You're Breaking My Heart

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Sam and Ivy discuss love, Ethan says goodbye to Theresa, Juanita makes Gwen an offer and Paloma rejects Noah.

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In their bedroom, Ivy tries to ease Sam's tension by massaging his shoulders. They discuss Ethan and Theresa and Ivy thinks something drastic has to happen to split them up. Sam gets a phone call from the Mexican authorities who were instructed to fill him in by Luis. After hanging up, Sam fills Ivy in on what's happening across the border and she privately worries that Pilar is in danger. Ivy tells Sam that Pilar would never go to Mexico on her own and blames Theresa. Sam tells her that Theresa is presumed dead. Ivy gets upset saying she never wanted Theresa to die, she just wanted her gone. Sam says he understands what Ethan must be going through with losing the love of his life. They discuss their history and Ivy explains how she longed for him while they were apart. Sam say it's all in the past and at least they found their way back to each other. Ivy feels bad for how she made that happen and Sam says he sometimes forgets what she did and he never thought he could forgive her for ripping his family apart. Ivy asks if he has forgiven her in his heart. After a few moments, he says he forgives her and that he understands why she did what she did because a love like theirs only comes around once in a lifetime. He thinks something or someone wants them to be together. They profess their love for each other and have sex. Afterwards, Ivy wonders how Ethan will recover from losing Theresa and Sam doesn't know if he ever will. Ivy thinks maybe Gwen can help Ethan heal, but Sam says she has to let Ethan make his own decisions. Ivy agrees to let nature take its course and Sam thinks maybe Gwen could be good for Ethan since she's nothing like her mother. Ivy agrees saying Gwen would never do anything to hurt him.


On the wharf in Mexico, Theresa continues to try to get through to Ethan, but he doesn't hear her or feel her hand on his. She says he needs to listen to his heart because she's right there. He says out loud that if she can hear him, he will do everything he can to take care of her family, but he's not sure how he'll do it because he gets all his strength from her love.

Off to the side, Juanita taunts Gwen that Ethan will find out she's the reason Theresa is dead. Gwen wants her to shut up, but Juanita continues to needle her.

Luis and Miguel come back with shirts on after taking care of Pilar and report that their mother is not doing well. Ethan still can't believe Theresa is dead and thinks there's a chance she's still out there. Luis tells him that the rescue worker was pretty pessimistic about any hope of Theresa being alive. Ethan gets angry and directs his rage at Juanita. He asks how she even knows Theresa and Pilar. Juanita suggests that he ask Gwen. Ethan wants to know why Gwen would know anything and Gwen covers saying she's been trying to get information out of the woman. Ethan tells Juanita she will pay for blowing up Theresa and Pilar's boat. Juanita insists she didn't kill Theresa, the sharks did, but Ethan just continues to lash out at her, while Gwen looks nervous.


Luis gets a call and learns where the torn up blouse was found and Ethan thinks they might be able to find Theresa in that location. Luis and Miguel warn him not to get his hopes up, but Ethan insists that at the very least they can find her body so they can properly bury her. Luis agrees to look for her, but doesn't think they will find anything. Theresa is crestfallen that her brother may have given up hope on her because while she doesn't know what is going on with her, she doesn't think she's dead. Before they go off, Luis makes sure Juanita is tied up tight and instructs Gwen to keep an eye on her while they go to the other side of the harbor.

Luis, Miguel and Ethan search the area where the blouse was found, but come up empty handed. Luis offers to look elsewhere, but Ethan says to forget it, he knows they are just humoring him. He says even though he can feel her presence, he will say goodbye to Theresa right here where the last traces of her were found. Theresa suddenly feels weird and thinks maybe she is dead. She tries to touch Ethan again, but can't make a connection. Ethan feels something though and says he can feel her. Luis and Miguel give him a questioning look and Ethan says he knows she's gone, but he feels her. He asks them to give him some time alone so he can say some things to Theresa that he doesn't want them to hear.

After Luis and Miguel leave, Ethan says he doesn't think he can go on without Theresa because they fought to be together and for it to end like this isn't right. He recalls their past and says he felt alive for the first time after meeting her. He credits her with helping him become the man he is today, but now he feels weak and hopeless and doesn't know how he's going to raise Jane and Little E without her. Ethan asks her to look down on them and to send them her love. He says he will always love her and says, "Goodbye my only love." Theresa reaches out and says she loves him forever. A bright light shines on Theresa and she starts to rise towards heaven.


Juanita warns Gwen that if she goes to jail she will give up Gwen and Rebecca. She offers to keep mum though if Gwen unties her and lets her go free. Gwen refuses to let her escape because she thinks Pilar will rat her out eventually anyway. Juanita thinks there's a way for both of them to win. Gwen says she won't let Juanita manipulate her, but Juanita insists she has a way out for both of them. Intrigued, Gwen asks for more details. Juanita details her plan off screen, but then tells Gwen to follow her instructions so they both can win.


Paloma leans out the window yelling for Noah, but doesn't see him after the scaffolding falls to the ground. She crumples to the floor crying that she's lost Noah and that she loves him. As she cries, Noah climbs his way up the building to the window. He hears Paloma admit that she still loves him and he says he loves her too. Relieved at seeing Noah alive, she brings him in the room and hugs him. As she fawns over him, Noah tells her that he jumped off in time and crawled up the building to safety. He thanks her for saving his life and assures her he meant everything he said while on the scaffolding. Noah thinks they are back together, but Paloma corrects him saying that will never happen. Noah can't understand why she doesn't want them to be together after what just happened, but Paloma sticks to her guns saying love isn't enough. Paloma tells him she doesn't trust him and that adultery has destroyed this town. Noah tells her she's breaking his heart and that she's the only woman he wants to be with. He says she can trust him, but she throws Fancy in his face. He tells her he loves her, but she says it's over and leaves the room.


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