Passions is Interrupted Today

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Before Passions meets with "technical difficulties," Luis discovers who is in his hotel room, Eve helps Vincent with Lamaze and Pilar starts to spill her secret.

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In her kitchen, Eve coaches Vincent on breathing exercises to prepare him for childbirth and thinks about drinking. Vincent notes that the position he is in for Lamaze, hurts his "man package." Still thinking about her bottle of booze, Eve tells her son that his unique situation probably wasn't taken into consideration when they devised the method.

Luis enters his hotel room in Mexico and sees Sheridan. He says he wasn't expecting her and she asks, "Who else would fly all this way to see you?" Luis smiles, but thinks, "I was hoping it was Fancy."


On the docks, Miguel, Ethan and Pilar discuss putting Juanita away for good. Miguel asks his mother to tell them her secret and Ethan realizes that Juanita is missing. No one knows where she is, but Pilar starts to tell her story.


On another part of the wharf, Gwen wonders how she can set Juanita free without everyone knowing she was involved.

The rest of the show was interrupted due to DirecTV's "technical difficulties."

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