Theresa is burning up!

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Ethan and Jared argue while Theresa cooks, Fancy bad mouths Katherine and Miguel and Kay run around town half dressed.

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Fox looks for Kay

Ivy believes her plans are coming together. She thinks Fox has finally found Kay with Miguel. Instead, Fox has found the ugly wedding dress without Kay in it. Kay and Miguel escaped out the back. Fox is suspicious.

Ivy isn't hearing the commotion she expected. She joins Fox in the dressing room. Fox wonders where Kay went. She is in the alley kissing Miguel. Fox trips over a trash can in the alley but he doesn't find Kay. Ivy does find Kay's clothes though. They both find that odd.

Fox and Ivy run across a beachcomber that just saw Kay and Miguel down at the beach. Fox is livid. He threatens to kill Miguel. Ivy tries to talk Fox down. Fox can't forget Kay's previous betrayal. Ivy rubs salt in the wound. He marches off toward the beach.
Miguel will not let Kay go back to Fox . If necessary he will face Fox with her. Kay refuses his help. He drags her off with him, Kay puts up very little resistance. She insists she doesn't want to lose Fox. Miguel apologizes for not realizing years before that Kay was the right woman for him. Kay hates his timing. She used to dream about this moment. Miguel thinks the timing is perfect. Miguel calls it fate that landed them back at the beach where they used to play as kids. They make love in the sand with a boat for cover.

Fox and Ivy arrive at the beach. Kay and Miguel are hidden from view.


Pilar just wants Luis happy

Pilar continues to advise Luis about Sheridan. She tells him to let her go. Sheridan has made a commitment to her marriage. Paloma offers that he move on with Fancy. Luis wants Paloma to stop playing matchmaker for him. Pilar backs Paloma by singing Fancy's praises. Luis only has room for Sheridan. He is not ready to move on. He's convinced Sheridan doesn't love Chris. Pilar plays the emotional guilt card. She just wants her family to be happy and close and maybe a few more grandchildren. Luis starts to crack under the pressure from both his mother and sister.


Fancy begs Sheridan

Fancy demands Sheridan to stay away from Luis. Katherine walks in and interrupts Fancy's tirade. Katherine advises Fancy to find someone else or she will get her heart broken. Luis belongs to Sheridan. Fancy throws Katherine's past in her face. Marriage vows means nothing to her or Sheridan. Katherine can't tell her who to love or not love.

Sheridan defends Fancy apologize to Katherine. She and Katherine argue that Katherine had to leave because of her cruel and abusive husband. Fancy can't see how that justifies adultery and getting it on with the hired help. She doesn't feel sorry for Katherine at all. To her, Katherine is a bad role model. She's the reason why Sheridan is dangling Luis, while staying married to Chris. They both have the morals of an alley cat.

Sheridan demands Fancy apologize to her grandmother. Fancy points out to Sheridan that she and Luis were doomed to fall in love but never be together. She begs her to break the cycle in this lifetime.


Ethan and Theresa remember

Ethan remembers the steamy kisses he just shared with Theresa in the sauna. Jared comes into the gym and discovers him. Ethan warns Jared to be good to Theresa or else. Jared reminds him that Theresa is none of his business. Ethan can't stand Jared's gloating. Jared notices that Ethan is only wearing a towel. Ethan doesn't tell him the whole story. He just tells him he saw Theresa in the steam room and then he left.

Jared figures out that Ethan wants his marriage to Gwen and Theresa on the side. He accuses Ethan of being the one that has hurt Theresa all these years and throwing away her love. Jared warns Ethan to stay away from her. He had his chance and he blew it. It's his turn now.

As Theresa relaxes in the sauna, trying to get the idea of Ethan out of her head, Spike is outside turning up the heat. He breaks off the heat valve. He speculates that with Theresa out of the way, he is about to get paid by Chris' embezzlement. Spike wedges his knife in the door so that Theresa won't be able to escape.

Theresa is starting to feel the effect of the heat. Spike stands by the door, trying to get a last peek before Theresa dies. Theresa can't catch her breath. She tries to open the door. When she fails, she starts banging on the door and yelling for help. Spike freaks out. He puts the valve back in place, snatches his knife out of the door and flees.

Jared and Ethan hear her screams and run to her rescue. The men can't open the door because it's still locked from the inside. Theresa is lying unconscious on the floor. Ethan notices that the heat was turned up. Jared finally breaks the door down. He carries Theresa out of the steam room. He won't let Ethan help him. Theresa comes to but she only has eyes for Ethan. She calls out his name.

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