Too Good To Be True

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Everyone thinks Theresa is dead, Paloma tries to save Noah, Tabitha wants Kay to use magic and the demon elf stirs up more trouble.

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Paloma leans out the window and cries, "Noah you can't be dead," as the scaffolding falls. She yells out that she didn't get a chance to tell him she still loves him and sees the scaffolding hanging in mid air with Noah passed out on it. Noah wakes up and says Paloma's name. He slowly gets up and says he doesn't think anything's broken. One of the ropes break and the scaffolding starts to fall again. Noah hangs from it and Paloma climbs out the window to help him. He tells her it's too risky, but Paloma reaches for the remaining rope. Noah urges her to go back inside to get help, but Paloma doesn't think there's time.


Kay and Tabitha watch through the bowl as Noah falls. Kay worries that her brother is dead. Hearing that someone might be dead wakes up the demon elf who is still hiding under the table. Kay is later relieved to see her brother is alive, but the demon is disappointed. Tabitha then points out that the scaffolding fell again and they worry that Paloma will only do more harm than good by pulling on the frayed ropes.

Paloma continues to try and pull Noah up as Kay worries for her brother. Tabitha tells Kay there's only one way to save Noah - by using magic, but Kay hesitates. Tabitha thinks Miguel would understand that she used magic to save her brother, but Kay doesn't know what to do. Tabitha decides to check in on the action in Mexico.


In Mexico, everyone lashes out at Gwen and Juanita for what they did and Ethan tells Theresa how happy they will be as a family with Jane, Little E and Jonathan. As Ethan tells Theresa they will be together forever, Theresa wakes from when she passed out and realizes it was all a dream. She starts to get up, sees her family and starts to make her way over to them.


Back on the wharf, Pilar starts to explain her connection to Juanita to Luis, Miguel and Ethan while Juanita tells Gwen to run because once Ethan hears what she's done he will hate her forever. Pilar gives the men a vague explanation, but Luis wants to know how Juanita found her.

Theresa comes up to everyone and tells them she's alive. She runs to Ethan to give him a hug, but her arms go right through him. Ethan doesn't see her and Theresa is puzzled. She tries to touch him again, but it doesn't work. Theresa tries to get through to her family, but no one can see or hear her. Luis asks Pilar to finish her story about why she and Theresa were in Mexico. A rescue worker interrupts them with a torn up blouse she found and asks if anyone has seen it before. Everyone thinks it's Theresa's and panics, but Theresa insists to deaf ears that it's not hers. The rescue worker tells everyone that it looks like the person wearing the shirt was attacked by sharks. Ethan thinks Theresa could still be out there since there was no body found and wants the woman to continue looking for her. The woman says with shark attacks there usually isn't a body. Luis and Miguel console a distraught Pilar as Ethan freaks out by himself. Juanita tells Gwen not to get too cocky over Theresa being dead because Pilar will still tell the truth about what happened and Ethan will hate her. Theresa wanders around hearing everyone talk about her being dead and tries to make herself be heard. Pilar thinks that her secret killed Theresa and then says someone else here bears the blame for this senseless tragedy and looks at Gwen and Juanita. Pilar goes on a rant and Luis urges his mother to tell them what's going on, but Pilar only grows hysterical over losing Theresa. Luis asks the rescue worker to give his mother a sedative or something and they go off to the emergency vehicle to help her. Juanita tells Gwen she got lucky and is safe, at least for now.

Theresa sits by a stunned Ethan and tells him that she's right there next to him. She tries to put her hand on his and Ethan says he still feels Theresa's presence. He says she will always be alive in his heart and asks God to take her in his arms and make sure she's happy in heaven. Theresa says there's no such thing as heaven without him.

Tabitha and Kay watch as Theresa makes her way to her family and wonder what's wrong with Theresa. Tabitha thinks it means Theresa is dead and then switches back to seeing Noah and Paloma. Tabitha asks if Kay has made a decision regarding Noah and Kay says she will use magic to save her brother.

As Paloma tries to pull Noah up to safety, he hangs from the scaffolding and tells Paloma that he has a confession to make. He says he's guilty of being in love with a woman who he can't get out of his heart. Paloma thinks he's talking about Fancy, but Noah tells her it's her. He says he loves her and if she doesn't love him back then she should let him fall to the ground because he doesn't want to live in a world where she doesn't love him.

Upon hearing Noah's beautiful sentiment, Kay decides not to use magic to save her brother. Tabitha incredulously asks why not and Kay explains that Noah is being really sincere and if he makes Paloma forgive him then it could mean a whole new relationship for them. Tabitha thinks if it doesn't work they will be scraped up off the sidewalk, but Kay wants Paloma to save Noah on her own in order to save their love.

Noah tells Paloma he's as close to death as he's ever been and all he can think about is her. He begs her to tell him she loves him, but Paloma just continues her efforts to save him. She pulls on the ropes and Noah climbs up the scaffolding and he tells her he loves her. Paloma tells him to stop saying that and pulls Noah up to the window. Noah won't get off the scaffolding though until Paloma says she believes that he loves her.

Kay says she knew it would work and that Paloma will forgive Noah, but Tabitha says magic would have done the same thing, but without putting anyone in peril. Kay doesn't think so and says Miguel was right, they don't need magic when they have love and leaves the room. The demon elf doesn't agree and blows green dust Noah and Paloma's way. Tabitha looks into the bowl and sees that it has gone black again.

Paloma reaches out to grab Noah's hand, but the green dust breaks the rope before Noah can climb to safety and he goes crashing downward again.


Next on Passions:

Juanita tells Gwen that if she looks the other way, Juanita doesn't have to tell Ethan what she did.

Sam tells Ivy that Theresa is missing.

Theresa says she feels strange and worries that she is in fact dead.

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