Ethan Knows Everything!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Ethan and Theresa are reunited and she tells him about Gwen and Little E, Noah makes a romantic gesture in hopes of getting Paloma back and Kay and Tabitha observe through the magic bowl.

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On the wharf, Pilar and Juanita share more words on the docks and Pilar says she's not afraid of her anymore. Juanita tells her she should be, but Pilar says she'll see her rot in Hell along with Gwen.


Luis, Miguel and Ethan sit on another part of the wharf, shirtless, worrying about Theresa. Miguel says they should pray, but Ethan says there's no need, because he loves her too much to lose her and she's out there. Ethan beats himself up for letting her go when he had her in his arms. Luis then gets a call and tells his mother there's still no word. Ethan goes out of his mind not knowing if Theresa is okay.

Juanita and Gwen talk while no one else is around and Juanita reminds Gwen that Ethan will soon find out that she is the reason they are all in Mexico and that Theresa is "dead." She says even in death Theresa wins. Gwen tells her to shut up and Ethan comes over and asks why Gwen came down to Mexico, who Juanita is and what Gwen knows that he doesn't. Gwen explains she came there because she was worried about him, especially after looking Juanita up on the Internet and finding out what she's capable of.


Pilar tells Miguel and Luis that if Theresa doesn't survive, it's all her fault. Miguel asks how she's connected to Juanita and why she tried to kill her and Theresa. Ethan comes over and Pilar agrees to tell them everything.


Theresa weakly makes her way along the wharf and sees Ethan. She yells, "I'm coming," and hears Ethan yell out her name. After a little stumbling and passing out once, she slowly makes her way over to everyone and yells out "I'm here! Ethan, I'm here!"

Ethan sees Theresa and runs over to her and embraces her as Gwen rolls her eyes. Theresa tells him she needs to tell him everything now, but Ethan says all that matters is she's alive. Juanita tells Gwen, now that Theresa is alive and well, she should run and not stop until she finds a good place to hide. After Theresa is reunited with her family, the men again ask who Juanita is and why she wants to kill them. Theresa turns around and says, "Ask Gwen." Ethan wants to know what Gwen has to do with this and Juanita tells Gwen, now would be a good time to run. Gwen remains silent and Theresa tells everyone the whole blackmail story. Ethan can't believe Gwen would do something like that, but Theresa continues, explaining how Gwen made her lie to him about the other man in the cabin and then tells him how Little Ethan donated his liver to Jonathan. She finally tells Ethan that Little E is his son! Ethan is dumbfounded and asks Gwen if it's true. Gwen begrudgingly says yes and Ethan is thrilled that Little E is his son. He tells Theresa he loves her and they kiss while Gwen looks crestfallen. Ethan tells Theresa how amazing she is for putting everything on the line for Jonathan. Ethan then realizes Gwen knew Little E could save Jonathan's life and didn't do anything. Everyone turns on Gwen and she tries to explain. Ethan yells at her for risking the life of her son and states that he will get full custody of Jonathan and not let her anywhere near him. Ethan tells Theresa he will be with her forever and make all her dreams come true. Theresa says her dream already has come true and they kiss.


At the police station, Paloma does some research on Juanita via the Internet and hopes everyone is okay in Mexico. She goes to get her phone out of her purse to check for messages and sees a photo of her and Noah. She wonders how he could hurt her so much and then hears loud music. She looks outside and sees Noah playing a romantic song on the radio and holding up signs that say he loves her and can't lose her. Paloma is clearly affected, but says to herself, "I love him, but it's too late," and shuts the window. She makes some phone calls to find out what's happening with her family and Noah comes in with red roses. He pleads with her to hear him out, but all she can do is throw Fancy in his face. She asks him to just leave because she needs to think about her family and can't deal with him right now. Noah wants to help search for her family, but their conversation turns to Fancy again and Paloma yells at him to get out! After much back and forth, Noah eventually leaves and Paloma sits at her desk crying.


In her kitchen, Tabitha looks into the magic bowl and the demon elf wakes up from sleeping under the table. Kay enters and hypocritically yells at Tabitha for going back on her word to Miguel about not using magic. Tabitha doesn't think taking a peek at the present and future is doing any harm. Tabitha tempts Kay into looking in the bowl and Kay sees Noah giving roses to Paloma. Tabitha suggests Kay throw one little spell to fix Paloma and Noah's relationship, but Kay reminds her the last time she used magic the demon elf returned. Tabitha wants to use her powers to rid them of the elf, but Kay insists they can't. They realize he's not terrorizing them right now, but Tabitha is sure he's around. Under the table, the elf says he's off the clock and doesn't do overtime. Kay thinks she could just take a peek at Miguel to see if he's okay. She looks in the bowl and sees Miguel looking sad (before they find Theresa). They both look in the bowl and see everyone who's there, but realize Theresa isn't in the picture. Kay then asks to be shown Theresa, but it doesn't show anything. Tabitha specifically asks the bowl to show them Theresa, but they still don't get a picture. They then ask to see something else of interest and they see Paloma. Kay marvels at how much her brother loves Paloma and wonders why he would cheat on her, unless someone was trying to break them up. Tabitha says it wasn't her, but maybe Alistair is involved because of Fancy.

Paloma makes more calls and Noah knocks on the window. He's standing on a window washer's ladder with balloons and tells Paloma he wants to be there for her. She tells him to go home and closes the window on him. Noah is undeterred and remains on the scaffolding. Paloma insists he leave and he agrees, but says he won't give up on her. As he tries to lower himself down, the rope gets stuck and he can't go anywhere. As they continue to argue the scaffolding falls.

Kay and Tabitha watch in the bowl as Noah falls and Kay says, "My brother is dead!"


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Pilar says Juanita and Gwen will rot in prison.

Paloma yells out the window that she never got the chance to tell Noah she still loves him.

Kay worries her brother is dead.

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