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Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Gwen tells Ethan things aren't what they seem, Theresa takes off for Mexico, Eve ends things with Julian and gets a visit from Vincent, Viki plots another attack and Julian and Esme take things a bit further.

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Theresa makes breakfast at the cabin and Pilar comes out with Little Ethan. He says he feels better and needed to get out of his bed. While enjoying breakfast, the phone rings and Pilar answers. She tells Theresa it's the airline calling about a ticket she purchased. Pilar angrily asks if Theresa is going to Mexico after all. Theresa gets on the phone and tells them she will call back. She tells her mother that she's planning a trip to Fort Meyers in March and Little E overhears. He's excited because he thinks Theresa is taking him to see the Red Sox at spring training. Pilar apologizes for misjudging her, but says Theresa has a track record of never listening to her.

At the table, Theresa tells Little Ethan they will go to spring training, but first she must go to Mexico. Little E questions her lying to Pilar and Theresa explains that she needs to go to Mexico so she can fix things and then they can be a family with Ethan. Little E says that being a family with Ethan would be better than going to Red Sox training camp. Theresa asks her son to keep her going to Mexico hush, hush. Pilar enters and asks, "Keep what hush, hush?" Theresa says she was reminding him to keep quiet about being Ethan's son. Pilar buys it and explains to Little E about the danger surrounding their family.

Pilar leaves the room to freshen up Little E's bed and he asks his mother if she will be okay going to Mexico. She says yes and Little E thanks her for being so brave. Theresa tells her son that she's not brave; she just wants to do whatever it takes to make them all a family. Theresa gets ready to leave and Pilar comes back in the room asking where she's going. Theresa tells her mother that she's going to try and get Ethan back. Pilar urges her to not tell him their secret. Theresa agrees and Pilar shows her a photo of her and Juanita. She says even though Juanita is smiling, the woman is pure evil and tells Theresa she will pray for her and Ethan. Pilar leaves the room again and Theresa tells Little E that she will be back to take him to Red Sox training camp, hopefully with Ethan. She hugs her son and takes the photo of Juanita and leaves the cabin. Outside, she says to herself that going to Mexico is the only chance she has to be with Ethan.

Ethan and Gwen have coffee at home and discuss Theresa. Ethan goes through some mail and sees his and Theresa's wedding certificate. Clearly affected by it, Ethan notes he doesn't have to decide whether or not to divorce Theresa, because she's still married to Alistair and he's free and clear of her. He rips up their certificate and Gwen smiles. Ethan doesn't want to rehash what happened with Theresa and asks Gwen what she wants to talk about. Gwen says there is something on her mind, but he might not like it. Gwen drops the bomb that they are not divorced. Ethan thinks it's impossible and recounts signing and filing the papers. Gwen says it's a technicality because he didn't know she was pregnant with Jonathan and because there wasn't full disclosure, the divorce isn't valid. Ethan is suspicious and thinks she manipulated the situation. Gwen talks herself out of it and Ethan apologizes for thinking she was trying to trick him. Gwen asks since things with Theresa are over, does he want to stay married for Jonathan's sake? Ethan says he doesn't want Jonathan growing up with divorced parents and if she's willing to stay married, he is too. Gwen beams over him not wanting to get divorced, but Ethan says he just wants Jonathan to have a happy home life. Gwen says she'll be there whenever he's ready for more. He makes it clear that he isn't ready to be "man and wife" until he deals with what happened with Theresa. Gwen just wants them to be happy and thinks to herself that Ethan will be hers again and there's nothing Theresa can do about it.


In the Crane library, Esme and Viki have breakfast. Esme wonders why Viki wants to be in the room where Alistair was stabbed, but Viki whispers that she likes books. Esme wonders who could be killing all her lovers and Viki flashes back to being the killer. Esme reads the paper and sees an article about Alistair being stabbed. It seems to upset Viki and Esme assures her that Sam Bennet will have to solve a crime sooner or later and he will get his man, or woman. Esme thinks the killer will make a mistake that will result in his capture and then she can start looking for a man to take care of her and Viki. Esme continues to read the article and Viki looks nervous when she hears that Alistair will name his attacker when the time is right.


At the hospital, Julian wakes Eve up and she says she needs to tell him something. She says it's going to turn his stomach and it will change everything. Eve flashes back to learning about Vincent/Valerie and starts to tell him about their son, but sees Vincent in the hallway and stops. She remembers Vincent choking her while instructing her to end her relationship with Julian and tells Julian to get out of her life forever. Julian asks if it's about Valerie and Eve says yes and tells him to leave her alone. Julian says if that's what she wants then he will leave for good this time and exits.


Vincent comes in Eve's room and applauds her performance. He leans in and kisses his mother on the lips, as Eve tries to fight him off. She eventually pushes him off and wonders what's wrong with him because she is his mother! Vincent plays it off and Eve tells him she kept her promise of ending it with Julian and now he must stick to his word of not hurting or killing anyone else. Vincent says he'll try, but first she needs to rest. Eve says she just woke up, but Vincent stabs her with a syringe. Eve says she's glad he won't hurt anyone else and passes out. Vincent says he will hurt and kill anyone he wants, anytime he wants and by the time she wakes up someone else will be dead.

Viki leaves the library saying she doesn't feel well and Esme wonders what she would do if Viki really got sick. Esme thinks she needs insurance, or at least a man with insurance. She pours herself a drink as Julian comes in. Still upset after seeing Eve, Julian asks Esme if she set Alistair up to be attacked. Guiltily, Esme says not necessarily and Julian is dismayed because he didn't want to sleep with someone who found his father attractive. Esme rattles off the long list of women he and Alistair have shared, but Julian explains he meant he couldn't have a relationship with someone who found his father attractive. Julian says he can't marry Valerie and thought maybe the two of them could give it a try. Esme is thrilled and hugs him with dollar signs in her eyes. The two discuss sleeping together, but want to wait until the killer has been caught.

Viki goes to the hospital dressed in a candy striper's uniform and fills a syringe full of bleach. She gets a hold of a clipboard with patient names on it and sees which room Alistair is in. She puts the syringe in her pocket and walks away.


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Ethan and Theresa are dressed in stereotypical Mexican garb and Ethan, in a thick accent yells at Rebecca.

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