The Demon Elf Returns

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Tabitha and Kay try to rid themselves of the demon elf, Juanita tries to convince Gwen to let her escape, Ethan and Theresa are momentarily reunited, Luis and Miguel find a dead body and Sam gets distracted on his search for the killer.

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Kay comes back to the kitchen when she can't sleep because she's worried about Miguel. She goes to make some tea and the demon elf appears. He sneaks over to the stove and turns up the flame under the kettle making it explode. He thinks Kay is a stupid witch because she inadvertently summoned him through the portal. As Kay turns down the flame, Tabitha enters with a facial mask on because she has to resort to mortal means to keep her face looking fresh. Kay tells her what happened and Tabitha notices some odd fingerprints on the knob and says the demon elf is back. The elf reveals himself, explaining that Kay brought him back. Tabitha is outraged that Kay would perform magic behind her back. Kay explains she used magic to save Miguel's life and the women discuss how they can dispatch of the elf. Kay says they can't use magic, but Tabitha tells her she already broke her promise to Miguel and she needs to send the elf back right now! Kay says she will, but without using magic. Tabitha eventually relents and says they can try incense and herbs to get rid of him, but it will probably take a lot more than that to do the job. As the witches prepare their concoction, the demon laughs at them for thinking something so simple could get rid of him. Kay dumps their mixture on his head and the demon starts to choke. They think it's working, but the demon lets them know he was fooling them and it will take more than incense and herbs to get rid of him. He starts to choke again the whole house starts to shake. The demon elf disappears and Kay is thrilled that they didn't have to use magic to get rid of him. She thanks Tabitha and hugs her. After they leave the kitchen, the elf reappears and smugly smokes his cigar.


In Esme's bedroom, Sam, Julian and Esme go over their plan to catch the killer as Julian puts on a bulletproof vest. Sam asks if Julian is sure he is ready to risk his life to catch the killer and Julian says he is. Esme is turned on by Julian's bravery and they kiss. Sam leaves to make sure the command post is up and running.

As Sam leaves the room, he sees someone and yells, "You! Stop!" He runs after them and comes up to a door and demands the person identify themself. When they don't, Sam opens the door and gets attacked by Ivy. He tells her that he's running an investigation, but Ivy starts to kiss and undress him. Sam tries to fight her off, but it's no use and he succumbs to her seduction and they have sex. Basking in the afterglow, Sam tells Ivy she's amazing and that he loves her, but then he remembers he's on duty and has to catch a killer! He gets dressed and tells Ivy that he will have a uniformed officer take her home for her protection. After Sam leaves, Ivy thinks she's a lucky woman, but someone watches her from the shadows.

Esme and Julian discuss strategy and Julian says they'll eat, dance and then move to the bed. Esme tries to get Julian into bed right away, but Julian can't perform because he's got a lot on his mind due to Valerie being pregnant and them trying to catch the killer.


In Mexico, Gwen panics as she watches the sharks circle Ethan and runs off to find some help.


Luis and Miguel question a tied up Juanita about why she wants to see Pilar and Theresa dead. Juanita tells them that their mother and sister deserve to die and Gwen comes upon them. She tells the L-F brothers about Ethan in the water with the sharks and they rush off to find him, leaving Gwen to watch over Juanita.

Luis and Miguel take off in a boat to find Ethan and Luis calls the Mexican authorities to join the search. Luis later gets a call saying the rescue boat needs to assist a tanker that exploded and they're on their own for now. Their boat then dies and Luis jumps into the water to untangle a net that got caught on the propeller. While Luis is under, a shark approaches them and Miguel yells for Luis to come back to the boat. Luis untangles the net and comes up for air, but then gets pulled back under. Miguel grabs a gun and jumps in the water. Miguel grabs his brother and brings him back to the boat. As Miguel helps Luis, Luis sees a body in the water and they take off for it. Miguel and Luis grab the wrapped up body and start to head for shore so they can find out who it is.

On the docks with Juanita, Gwen gets a call from Rebecca and fills her in on the situation. Rebecca instructs her daughter to kill Pilar before she tells Ethan they've been blackmailing her. As Gwen tells Rebecca she won't kill Pilar, Juanita leans in closer to eavesdrop. Gwen has trouble hearing Rebecca and accidentally puts her mother on speakerphone, which allows Juanita to hear Rebecca's voice and recognize it. Gwen tells her mother that she is with Juanita and Rebecca panics. Rebecca says she needs to pack her bags to get out of Harmony before everyone finds out what they did and she hangs up. Juanita tells Gwen she knows who she is and says if she doesn't help her escape, she will expose her and her dirty little secrets. Gwen says she won't do it and Juanita tells her if she lets her go, Ethan will never find out about the blackmail. Miguel and Luis come back with the body and Gwen panics that the dead body could be Ethan.


In the water, Ethan finds Theresa, who appears to be unharmed by the explosion, but is shaken up and clings to him. Ethan tells her he came to Mexico to save her and she is shocked he came after everything she did to him. Ethan says it doesn't matter because he loves her and can't go on without her. As they kiss and profess their love, the sharks reappear and Theresa screams. Ethan tells Theresa to go to shore and he'll fight them off, but Theresa won't leave him. Ethan lets go of Theresa so he can fight off the sharks, but Theresa becomes too weak to stay afloat and goes under.

Rebecca prepares to leave the Crane Mansion before Ethan figures out what she and Gwen did. She says she won't go to jail and starts to pack, but someone watches her from the hall.

Ivy has a drink and recalls her and Sam's interlude while someone watches her.

Sam comes back to Esme's room and asks what her and Julian's plan of attack is. They let him know they plan to use a slow build up and Sam says they will be ready to catch the killer when he/she makes their move. Sam leaves Esme and Julian to their romantic dinner and hears a scream from another part of the house!


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Luis worries what will happen to Theresa if they call off the search.

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