Ethan Must Die!

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

After watching Ethan and Esme bond, Viki targets him as her next victim, Fancy thinks the devil is talking to her and Pilar tries to reason with Theresa.

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In the Crane living room, Viki gets a call from Alistair who tells her that Ethan must die. He asks if she understands and she says yes. He tells her he left something for her by the fireplace and to contact him once Ethan is dead. Viki wonders if she can really kill Ethan because he's been so nice to her. Ethan and Esme come in the living room and Viki hides. Viki hears them laughing and says, "Ethan must die!" Esme and Ethan see Viki and ask if she'd like a snack. Viki says yes and as they walk out of the room, she sees them passionately make out. It's not real however and Esme and Ethan head off to the kitchen.

Viki picks up the box that Alistair left by the fireplace and finds a knife in it. Ethan returns with food for all of them and Viki raises the knife to Ethan's back. Esme comes back and Viki hides the knife. As they start to indulge in their snack, Esme and Ethan discuss their pathetic love lives and Ethan wonders why anyone would want to target all of her boyfriends. He advises her to keep to herself so she doesn't end up with another dead lover. As Viki recalls confessing to Alistair, Esme wonders what the point is to killing all the men she's slept with. Viki watches as Ethan and Esme talk closely and imagines them going at it on the couch. Viki accidentally drops her knife and they hear it, but Viki covers it up and they go back to talking about the state of their lonely lives. Esme starts to go up stairs to get Ethan an article about relationships and tells Viki to text her if she needs anything. Viki responds, "Sure thing Auntie Esme." Esme is thrilled to hear her niece speak and hugs her. Ethan says they should celebrate by going to the Book Café for sundaes. Before they leave, Ethan and Esme go upstairs to exchange books (Ethan has one on a nun's celibate life for Esme) and Viki cuts the head off of her teddy bear and again says, "Ethan must die!"


Pretty comes to see Alistair in the hospital and yells at him for sending Spike to kill her. Alistair blows it off and requests her help in breaking up Fancy and Luis. Pretty tells him she will never help him again. He retorts that if she doesn't help him she will never have Luis for herself. Pretty tells him that she can't forgive him for what happened in the basement, but Alistair explains that everything he did and said was for effect and he never intended to harm her. Alistair says that he didn't think she'd really fall in love with Luis, but if she wants him, she can have him. He explains he wants her to be happy and needs her help in getting Fancy back under his control. Pretty hesitates and Alistair reminds her that Luis is the only man who has treated her like a woman and that she should take Luis away from Fancy because of what she did to her. Alistair tells Pretty that if she wants Luis, she deserves him, but thinks to himself, "The biggest fool always gets the booby prize." He then reminds Pretty that Fancy was living the high life while she was having surgeries to repair her face. Pretty comes around and says that she will take Luis and make Fancy pay for what she did to her. Pretty tells him they are partners once again and leans over, as Alistair whispers his plan in her ear.

At the Bruins hockey game, Luis thanks Fancy for arranging a private box because Marty is having such a great time. Throughout the game, Fancy and Marty bond, much to Luis's delight. Fancy tells Luis that she hopes her and Marty can be close because she plans to be a part of his and his father's life for a long time. Marty sees Luis and Fancy kiss and says, "Ewww!" Luis laughs and asks his son what he'd think if he and Fancy got married. Marty's cool with it and Luis thinks Fancy would make a great stepmother. As Luis and Marty cheer on the Bruins, Fancy sees the lights go dark and hears a creepy voice say, "Score." Fancy is shaken and Luis asks what's wrong. She tries to explain that she heard the voice of the devil and thinks there's some unknown evil waiting for her. Luis tells her that the unknown evil is Alistair and Fancy asks if he loves her. Luis says of course and that nothing will tear them apart.

In her kitchen, Pilar gets a phone call from the airline looking for Theresa and learns that Theresa has flown to Mexico.


In Mexico, Juanita tells someone on the phone to find Theresa and kill her! Juanita grows restless waiting for word on Theresa's death and says she won't be able to sleep until she learns Pilar's daughter is dead. Later, Juanita gets another call saying they found Theresa. She tells them to kill Theresa because, "It's God's will."

As Theresa prepares to find Juanita, she burns all evidence linking her to Pilar, including her passport and photos, but drops a family photo on the floor and overlooks the photo of Pilar and Juanita. She gets an urgent call from Pilar who tells her that her plan to get Ethan back will never work. Theresa thinks there must be some compassion in Juanita somewhere, considering that she was good enough for Pilar to love once. Pilar tries to reason with her by saying Juanita is evil and that Theresa needs to think about her children and protect them. Theresa says she wants them to be safe, but they need their father. Pilar says that Juanita will torture Little Ethan and Jane in front of her before killing them if she finds out where they live. Theresa tells her mother that Juanita will never know who she is or where she's from because she burned all her documents. Pilar responds that Juanita will just torture her into confessing who she is and then her children will die and it will be all her fault. Pilar begs Theresa to come home, but Theresa thinks all that will accomplish is them living the rest of their lives under this threat and under Gwen and Rebecca's thumb. Pilar says that's true, but at least they will all be alive. Fearing for her children's safety, Theresa relents and says she will come home.


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Pilar says on the phone, "You are stuck in Mexico where that mad woman can kill you!"

Theresa and Juanita literally bump into each other.

Tabitha, Kay and Miguel have a kitchen disaster and a pie flies into Miguel's face.

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