Pilar Comes to Mexico

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Juanita and Pilar come face to face, A wedding date is set, Pretty continues her plan to win Luis, and Fancy kisses Noah.

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The wedding debate rages on as Kay, Miguel, Noah and Paloma continue to try and make plans. They all end up compromising a little bit in order to make some decisions. Paloma then realizes they haven't made the most important decision of all - the date. After much discussion, they finally decide on a date they are all free on.


Tabitha is still in Maria's room and looks at the doll that Endora hid Miguel's letter in. She thinks something is off with it and asks if Endora is hiding something. Tabitha picks up the doll and notices that the head is loose. Tabitha asks what happened to the doll, but Endora remains mum. Tabitha just thinks that one of Endora's friends did it and that Endora is trying to protect them. Endora thinks that she is trying to protect a friend - Miguel. Tabitha screws the head back on and says she will ignore it for now and thinks she needs to find the letter exposing them as witches. Tabitha heads downstairs and Endora thinks that was a close call.

The foursome agree on a date and Noah calls the church to book it. Tabitha enters the kitchen and they tell her about their double wedding. Noah gets off the phone and informs everyone that unfortunately, the church is booked. Tabitha says maybe it's a sign and privately tells Kay that she could fix everything by using magic. Miguel walks up and says "No magic!" As they argue the point, a bat hovers over Noah and Paloma. Kay and Tabitha wonder how it got there and Kay thinks maybe Endora did it. Tabitha goes to find Endora and brings her to the kitchen. Noah and Paloma wonder how the bat got in the house and Kay says the bat isn't real, it's remote controlled. Endora zaps a remote in her hand and pretends to use it to put a stop to the bat. The discussion turns back to the wedding and Endora zaps the phone to make it ring. Kay answers and learns that the church is in fact available the day they want it. As the couples celebrate, Tabitha rolls her eyes.

Noah and Paloma leave and Miguel demands to know who used their magic to open up the church schedule. Tabitha and Kay both insist they didn't do it, but Miguel isn't convinced. Kay offers to take a test to prove it and asks Tabitha to take it too. Tabitha agrees saying she has nothing to hide, but Endora thinks to herself, "Uh, oh. I do!" Kay breaks out a special magical test, which proves whether or not they have been using magic. They both come up clean and Miguel apologizes for accusing them. He thinks that this proves that everything works out for the better without magic and Tabitha thinks that the world would work out better without him in it.


In Mexico, Juanita continues to taunt Theresa about killing her family. She says she will use Theresa's phone to get to them, but Theresa grabs it and smashes it. Juanita gets angry and reiterates that she will extract her revenge on Pilar and points her gun at Theresa. They exchange more words and then Pilar enters saying, "Leave my daughter alone!" Juanita angrily points the gun at Pilar and upon seeing her old friend says she feels like she's reliving the night her family died all over again. Juanita tells her that she wanted to die herself that night, but the thought of avenging her family's death kept her going. She reminds Pilar that today is the anniversary of her family's death and says that today will be the anniversary of Pilar and Theresa's deaths as well. Pilar says she came to Mexico so now she must let Theresa go. Juanita says she lied and she will not drop her vendetta until everyone in Pilar's family is dead. Juanita grabs Theresa and holds the gun to her head. Juanita then grabs a knife and holds it to Theresa's throat saying Pilar deserves to watch her daughter die a slow painful death. Pilar cries and pleads with Juanita to spare her daughter's life. Juanita brings up her own family and says that her husband Carlos was a good man. Pilar angrily informs her that Carlos was a bad man who ran an illegal business. Juanita frantically pushes Theresa aside and grabs her head saying she can't listen to Pilar anymore. She informs Theresa and Pilar that they have a reprieve for one night and sets an alarm that electrically traps Theresa and Pilar inside. Juanita says she will kill Theresa in the morning in front of Pilar and leaves.


Theresa breaks down and apologizes to her mother for what she's done. Pilar says at least they're together. They wonder how to escape and Pilar says she had a feeling Juanita was setting them up, so she left a letter at the hotel for Luis. The hotel has instructions to fax it to him and then Luis will come with the police and save them. However, at the hotel, the letter to be faxed to Luis blows into the trashcan.


At the Book Café, Fancy recalls her outburst at Luis and wonders why she screamed at him that way. Pretty looks on from behind a bookshelf with the controller and thinks that Fancy is under her control and will stay that way. Luis happens upon Pretty and asks why she's spying on Fancy. Pretty hides the device and says she's keeping an eye on her because of her "episodes." Luis thinks it's really caring of Pretty to be looking out for Fancy considering their past. Pretty thinks to herself that Luis will give up Fancy any day now to be with her. Luis leaves Pretty to talk to Fancy so he can figure things out. Pretty picks up the controller and wonders what will happen when Fancy has another outburst.

Luis sits down at Fancy's table and she says she wouldn't blame him if he never wanted to talk to her again. He says he loves her, but doesn't understand. Pretty watches them and messes with the controller which makes Fancy have another outburst. Luis tries to calm her down, but Fancy shrugs him off and says, "Keep your lying cheating hands off of me!" As she continues to lash out at Luis, Pretty comes up to try and diffuse the situation. Fancy directs her rage at Pretty and says mean things about her scar. Pretty runs away crying. Luis is shocked by Fancy's actions towards her sister and Pretty laughs from behind the bookshelf and turns up the control. Fancy yells at Luis and tells him to stay away from her. She storms out and Pretty thinks that Luis is almost hers.

After Fancy leaves, Luis finds Pretty and says he can't believe how Fancy acted towards her. Pretty tells him that she's used to it, but it still hurts. She pretends to cry and Luis comforts her. Pretty says she'll go find Fancy to help her and Luis is blown away that she would want to help her sister after the way she treated her. Pretty says she just wants what's best for Luis and leaves the Book Café thinking, "And what's best for you is me."

Paloma comes to the Book Café and meets up with Luis. They discuss Theresa and Luis wonders what's going on with her. He tells Paloma that Theresa has a new man and thinks that everyone in town is acting out of character.

Fancy heads to the docks with a massive headache and Noah runs into her. Pretty watches from afar and turns up the device, making Fancy flirt with Noah. Fancy kisses him and Pretty laughs saying it's time for Luis to see her.


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