The Witchcraft Way

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Tabitha promises to stop using her powers, Ivy and Gwen team up on Ethan, Theresa has a plan to get Ethan back and Jessica returns.

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At the blue Note, Gwen tries to help Ethan take his mind off Theresa. Ethan tries to understand how Theresa could cheat on him with another man, as Ivy walks up. She tells her son that Theresa is a lying witch and he's better off without her. Ethan wonders what his mother is doing there and Gwen says that she invited Ivy to join them so he could have people around him who love him. Ethan says he's fine, but Ivy insists on celebrating the fact that Theresa is out of his life and orders champagne. Ethan isn't in the mood to party and leaves the table.

Gwen fills Ivy in on what happened at the cabin and Ivy tells Gwen she should show Ethan that she is the woman for him. Gwen says that's what she plans to do.

Ethan comes back to the table and overhears Ivy telling Gwen that Theresa was just a dalliance. Ethan insists she wasn't and explains that what she did has nothing to do with how he felt about her. Ivy notes he used the past tense and asks if he doesn't love Theresa anymore. Ethan says it's not really any of her business and that he doesn't want to talk about it. Gwen tells him that he will always have her and Jonathan because they love him. Ethan asks, "You still love me?" Gwen says of course she does, she never stopped. Ethan recalls how much he hurt her because of Theresa, but Gwen just says she and Jonathan will always be there for him and hopes he will do the same. Ethan says of course and hugs her, much to Ivy's delight. Ivy continues to badmouth Theresa and thinks if she cheated on Ethan, then she probably made up every bad thing she ever said about Gwen, Ivy and even Alistair. Ivy thinks Ethan should apologize to Gwen for always taking Theresa's side. Ethan apologizes to his ex-wife and Gwen is happy that Ethan can finally see Theresa for her lying ways and thinks they can finally be together, free of her. Ethan stops her, noting he didn't say anything about them having a future together. He explains he's not ready and Gwen understandingly lets him know that she and Jonathan are there for him. Ivy thinks, "Way to go Gwen. Theresa is finally out of the picture."

Still at the cabin, Theresa and Pilar discuss what happened with Ethan. Pilar takes responsibility, but Theresa blames Rebecca and Gwen and vows to find a way to be with Ethan. Theresa says she wants to go to Mexico to reason with Juanita so she'll end the vendetta against their family and Pilar faints. Pilar comes to and forbids her daughter to go to Mexico because that will only make Juanita come to Harmony and kill them all! Theresa thinks maybe time has changed Juanita and lessened her rage. Pilar is amazed at how her daughter can turn off reason whenever it suits her and insists that Juanita will kill her. Theresa says she can't live with Ethan thinking that she betrayed him and would rather die than be without him, so if Juanita kills her, then so be it. Exasperated, Pilar asks Theresa to promise that she won't contact Juanita. Theresa promises and Pilar is relieved saying going to Mexico will be the death of her. Theresa thinks to herself that she's sorry, but she will risk death to be with Ethan. Pilar leaves the room to check on Little Ethan and Theresa says to herself that she won't give up on Ethan and makes a call to book a ticket to Mexico.


In her kitchen, Tabitha makes Endora a treat via her magic. Kay and Miguel walk in and tell Tabitha that Kay isn't going to use magic anymore. Tabitha thinks she won't be happy going against her true nature, but Kay says it's what Miguel wants and she wants to make him happy. Tabitha says she thought Miguel was more evolved than that and zaps him into caveman clothing. Miguel then asks Tabitha if she'll stop using magic as well. Tabitha laughs and says, "Hell, No!" Miguel says in that case he and Kay can't get married. Tabitha blasts Miguel for making Kay deny her true nature and then goes after Kay for going along with it. The three adults continue their argument as Endora conjures up a bunch of balloons and a cake. Tabitha laughs and says she's not helping. Miguel says he can't live like this and doesn't want Maria doing the same stuff. Miguel insists that magic is evil and Kay begs Tabitha to stop using magic so her and Miguel can be together. Tabitha eventually gives in and promises to stop performing magic, but crosses her fingers behind her back. Kay and Miguel are grateful and Tabitha tells them that she and Endora will live their lives the best way they can, but thinks, "The witchcraft way." Later, Tabitha tells Endora that they can't let mortals tell them they can't perform magic. She says they will do it secretly until she can find a way around Miguel.

Sam walks in his living room and sees Jessica sitting on the couch with her baby. As he gushes over his grandson, Jessica admits she was worried that he wouldn't love the baby because he's part Spike. Sam says it's not the baby's fault and vows to never let Spike get near her again. Jessica tells Sam she named her son Samuel after him. Sam is touched and promises to be a good role model for him. He asks Jessica if Spike tried to get a hold of her while she was away and Jessica says he didn't. She explains she left Harmony to have the baby because she felt like people were judging her, but she feels safe at home now. Sam leaves the room to get Samuel his bottle.

After Sam leaves, Spike walks in and grabs Jessica. He tells her that he is going to take his son and warns her to keep quiet or else he will kill her. Jessica says Sam will arrest him once he gets back from the kitchen, but Spike says if that happens he will escape, track her down and sell his baby on the black market. Jessica tells Spike that she will send him photos of their son from time to time along with divorce papers, but Spike says he wants to be a part of his son's life. Jessica tells him, "No way!" Spike threatens to take Samuel from her if she doesn't let him see his son and instructs her to name the kid after him. Jessica says she already put Samuel on the birth certificate, so Spike tells her to use Herbert (Spike's real name) as the baby's middle name then.

Sam comes back to the living room and Jessica worries that he saw Spike. Spike hid in time though and Sam asks what the boy's middle name is. Jessica says it's Herbert and Sam thinks it's a great name. As Sam hugs Jessica, she sees Spike hold up a knife warning her to keep quiet.


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