening, she just needed to get away. She offers her condolences and Ethan tells them that Juanita was in custody, but she escaped. Luis is furious and Gwen looks panicked. Pilar tells everyone to be very careful because as long as Juanita is on the loose, their whole family is in danger. They realize that someone must have helped Juanita escape and Ethan asks Pilar if she knows who would help Juanita. She says she does and looks at Gwen. Ethan asks why she's staring at Gwen, but before Pilar can answer, Gwen starts rambling on about how a police officer must be on Juanita's payroll and helped her. They all buy it and Luis asks Pilar to finish her story about why she was in Mexico. She says she'll tell him later, but for now they need to get to a safe place. Luis just asks for the name of the person who is responsible for tipping Juanita off and putting their whole family in danger. Pilar starts to explain, but Luis gets a call from Marty and then Miguel goes to call Kay.

While waiting for Paloma to come over, Kay gets a call from Miguel who tells her about Theresa. Kay offers to tell Paloma, but Miguel wants to tell her in person. He says all he can think about is getting home to her and Maria. He says he'll call when they have more information and they hang up.


Kay tells Noah and Tabitha about Theresa just as Paloma enters and overhears. She cries asking them to tell her it's not true and Kay and Noah try to calm her down. Paloma rushes out of the house and Noah runs after her. Tabitha remarks that they saw Theresa's death in the bowl, but Kay says it's been wrong before. Kay and Tabitha then realize that Pilar's entire family is in danger.

Still under the table, the demon elf zaps himself into miniature size and hides in one of the shelves in the kitchen. Kay and Tabitha rehash their argument about using their powers and Tabitha says the day she gives up magic for good is the day a monkey flies out of her knickers. The demon gets an idea and makes stuffed monkeys come out of Tabitha's backside. He then zaps a barrel of monkeys and they run around the kitchen wreacking havoc. The women wonder where the monkeys came from and then see the demon in the shelf who tells them their herbal concoction didn't work because they can't get rid of the devil with potpourri.

A worried Pilar asks Sheridan where Marty is and she tells her he's at the hotel. On the phone, Marty tells Luis that he called because he was bored and just wanted to say hello. He says his babysitter is gone, but a nice lady is there now who is a friend of grandma's. Luis asks what the lady's name is and Marty says it's Juanita. Everyone freaks out and Luis suddenly gets cut off from talking to Marty. The group runs to the hotel and Pilar angrily tells Gwen that if anything happens to Marty it will be on her head.

At the hotel Juanita and Marty talk and she tells him that she plans on getting to know everyone in his family very, very well.

The group goes to the hotel room, but finds it empty. Sheridan cries that she can't lose her son again.

Noah finds Paloma on the docks and offers his condolences. Paloma is upset that she never got the chance to say goodbye to Theresa and it's too late to tell her how much she loved her. Noah consoles her and she tells him she can't take any more grief and loss. Noah assures that her she's safe now, but she says that every time she feels safe, she loses someone else. Paloma says that even though her sister is dead, she can't stop thinking about him. She says she loves him and he tells her that he loves her more than she can imagine. He promises he won't leave her and they embrace.


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Paloma says, "I'm sorry Noah. We'll never be together."

Pilar warns Gwen that when the truth comes out, she will wish she were dead.

Vincent enters the kitchen and tells Eve and Julian that both of them have to die.

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