At the Stroke of Midnight

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Kay tries to explain her way around Miguel's accusations, Esme lays a trap, Alistair reveals his motives and two couples unsuccessfully ring in the New Year at the Blue Note.

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In Tabitha's kitchen, Miguel remembers what happened right before he and Endora were kidnapped and tells Kay that he loves her, but exclaims, "You're a witch!" Miguel can't quite wrap his mind around the concept, so Kay suggests that maybe he's suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. Miguel thinks maybe she's right and worries he's losing his mind. Kay and Tabitha privately discuss the situation and Tabitha says if Miguel finds out about their coven, they will be done for. Miguel has a flash back to being in Hell and declares that Tabitha and Kay are witches! Miguel demands the truth and Kay caves, saying that demons took him and Endora to the dark side. She admits that they are witches and Miguel accuses Kay of causing all the bad things that have happened in Harmony in the past because she's a witch. Kay says the bad stuff wasn't her, but Miguel doesn't know what to believe or know who or what she is anymore. Miguel storms off and with the clock getting closer to midnight, Kay worries she won't be able to ring in the New Year with the man she loves. Miguel comes back and says that life isn't worth living without her. He loves her - whoever or whatever she is. As they kiss, Endora throws a few fireworks their way and happily thinks that Kay and Miguel are back together. Tabitha sighs that they are together for "now" and wishes her daughter a Happy New Year.

At the Crane mansion, Esme reads a magazine in her robe in the library when Fancy comes in the room. Fancy asks if she has a date for New Year's Eve, but Esme is staying in because everyone she dates ends up dead. Fancy tells her that she and Luis are back together and are going to the Blue Note. Esme is happy for her friend, but reminds Fancy that Luis slept with both her aunt and sister. Fancy says it bothers her more that he didn't tell her about Marty being alive. Fancy again asks if Esme wants to come out with them, but Esme is afraid anyone she meets will end up dead. She thinks that maybe she should date someone evil because if they end up dead then she'll be performing a public service. Fancy gets ready to leave when Alistair enters the room. Fancy lashes out at her grandfather for killing Chad and for almost killing Luis and forcing him to sleep with Pretty. While Fancy and Alistair argue, Esme again thinks that if she sleeps with someone evil, he'll end up dead and that no one is more evil than Alistair Crane.


At the cottage, Luis, Marty and Sheridan watch a video and Marty says he wants them to be together as a family forever. After Luis and Sheridan put Marty to bed, they marvel over having their son home. Sheridan notes that Marty doesn't want to be away from them even for a second and Luis worries about why he is so clingy. Sheridan thinks it's natural considering he was taken from them and Luis assures Sheridan that he will never let that happen again. Sheridan suggests they toast the New Year, but Luis tells her he and Fancy have plans. Sheridan tries to lay a guilt trip saying she thought he'd want to be there for Marty, but Luis thinks that since Marty's already sleeping, he won't even know he's gone. Luis tells Sheridan he wants to bring Fancy over at some point so she and Marty can get to know each other. Sheridan pretends she's unfazed, but after Luis leaves says, "Damn you Fancy!"

While Sheridan later naps on the couch, Alistair enters the cottage. He taunts his daughter about Luis being with Fancy and her being all alone on New Year's Eve. Sheridan tells her father that she hates him and that it's so overwhelming that it almost keeps her warm at night. Alistair is pleased and thinks that she could actually be worthy of his name one day. After a little more yelling from Sheridan, Alistair reminds her that he returned Marty to her. Sheridan is skeptical of the gesture and wants to know what his motives are. Alistair instructs his daughter to use Marty to break Luis and Fancy up.


Up at the cabin, Pilar and Theresa discuss Ethan. Pilar tells her daughter that while she might not be able to spend the rest of her life with Ethan, she can certainly spend New Year's Eve with him. She offers to look after Little E and Theresa thinks they might be able to work things out after all, but Pilar just looks worried.

Theresa and Ethan meet up at The Blue Note and Ethan says he almost didn't come. Theresa says she loves him and wants to spend New Year's with him, but Ethan isn't in the mood to party. When it looks like Ethan isn't ready to forgive her, Theresa tells him that when the clock strikes twelve she will be thinking of him and wishing they were together. She says she loves him and always will. Theresa starts to leave, but Ethan grabs her and kisses her. Ethan and Theresa later hit the dance floor and Theresa says he is the love of her life and always will be. Ethan tells her that he never wants to lose her again and she promises that won't happen. Theresa and Ethan move back to a booth and finish off a bottle of bubbly. Ethan goes to get another bottle and Theresa calls her mother and says that her night is perfect. Pilar tells her that Little E's temperature is rising and Theresa panics and takes off. Ethan sees her leave and goes after her.

Back at the cottage, Sheridan thinks that she will go along with Alistair's plan. Marty comes in the room and asks if everything is ok. Sheridan picks him up and says everything is perfect.

Fancy meets Luis at the Blue Note and Luis notices she's crying. They sit in a booth and Fancy tells him how much he hurt her. Luis tries to explain about Marty saying he wanted to tell her, but that he couldn't risk never seeing his son again. Luis asks for forgiveness and Fancy gives in. They head to the dance floor and Luis promises that nothing will ever come between them again. After they dance, Fancy goes to check her makeup and Luis urges her to hurry so they can kiss at midnight. Luis gets a call from Marty who is upset and says he needs him right now! Sheridan then gets on the phone and urgently says they need him and abruptly hangs up. Luis is concerned and wants to get back to them, but can't find Fancy. He leaves her a note and takes off. Fancy returns to their table just as the crowd celebrates the New Year, but she can't find Luis and unknowingly steps on his note. Back at the cottage, Sheridan smirks and thinks that the first step in Alistair's plan is complete.

Alistair returns to his library and finds Esme lying on the couch in a negligee. Alistair is tempted and tells her that she's a delightful surprise, but wonders if she's acting as Fancy's ally. Esme says Fancy's been a bore lately and tells him it's a crime to spend New Year's all alone. As the clock strikes twelve, Alistair kisses her neck, while a repulsed Esme wishes the murderer would hurry up.


Theresa rushes back to the cabin and Pilar tells her that the doctor gave her instructions and that Little Ethan will be fine. Theresa tells her mother that her and Ethan are back on track, but Pilar informs her daughter that Maria's children in Mexico were killed. Panicked, Pilar says they need to do what Rebecca and Gwen want or else they will be next. Midnight hits and Theresa wants to get back to Ethan. She promises Pilar that he will never know about Little E or that they are at the cabin.

Ethan arrives outside the cabin having followed Theresa and is determined to find out why she's there.


Next on Passions:

Ethan wants to know why Theresa ran out on him at the Blue Note, while Pilar thinks that he can never find out the truth.

Fancy sits at the Blue Note alone and wonders where Luis is and who he's with.

Sheridan tells Luis, "The only way to do that is for us to be together as a family around the clock."

Alistair angrily accuses Esme of trying to get him killed.

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