A Deal With the Devil

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Gwen agrees to help Juanita, Pilar starts to tell the truth about why her and Theresa were in Mexico, Luis gets a surprise visitor and Marty makes Fancy act out.

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Still tied up, Juanita puts her offer on the table, but Gwen isn't sure she can trust her. Juanita says she is a woman of her word and will hold up her end of the bargain if Gwen lets her go. Gwen hesitates, but Juanita reminds her that she will go to prison for blackmail if Juanita is arrested and Pilar tells the truth.

At the Crane Mansion, Sheridan brings Marty over and says she's glad he gets along with Little Ethan so well because he is his daddy's nephew. Marty wishes his daddy were there and they discuss how much they miss him. Marty says he wants his daddy to stay with them forever and Sheridan agrees saying she wants them to be a family when he gets back. Marty says his daddy is going to marry Fancy, but he's afraid of her. Sheridan assures him that Fancy won't come near him again.

Fancy lies on the couch in the other room and Pretty brings her some herbal tea. Fancy isn't sure what's been going on with her lately and thinks she's losing her mind. Pretty recalls playing with the device to control Fancy, but suggests it might be stress. Fancy says it's more than that and worries that if she keeps it up she'll lose Luis. Pretty offers to talk to Luis for her saying she'd like to help. Fancy is grateful and marvels at how they have moved past their differences. Fancy says she wants to get some professional help and Pretty panics thinking a doctor would find the implant and suggests yoga or mediation instead.

Sheridan and Marty enter the room and Marty wants to leave before Fancy yells at them. Fancy says she won't do anything to upset him, but Sheridan tells her to stay away from them. Fancy tries to apologize, but Sheridan says the damage is done and she doesn't want her anywhere near Marty. Pretty tries to diffuse the situation, suggesting Fancy let it go, but Fancy continues to apologize to Marty. Pretty thinks now is a good time to mess with Fancy. She goes to get the controller but drops it on the floor. Marty picks it up and says he's seen Alistair use it to make people do what he wanted them to. Sheridan questions Marty and he says it controls the bad guys to get them out of danger. They realize Marty's talking about a video game, but Fancy and Sheridan give Pretty a puzzling look. She covers explaining she's addicted to video games and Marty wonders if the game he and Little E were playing is still there and turns on the TV. He uses the controller to play the game and Fancy twitches. Sheridan tries to get Marty to leave the room, but Marty continues to play with the device. As Marty messes with the controller, Fancy takes a swing at Sheridan. Fancy then proceeds to chase Sheridan around the house trying to attack her as Marty plays with the controller. Fancy throws a vase at Sheridan and then wonders what just happened. Sheridan tries to get Marty to leave, but he keeps playing the game. Sheridan watches as Fancy walks into walls knocking herself out.

After Fancy gets up, Sheridan takes Marty out of the room and Fancy wonders to Pretty how she can be rational one minute and out of control the next. She wishes Luis were there because she needs him. Pretty thinks that she is the one who needs Luis and that she will have him soon.

Sheridan takes Marty out into the hall and he remarks how funny it was to watch Fancy walk into the walls. Sheridan tells him that it wasn't funny because something is really wrong with Fancy and she doesn't want him anywhere near her until she's better. Marty understands and says he used to be afraid of her, but now he thinks that she wants to get help.


Back in Mexico, Luis, Miguel and Ethan discuss Theresa and Luis says this whole night seems like a nightmare. Ethan blames himself, but Luis and Miguel assure him it's not his fault, but Juanita's. They wonder why the woman is so set on destroying their family and are determined to get answers. Ethan wonders what he's supposed to do now that Theresa is gone.


Juanita urges Gwen to set her free before everyone comes back saying she will lose Ethan if she doesn't. Gwen agrees and goes to untie the ropes around her feet. The men come up to her asking what she's doing. Gwen says she was making sure the rope was still tight so Juanita wouldn't escape. Pilar returns saying she was too upset to rest. Her sons tell her they didn't find Theresa and Pilar breaks down in Luis' arms. Juanita yells at Gwen for taking too long to untie her and now they will lose everything. Gwen assures her she will figure out a way to set her free. Luis gets a call telling him that the search for Theresa has been called off and they have declared her dead. Miguel and Luis comfort Pilar, but she says she will never get over losing her daughter. Pilar vows that those responsible for Theresa's death will pay and yells in Gwen and Juanita's direction that Theresa's death will not go unavenged. Pilar says Theresa's loved ones will be her avenging angels and the ones who harmed her will feel their wrath. Ethan says he will help the Mexican prosecution make sure the case against Juanita is airtight and that he will make whoever is responsible for Theresa's death pay.


Ethan goes off by himself to think about Theresa and Gwen walks up to him. She offers her condolences and Ethan wonders if she's really sorry that Theresa is gone. Ethan angrily accuses her of being happy she is dead. Gwen says she may have said the words, but she never actually wanted to see Theresa dead. Ethan apologizes saying he's just upset and knows it isn't her fault. He wonders why Theresa had to die and why she was in Mexico in the first place. Ethan promises to make sure everyone involved in Theresa's death will pay.

Pilar finds herself alone with Juanita and yells at her for killing her daughter. Juanita says she finally got her revenge for what Pilar did to her. Pilar calls her evil, but Juanita just thinks she evened the score. She then tells Pilar that she isn't finished though and she will see every member of her family die. They rehash their history and Juanita says she wouldn't wish her life of suffering on anyone except Pilar. Pilar tells her she will spend the rest of her miserable life behind bars and that she plans to make Gwen and Rebecca pay as well.

Miguel and Luis walk back after signing the papers to declare Theresa dead. They talk about their sister and Luis wishes he had been a better brother to her when they were growing up. Luis says he was supposed to be the man of the house and protect the family after their father left and blames himself for not saving Theresa. Miguel says it's not his fault and they discuss how hard it must be for Ethan to lose the woman he loves. They then talk about the women in their lives and Luis gets a call from the hotel who says there's a woman there who wants to get into his room. Luis thinks its Fancy and goes to see her.

Luis goes to his hotel room thinking he'll find Fancy there. When he enters, he gets a look of surprise on his face.

Miguel comes back to see Pilar and tells her that Luis has gone back to the hotel. Ethan and Gwen return and Ethan says the police should be there soon to take Juanita away. Pilar offers to tell everyone about what's really going on before the cops get there. She starts to tell them about her secret and says the truth will come out tonight. Gwen wishes for a bolt of lightening to strike and Ethan tells her that while he may not get Theresa back, he will find out who is responsible for her death.


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Ethan vows he won't rest until Juanita and everyone involved in Theresa's death is in jail.

Miguel says that Juanita escaped from custody.

Gwen tells Pilar that she helped Juanita escape and Pilar asks, "What kind of monster are you?"

Vincent ties and gags Eve up in the pantry and warns, "Behave or I'll kill daddy."

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