Ay Carumba!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Theresa fantasizes about her life as a Telenovela, Esme gives Ethan some advice on love, Sam and Ivy make up for lost time and Viki speaks!

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Sam goes to see Alistair in the hospital and tells him to enjoy the nice soft bed while he can, because they don't have anything that soft in prison. He then asks who stabbed him, but even though Alistair remembers seeing Viki as his attacker, he tells Sam that even if he did know, he wouldn't tell him. Sam leaves, but since her back is to him, he doesn't see Viki in her candy stripers outfit in the corner of the room.


Sam encounters Esme in the hall and tells her that he thinks she set Alistair up to be killed and could be charged with attempted murder. Esme tells Sam that he has no proof and can't accuse her if he doesn't know who the attacker is. Sam says she may be right, but suggests she stop spreading her "special favors" around town.

In another part of the hospital, Ivy meets Ethan and he tells her that he wants to talk to her and Sam about Theresa and Gwen. Ivy starts to badmouth Theresa, but Ethan stops her, saying he just needs to talk to his parents to figure things out.

Ivy and Ethan find Sam and Esme and Ethan privately tells his parents that his divorce to Gwen isn't valid. Sam asks if he's going to stay married to her, as Esme eavesdrops. Ethan says he told Gwen not to go through with the divorce, but even with everything Theresa has done, he still loves her. Ivy is incensed and wonders how he could still love Theresa. Ethan points out that she has loved the same person for decades, but Ivy says that Sam was worth it and Theresa is not. Sam says he'll support Ethan no matter what he decides and Ivy is outraged. Sam drags her away and tells Ethan to call if he needs anything.

Ethan and Esme stay behind and Esme offers her opinion on his love life. Ethan isn't sure they have the same outlook on love, but Esme insists that she's more mature than he thinks, especially with all the loss she's suffered lately. She tells him that he knows exactly where his heart lies and suggests that he go get Theresa and never let her go. Ethan agrees that Theresa is the only woman he can think about, but he can't live with the lies and the fact that she was with another man. Esme thinks it's odd Theresa would cheat on him considering how much she loves him, but Ethan says he saw it with his own eyes and now he will have the life everyone wants him to have with Gwen. Ethan is surprised, but grateful for Esme's advice and she tells him to follow his heart. Ethan thanks her for her help and they hug.

As Alistair sleeps, Viki injects his IV with the syringe she filled with bleach. As she turns to leave, Alistair grabs Viki's arm. While they struggle, Viki yells, "Leave me alone!" Alistair is surprised to hear her speak and asks if he lets her go, will she talk to him? She shakes her head yes and Alistair relents. Viki asks if he will turn her in and Alistair says he hasn't done so yet. Viki wants to know why and Crane says he admires her strength and focus and wishes his children had her talent and pure evil. He says he won't turn her in if she answers one question. He doesn't care about her other victims, but wants to know why she's trying to kill him. Viki explains that her parents were taken from her and Esme is all she has left. She says, "I can't lose her!" Alistair assures Viki that Esme's not going anywhere because she's broke, but Viki fears that a man will take her away. Viki worries that Alistair will send her to jail, but Alistair tells her he has no intention of ratting her out, but he does want her to work for him as a killer. Viki doesn't think she can do it, but Alistair says she's already left a wake of dead bodies. Viki asks who he wants her to kill and Alistair says Ethan. Viki doesn't think she can do it because Ethan is a nice man, but when she looks out in the hall, she sees him hugging Esme and gets a vengeful look on her face. Alistair smugly asks what she thinks now and Viki says, "Bad Ethan."


Gwen primps at home and Rebecca walks in her room. She tells her mother that Ethan will forget that Theresa ever existed and wants to set up a romantic evening for her and Ethan. Rebecca suggests they have dinner in the bedroom so they have easy access to the bed. Gwen prepares an intimate table setting for two and thinks Ethan will appreciate all the trouble she went through and remember how things used to be for them. She thinks she will have Ethan all to her self without having to worry about Theresa. Rebecca doesn't think she should get too cocky because Theresa could be doing something right now to try and get Ethan back. Rebecca suggests Gwen get pregnant again in order to hold on to Ethan. Gwen thinks it's a good idea, but doesn't even know how she got pregnant with Jonathan in the first place. Rebecca says that miracles can happen twice and that's the only way to keep him.

Sam and Ivy go home and discuss Ethan. Sam says Ivy can't tell Ethan what he should feel in his heart. Ivy thinks he'll get over Theresa, but Sam points out that he never got over her. They start to make out on the couch and he tells her that his heart belongs with her. Sam says they wasted so many years and wants to make up for lost time. They have sex and they both say "I love you."


On the plane, Theresa looks at a photo of her and Ethan and thinks that she will end the vendetta with Juanita so her and Ethan can be together forever. Theresa has a fantasy that she's in a Telenovela with Ethan. In a very bad thick accent, Theresa tells Ethan that Little E is his son and that Gwen and Rebecca blackmailed her and Pilar. With slicked back hair, a thin mustache and a pink shirt that exposes his chest, Ethan goes through a series of exaggerated expressions, eyebrow raises and Ay Carumbas as Theresa tells Ethan that she reasoned with Juanita and they can be together now. As they make out and discuss the situation, a very tackily dressed Gwen enters the room and Ethan yells at her for keeping him from "the fruit of my loins." Gwen hysterically tries to reason with Ethan as Rebecca enters looking like Charo. Ethan rails at both of them saying they will never see Jonathan again, will live in a box under a bridge and never have even one peso! As they wail, he kicks them out into the rain. Ethan goes back to Theresa and they hit the couch kissing and ripping their clothes off and have a happy ending.


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