The Search for Theresa Continues

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Miguel and Luis search for their sister, Pilar lays down the law with Gwen and Juanita, Ethan worries about Theresa while she fights to get back to him, the demon elf toys with Noah and Paloma and Ivy gets stabbed!

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On the wharf in Mexico, Luis and Miguel unwrap the body and discover that it's Ethan. Gwen panics and runs to him. Gwen performs CPR while Juanita tells her that even if Ethan survives, she will make sure he will never be hers. While Gwen tries to revive Ethan, Miguel questions Juanita about why she wants to see his mother and sister dead, but Juanita only gives cryptic answers. Ethan later comes to and asks where Theresa is and if she's okay. Luis and Miguel tell him they couldn't find her and Ethan explains that he found her, but she was probably carried out to sea. He says he must have drifted out to the boat's debris field and that's how he became all wrapped up. Miguel and Luis take off to join the search to find Theresa.

Theresa lies lifeless in the water while helicopters canvas the area with their lights. Theresa comes to and tries to swim to the light.

Luis and Miguel take off on the boat and Luis calls the Mexican authorities for an update. There's no news and they pray that Theresa is still alive. Miguel sees something in the water and they steer the boat in that direction. All they find is debris and decide to head back to shore.

Ethan tells Gwen that Theresa has to be okay and come back to him. He then asks what she's doing there and wonders where Jonathan is. Gwen says their son is fine with her mother at the mansion. Juanita thinks the mansion is another piece of the puzzle and Ethan tells Gwen if he loses Theresa he's lost everything. Gwen looks exasperated and Juanita smugly smiles at her. Ethan tries to get up to join the search for Theresa, but is too injured to do anything. Gwen tells him to just rest and goes to get him some water.


Gwen encounters Pilar who slaps her. Pilar calls her names and tells her that she and Rebecca will pay for what they've done. As they argue, Juanita interrupts and tells Pilar she isn't done getting revenge on her and tells Gwen that she will never have Ethan because she will make sure he knows what Gwen did. Gwen tells Juanita that maybe she and Pilar should kill her together. Pilar makes it clear that she will see Juanita go to jail for killing her sister and nephews and tells Gwen that, "Revenge is a b*tch and you're looking at her!"


Ethan looks though binoculars and sees sharks circling something. He prays that they aren't ready to feast on Theresa. Theresa sees the sharks, but is able to swim away. She then sees people and hopes that one of them is Ethan.


Luis and Miguel return to the docks and report that there's no sign of Theresa, but that the search has been broadened. Luis worries they will eventually call off the search though. Ethan says that won't happen because they will find Theresa and yells out her name.

Theresa makes it to land and weakly climbs on the docks. She lies down and says, "Ethan I made it." She hears Ethan call her name and tries to make her way to him saying, "Ethan, I'm coming!"


At Tabitha's, the demon elf wrecks havoc in the kitchen by breaking all the dishes and Kay and Tabitha enter. They're horrified to learn the demon elf is still around and panic when they see that Paloma and Noah are approaching. Tabitha threatens to do him harm if he doesn't stop throwing dishes around and steam comes out of her nose. This stops the demon from creating more chaos just as Paloma and Noah enter the house fighting. The two argue over Fancy and his standby excuse that "strange things happen in Harmony." Noah tries to get through to Paloma saying he loves her, but it's no use. The demon elf tries to cause trouble by making the table float and Kay distracts Noah and Paloma so they don't see it. Kay tells Paloma that things aren't always as they seem and maybe she should give Noah another chance. Paloma tells Noah that she will forgive him if he swears he loves her and that Fancy meant nothing to him. The demon elf sees this as an opportunity to cause evil and blows green dust Noah's way. Noah tells Paloma he loves her even if Fancy is a better kisser than she is! Noah says he's sure Plaoma can be a better lover eventually and Paloma is crushed. Kay tries to diffuse the situation by telling Paloma that Noah is just tired and acting weird as a result of all the weird things in Harmony. Noah returns to normal and tells Paloma of course he thinks she's a good kisser and doesn't know why he said those things, but Paloma wonders why all the weird things in Harmony break her heart. As Paloma starts to soften, the demon blows the green dust on a bowl and makes it explode. Noah says the explosion proves his point that weird things happen, but Paloma says she can't do it anymore because he broke her heart by kissing Fancy and leaves. Noah thinks he was getting through to her and Tabitha tells Kay he would have if they had sent the demon back to the dark side with their magic.

Sam, Julian and Esme investigate the scream in the Crane mansion and learn it came form the room Ivy was in. Sam enters and sees that Ivy has been stabbed. He calls 911 and Julian wonders why the attacker would go after Ivy, as Viki stands outside the door with a knife thinking, "To distract Chief Bennett." Viki runs off when she hears someone coming and Esme tends to Ivy's superficial wounds. Sam questions Ivy, but she says she fainted before she could get a look at the attacker. The group hears a dragging noise in the hall and Sam goes to check it out.

Sam runs out and tackles the person in the hall who turns out to be Rebecca. He questions her about the trunk she's dragging and she tells him she was going on a last minute trip. He tells her that Ivy was attacked and Esme comes out to the hall. Esme sees Viki and comforts her thinking all the commotion scared her. Sam asks Rebecca why she was in such a rush to leave and wonders if she stabbed Ivy and decided to run. Rebecca says of course not and Sam believes her, but tells her not to leave Harmony. Sam goes back to check on Ivy.

Ivy and Julian have a drink together and discuss catching the attacker. Ivy wishes she could help Sam solve at least one crime and Julian says he and Esme were trying to help as well. Ivy is proud of Julian for putting his life at risk to catch Fox's killer. Sam comes back to the room and says they should proceed with their plan to catch the killer.

In the hallway, Viki and Rebecca chat a little and then Rebecca leaves. Viki holds the knife up and says she won't let anyone get in between her and her Aunt Esme and Rebecca comes back asking who she's talking to. Viki hides the knife and Esme comes out to take Viki back to her room. Rebecca thinks that Viki gives her the creeps.


Esme and Julian reconvene in her room and talk about Viki. Esme worries if Viki will be able to handle all the turmoil and Julian thinks she's stronger than Esme knows. Viki stands outside the door and thinks that Julian has no idea how strong she is. Sam comes in and tells them that he's taking Ivy to the hospital, but there are plenty of cops around to catch the killer. Viki hides as Sam leaves and Esme wonders if they should forge ahead with their plan. Julian thinks they need to get the killer off the streets while Viki stands outside the door with her knife.


Next on Passions:

Miguel asks Pilar how she is connected to Juanita and why she wants to see her and Theresa dead.

Juanita tells Gwen, "Even in death Theresa wins."

Ethan yells out Theresa's name.

Paloma cries and tells Noah he needs to leave.

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