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Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Kay and Tabitha enjoy having Endora and Miguel back, Ethan is confused by Theresa yet again, Ivy and Sam give Ethan their two cents and Endora returns to being bad.

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Theresa enters Jonathan's hospital room where Ethan is. She expresses joy over Jonathan being okay and Ethan asks where she was when he needed her most. Theresa says that she couldn't be with him, but she's here now. Ethan doesn't understand and tells her that he doesn't even know who she is anymore and asks why she hasn't been worried about Jonathan. Theresa says she cares about Jonathan more than he knows, but he's still not appeased. Theresa tells him that she doesn't want to lose him and Ethan relents. He asks Theresa to spend some time with him and Jonathan so they can get back on track. Theresa needs to get back to Little Ethan and tells Ethan she's sorry. Ethan asks what's more important than spending time with him and his little boy right now. Theresa makes up a meeting at Crane, saying she's trying to save jobs. Ethan understands and tells her she's a good person for worrying about her employees.

In the Crane Kitchen, Fancy makes some coffee as Pretty enters. They snark at each other as Fancy tells her sister that she and Luis are back together. Pretty asks where Luis is and Fancy says he's with Sheridan. Pretty taunts her sister over Sheridan and Luis's past, but Fancy says their bond is broken, because Marty is dead. Pretty retorts that Marty is alive and that Luis and Sheridan have been searching for him for months. Fancy doesn't believe her, but Pretty gloats that Luis told her all about it.

Luis goes to the cottage to see Sheridan and she tells him that Marty is home. Marty comes out and runs to Luis. Luis is stunned and hugs his son. Sheridan says they are finally the family they were meant to be. Luis and Sheridan sit on the couch and fawn over Marty. They learn that Marty was dropped off at the cottage, that the hospital visit they discovered was due to him breaking a bone playing with one of the security guards and that his nanny told him that Sheridan is his real mom and not Beth.

While Marty and Sheridan make cocoa, Fancy and Pretty come to the cottage. Luis tells Fancy that Marty is home and Fancy is thrilled for Luis. Sheridan and Marty come back into the room and Fancy privately asks Luis why Pretty knew about Marty, but she didn't. Luis says he just wants to make Marty feel at home and will explain everything later. He tells Fancy that he hasn't been this excited since Sheridan first told him she was having his baby and goes to sit with Sheridan and Marty. Luis introduces Marty to Pretty, but when she accidentally pulls her hair back revealing her scar, Marty screams and runs away. Luis and Sheridan explain Pretty's scar and Marty apologizes for screaming. Pretty tells Luis how happy she is for him, especially since getting Marty back was one of the reasons they made love. Luis is uncomfortable when she brings it up, but says getting Marty back is the best thing that has ever happened. Fancy interrupts them and asks why everyone knew about Marty, but her. Luis says he had his reasons, but they will talk about it later. Luis decides to go out for a bit, but Marty wants him to stay with him and his mommy. Sheridan thinks to herself that having Marty back is sure to bring Luis back to her, as Pretty also thinks Fancy has lost Luis because of Marty.

At Tabitha's, Pilar, Sam, Ivy and Endora sit at the kitchen table while Tabitha makes breakfast. Sam asks why Kay invited them over and Tabitha says she has a big Christmas surprise for them. Kay enters with Miguel and Pilar hugs her son. As Tabitha serves gruel for breakfast, much to everyone's disgust, Sam asks Miguel where he has been. Miguel can't answer that question and Endora thinks to herself that their captors erased their memories.

After everyone else has left, Kay tells Miguel how much she missed him. He says the same, but wishes he could remember everything. Kay makes up a story about him being away helping children in an orphanage and then going away somewhere tropical to relax.

Later, Kay and Tabitha discuss how happy they are to have Endora and Miguel back and how they can go back to being normal. Kay leaves the kitchen and an arrow flies in with a note for Tabitha. It reads that Tabitha must stay evil or she will lose Endora forever. Tabitha says she will go back to being an evil machine.

Pilar meets Theresa in Little Ethan's hospital room and Theresa tells her mother that if anything else happens to make her look bad in Ethan's eyes, it could be the end of their relationship. Theresa calls Valerie at work, instructing her to tell Ethan that she's unavailable if he calls. Pilar and Theresa then discuss Gwen, Rebecca and Pilar's secret and Theresa says she can never tell Ethan the truth and if he finds out she's been lying to him he will never forgive her.

Tabitha devilishly cackles as she watches Pilar and Theresa in her bowl. Tabitha wonders which secret she should expose in order to ruin Theresa's relationship with Ethan.

Sam and Ivy come to the hospital to see Ethan and Jonathan. Ethan tells his parents that Jonathan will be fine, but Ivy detects Ethan is worried about something else. Ethan says it's Theresa and Ivy gives an exasperated sigh. Ethan says even though Ivy doesn't like her, he loves Theresa and wants to make it work. Ivy and Sam try to convince Ethan to get back together with Gwen in order to give Jonathan a stable home. Ethan says he tried to make it work with Gwen, but he loves Theresa. They ask where Theresa is right now and he tells them she will be back and calls Valerie to see when Theresa's meeting will be over.

Tabitha watches Ethan and sees her opening for causing evil. When Ethan calls Valerie, Tabitha intercepts the call pretending to be a Crane temp. She tells Ethan that Theresa cancelled all her appointments so she could have her hair and nails done. Ethan is furious and tells his parents that he doesn't know who Theresa is anymore and maybe he never did.


Tabitha thinks that she had no choice, but to cause trouble and Endora pops in the kitchen. She tells Endora that she's making sure the dark side never takes her again and will do whatever it takes to make sure she stays home.

Kay and Miguel get reacquainted in Kay's room. As they lay in bed after having sex, Miguel tells Kay that he wants them to get married as soon as they can so he, Kay and Maria can all be a family.


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