Ethan makes an indecent proposal

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Ethan and Theresa steam up the sauna, Ivy wants Fox to catch Kay and Miguel, Fancy lays down the law to Sheridan and Pilar gives Luis good advice.

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Ethan wants Theresa

Theresa is in the sauna alone. She realizes she hasn't thought about Ethan for quite a while. That's Ethan's cue to walk in on her. He believes it was fate that brought them together not just his regular schedule. Theresa won't accept the concept. Ethan thinks this is the perfect time to clear everything up with her. He's conflicted. Theresa claims she isn't. She's waiting for Jared. She wants Ethan out of there before he comes back. Ethan won't leave. He snitches about the little fight he had with Jared. Theresa knows she was the real reason for the fight.

Ethan thought he was giving Theresa what she wanted. He loves her. And he loves what they did the night before. Theresa did too but she is being the rational one this time. She figures that Ethan didn't tell Gwen about them. Ethan says he can't hurt Gwen. Theresa knows that Ethan will never leave his wife. Ethan confirms it. That's the reason that Theresa knows they can never be.

Ethan cheated on his wife for Theresa but he won't divorce her. He doesn't think he has to. "Why does it have to be all or nothing," he asks Theresa. Theresa answers because of Jared. Ethan moves in closer to Theresa. He wants her. Theresa can't resist him when he is so close. She can't fight her desires. "It like we have to breath or die," she tells him. And they don't want to die.

Theresa comes to her senses and orders Ethan out of the sauna. She begs him for a chance to fall in love with someone else. Ethan doesn't want to leave but he finally does. Theresa lock him out when he tries to go back to her.


Pilar gives Luis advice

Luis is visiting his mother. They exchange pleasantries like trying to figure out who shot her. Luis believes it was Spike. Pilar can't recall anything. She feels that there is something else on Luis' mind. It's not his mind. It's his heart. Luis' poor heart is broken up over Sheridan. Pilar wishes she could make it all better. Luis blames himself. Paloma joins the conversation. Both she and Pilar think it's time for Luis to move on.

Pilar doesn't want Luis to waste his life like she did, pining for someone who had moved on with someone else. Luis can't believe his mama is encouraging him to give up on Sheridan. Pilar tells him to face it. They were not meant to be. Luis isn't giving up his hope that she's coming back to him.

Fancy decides to lay down the law to her aunt Sheridan about Luis. She blames her for Luis' indecision. Fancy knows all about Sheridan's visit with Luis. Sheridan is lying to everyone, including herself, if she thinks she's over Luis. And she's leading him on. Sheridan disagrees. Fancy is blowing everything out of proportion.

Sheridan can't convince Fancy that she's not interested in Luis. Fancy finds her actions speak louder than her words. She wants Sheridan to tell Luis in no uncertain terms that there is no hope for them. Sheridan tells Fancy she already did that. What else can she do? Fancy wants her to stay completely away from him, avoid him if necessary.

Kay and Miguel are kissing their way right into Ivy's trap. Miguel is certain Kay still loves him. Kay has a hard time denying it. Miguel refuses to let Kay marry Fox. Marrying him would mean she's settling for second best. Miguel is the man for her. He made a terrible mistake before when he left her for Charity.

Kay can't believe that Miguel waited until now to tell her all this. When he ran after Charity, he left her alone to raise their daughter by herself. It was very hard. She felt she was drowning. When she almost literally drowned, Fox was the one who saved her. He became her hero. Kay loves Fox and she's going to marry him.

Miguel offers Ivy as a mother-in-law as another reason Kay shouldn't marry Fox. Ivy hates her but his mother loves her. His whole family loves her. He proposes to her. Her answer is smothered in a kiss. The ugly wedding dress comes off.

Fox arrives at the bridal shop. Ivy wastes no time directing him toward the dressing room where Kay is "getting it on." Fox gets a call from the Houston office before he can check on Kay. Ivy is frustrated.
Fox chews out someone on the phone. Ivy bum rushes him off. She insists he check on Kay in her wedding dress. Fox won't. He knows that's bad luck.

Ivy demands Fox see Kay regardless of the superstition. She's pretty sure Kay doesn't have the dress on anyway. Fox finally gives into her nagging. He knocks on the door and goes in when he doesn't get a response.

All he finds is the ugly wedding dress on the floor. Half naked Kay and Miguel have escaped out the back.


Spike wants Theresa gone

Spike is checking up on Chris. He wants his blackmail money and he wants it now. Chris explains that it isn't that easy getting the money. Since Theresa took over, it's gotten harder to be crooked. Spike has to be patient because if Chris gets caught, Spike gets nothing. Spike deduces that Theresa is standing between him and his money.

Chris warns Spike against hurting Theresa. She's innocent. Besides if she was gone, Julian would probably take her place. Julian is a more shrewd businessman. It would be even harder to embezzle money if he was in charge. Spike just thinks Chris is getting soft in his old age.

Spike is determined to take care of Theresa permanently on his own.
He arrives at the sauna. He sees Theresa alone and seizes the opportunity to get rid of Theresa. He turns up the heat and breaks off the valve.

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