The Killer Targets Alistair

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Alistair turns the tables on Esme, Sheridan puts her and Alistair's plan into motion, Theresa successfully explains herself to Ethan, but Gwen tries to cause more trouble and Pilar and Rebecca do battle.

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At the Crane Mansion, Esme continues her seduction of Alistair in hopes that the killer will claim him as their next victim. Esme does a little striptease complete with a feather boa, but Alistair doesn't want to play games and asks if she's avoiding him. Esme says she just likes to spice things up before the main event. Alistair informs her that he knows all about the men who have died after sleeping with her and calls her out on trying to get him killed. The killer stands in the hallway with a knife, as Esme tells him she would never do such a thing. Alistair becomes violent with her and throws her to the ground. Esme lies passed out after hitting the floor and Alistair gets on top of her and starts to undress. The killer sees this and throws the knife in his back. Alistair struggles to stand up, sees the killer and says, "You."

Over at the Blue Note, Fancy cries when she can't find Luis to ring in the New Year. Fancy calls him, but gets his voicemail. She leaves a message and then wonders where Luis is and who he's with. Fancy calls Crane security and finds out that Luis went to Sheridan's cottage. She wonders why Luis would leave her to be with her aunt.


Luis rushes into the cottage and Marty runs into his arms. Luis asks what's wrong and Marty says nothing now because Luis is back. Luis and Sheridan send Marty to the kitchen to get some cookies and Luis questions Sheridan, saying he thought something was really wrong. Sheridan flashes back to Alistair telling her to break Luis and Fancy up, but she tells Luis that Marty became panicked when he learned Luis was gone. Sheridan apologizes for ruining his evening with Fancy, but Luis says she did the right thing. Sheridan says they should be together as a family around the clock until Marty feels safe. Luis isn't sold on the idea explaining that he needs to work and spend time with Fancy. Sheridan says it doesn't have to be forever, but they need to build up Marty's confidence and that Fancy will understand. Luis thinks it will only make things more difficult later on and suggests Marty see a therapist. Marty comes back with a plate of cookies and tells Luis he's glad he's there and that he loves him. As Luis and Marty bond, Sheridan thinks to herself that her and Alistair's plan is already working. After they put Marty back to bed, Luis gets ready to leave so he can be with Fancy. Sheridan sits on the couch and cries saying she's worried about Marty. Luis thinks he's okay, but Sheridan thinks he's hiding his pain and will be affected for the rest of his life from being separated from them. Luis sits next to her and puts his arm around her, as Fancy walks up to the house. She looks through the window and sees Luis and Sheridan hug. To herself, Fancy calls Luis a liar.


Up at the cabin, Theresa wants to get back to Ethan so she can make up for missing New Year's. Pilar reminds Theresa that she can't tell him where she was, while Ethan stands outside trying to figure out why Theresa is there. Theresa opens the door to leave and sees Ethan. He tells Theresa he followed her and wants some answers.


Pilar hides out in Marty's room while Theresa explains to Ethan that their night was perfect, but she was afraid because whenever things are going well for them, something bad happens to ruin it. She tells him she had a feeling something would happen to cause her to spend the rest of her life without him. As she cries, Ethan sees how genuine she's being and assures her that she will never lose him. She reminds him that he told her they were over, but he says he was just hurt because she lied to him, but he didn't mean it. Theresa thinks to herself, that he's right, she is lying to him. Ethan notes that they missed being together at midnight and moves the clock back to recreate New Year's Eve. They countdown and Ethan assures her that they will be together forever.

Gwen's at the hospital with Jonathan hoping Ethan will come to be with them. Rebecca arrives with champagne and tells Gwen that Theresa managed to get back into Ethan's good graces, much to Gwen's displeasure. Rebecca informs Gwen that a Blue Note bartender told her that Theresa ran out of the club and Ethan followed her. Rebecca thinks Theresa fled because of something to do with Little E and they worry that Ethan will find out that Little E is his son. Rebecca wants to call Mexico because Theresa and Pilar aren't following their rules, but Gwen puts the kibosh on her plan. Gwen doesn't want the death of an entire family on her hands, but calls Ethan so she can get him away from Theresa.

As Ethan and Theresa dance at the cabin, Ethan's phone rings. Gwen says she thought he'd be there for Jonathan and lays a guilt trip on him. Ethan explains that he talked to the doctor and was assured their son was fine. He says he needed to get out of the hospital for a bit and will talk to her later. After they hang up, Theresa thinks to herself that Ethan can't stay at the cabin and Rebecca ushers Gwen out of the hospital so they can go get Ethan.

Pilar sits in Little E's room at the cabin, as Rebecca enters from the side door. Rebecca threatens to call Juanita because Pilar was supposed to keep Theresa away from Ethan. Pilar defiantly tells her that they did everything Rebecca and Gwen asked and Little E even saved Jonathan's life. Pilar points out that Ethan came up to the cabin on his own and Rebecca and Gwen can't stop real love. Rebecca says that Ethan will end up with Gwen and Pilar calls her a witch. Rebecca is incensed and attacks Pilar.

Ethan and Theresa continue to dance and make out. Theresa thinks that she needs to get Ethan out of the cabin and asks if Ethan should get back to the hospital. Ethan says the doctor assured him everything is fine. They go back to kissing and Gwen runs in the door. She tells Ethan he needs to come back to the hospital right now because Jonathan needs his father. Ethan defends his actions, but Gwen continues to try and guilt him into coming with her. Ethan won't budge and tells Gwen to go so he can spend time with Theresa. In retaliation, Gwen tries to make Ethan doubt Theresa by suggesting Theresa is seeing another man and that she isn't at the cabin alone. Ethan doesn't believe her accusations, but they suddenly hear a crash come from the other room.


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