The New Darrin Stevens

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Miguel and Kay set some ground rules, Theresa tells Ethan there's another man in her life and the killer's identity is revealed.

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At the cabin, Ethan wants to find out what caused the noise in the other room, but Theresa tries to stop him. Gwen says Theresa is hiding someone and Ethan demands answers. When he doesn't get any from Theresa, he knocks on the door. When no one answers, he tries to break it down because it's locked.


Pilar and Rebecca panic when they overhear Ethan wants to come into the room. Rebecca wants to make a hasty retreat out the side door, but Pilar can't leave Little E.

Theresa pulls Ethan away from the door and Ethan angrily asks who is in the room. After awhile, Theresa eventually caves saying she can't take it anymore and gives Ethan the keys to open the door so it can all be over. Ethan takes the keys, but Gwen tells Ethan if he goes into the room it will kill the Lopez-Fitzgerald family - emotionally that is. She says Theresa has a man in that room and tells Theresa when the truth comes out, it will kill her mother. Ethan doesn't believe that Theresa has another man, but Gwen says it explains all her recent behavior. Ethan asks if it's true, but Theresa doesn't know what to say. Gwen baits Theresa by urging her to admit that there's someone in the other room. Ethan shouts at Theresa wanting to know if there's another man in the bedroom and Theresa calmly says yes. Enraged, Ethan asks if the man is her lover and Theresa says that he is. Ethan asks if she loves him and Theresa admits that she does love the guy in the bedroom.

Pilar and Rebecca listen as Gwen tortures Theresa and makes her look bad in front of Ethan. Pilar is outraged at Gwen's behavior and distraught over what it's doing to Theresa, while Rebecca is very proud of her daughter and in awe of how perfectly Gwen set everything up.

Dejected, Ethan says everything he believed turned out to be a joke and that he's been living in a fool's paradise. He asks for an explanation and Theresa says it's not what he thinks. Ethan gets angry and asks what is he supposed to think? Theresa can't explain but asks him to trust her. Ethan cuts her off and tells her she made a fool out of him and storms out. Gwen smiles and leaves as well.

Ethan sits on a bench outside and tells Gwen that he has never felt so betrayed in his life. Gwen says it'll be okay and that she's sorry he's in pain. She thinks that maybe the woman he's loved for so many years is just a figment of his imagination. Ethan says maybe because he can't believe Theresa could be so cruel to him.

Pilar comes out to console her daughter, as Theresa sobs saying Ethan's gone and not coming back. Rebecca comes out and sees Ethan and Gwen sitting outside and says that Ethan is where he belongs -- in Gwen's arms.


Miguel and Kay get cozy in her room and she zaps some romantic atmosphere with music and candles. After they have sex, Kay talks about how perfect everything is now and that they can start planning their wedding. Miguel however doesn't feel so content and says if she continues to use magic they are over. Kay says she is a good witch and she uses magic to protect people. Miguel insists that he knows first hand the evils of witchcraft, but Kay defends herself. Kay says she was born with these powers and can't just stop being who she is. Miguel thinks it should be easy to stop using her powers and asks her to make a sacred oath to never use them again or else they have to say goodbye. Kay tries to convince him otherwise, but after all he's seen and been through lately, Miguel says he can't live with magic. Kay says love is the most powerful magic she knows and promises she will never use magic again, but secretly zaps a candle. Miguel promises to always take care of her and that they will have a normal life, with a normal daughter. At the mention of their daughter, he freaks out and asks if Maria is a witch. Kay doesn't know, but says she could be and Miguel is more than unhappy about this possibility. Kay says she loves him, but will understand if he wants to walk away because while she won't perform magic herself, it might not be out of her life forever. Miguel tells her that loving her has never been easy and that she is the most exciting woman he has ever met. He says that witchcraft will take getting used to, but if Darrin Stevens can do it, he can too.

With the knife stuck in his back, Alistair runs after the killer and tells him/her they will pay for this! The killer gets away and Esme wakes up. Sam runs in with his gun pulled and is thrilled to find Alistair so he can finally arrest him for Chad's murder. Sam sees Esme on the floor and arrests Alistair for killing Chad and attacking Esme. Sam cuffs him as Alistair begs for medical attention. Sam isn't too concerned for Alistair's health, but does pull the knife out of his back and callously pushes his thumb in Alistair's wound. Sam tells Alistair and Esme that he had an informant on the Crane staff that let him know Alistair was there. Alistair says he has no proof that he killed Chad, but Sam rattles off a list of people who are willing to testify against him. Sam thinks Esme stabbed Alistair in self-defense, but Alistair insists she didn't. Sam then asks if not Esme, then who stabbed him? After Alistair gets cleaned up by his doctor, he tells Sam he doesn't know the identity of his attacker. Sam questions Esme about what led up to Alistair being stabbed, but Esme doesn't know how to answer. She eventually tells Sam that Alistair didn't attack her and that she just fell and hit her head and doesn't remember anything else, but Sam doesn't quite believe her. Esme suddenly recalls that Alistair saw someone and was surprised by their identity. Sam realizes that Alistair knows who stabbed him and asks why he won't give that person up. Alistair keeps mum and Sam grabs the old man to take him to jail. Alistair tells Sam that Esme set him up to be killed and should be considered an accomplice. Sam asks for proof that Esme was involved in him being stabbed, but Alistair can't come up with anything. Sam starts to haul Alistair off to jail, as Viki enters the room. She goes over to Esme and quietly asks what's happening. Esme explains everything and Sam asks Viki if she saw anyone running through the corridors. Viki has nothing to say and Sam again asks Alistair who attacked him. Alistair won't say anything, but flashes back to seeing Viki as the person who stabbed him.


Next on Passions:

Ivy says some unpleasant things to Ethan about Theresa.

Pilar forbids Theresa from going to Mexico to talk to Juanita.

Miguel asks Tabitha if she's going to give up using magic and Tabitha says, "Hell no!"

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