Ivy Brews the Perfect Storm

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Ivy puts her plan in motion, Jared sweeps Theresa off her feet, Luis apologises to Fancy, and Julian and Fox will do whatever it takes to win

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Ivy plans destruction

Ivy is gloating over the ugly bridal gown she chose for Kay. It expresses her inner most sentiments about the coming nuptials between Kay and Fox. Kay refuses the "gift" and lets Ivy know in no uncertain terms that she can't stop the wedding.

Kay tells Ivy she can leave. Ivy blackmails her into trying on the monstrosity. She will tattle to Fox that Kay isn't being nice to her future mother-in-law. Kay goes to try on the dress just to stop her. However, this is all part of Ivy's dastardly plan to break up Fox and Kay. The second part is having the sales clerk summon Miguel to meet Kay at the bridal shop. Miguel takes the bait.

Kay looks hideous in the gown and matching headdress from hell. She feels horrible too. She knows she should be happier about marrying Fox but Miguel is still in her thoughts. And just like that, Miguel appears behind her.

Miguel must be in love. He thinks Kay looks beautiful even in the ugly gown. Kay can't accept his compliment. She is still angry at him for being all over Siren the night before. She doesn't want a man who chases after other women, like he did with Charity and now Siren. She doesn't trust him. That's why she's marrying Fox. Miguel explains that he was being blackmailed by Siren. That's why he was dancing with her. He was trying to protect Kay.

Kay doesn't believe Miguel's explanation at first. Then she recalls Siren and all her smug looks. She wonders why Miguel didn't let Siren show the photos to Fox. Miguel was tempted but he didn't want Kay to suffer the consequences. Kay kisses Miguel while Ivy spies on them.

Ivy isn't through with her plans. Now that Miguel is there, she has the sales clerk make a phone call to Fox. She tells him Kay wants him to meet her there to discuss the tuxedoes? He agrees. Ivy dismisses the clerk. Her plan is in place. She has added all the ingredients for her perfect storm.


Julian will do whatever it takes

Fox is in his office. The thought of the coming honeymoon warms him. However he can't get the image of Miguel and Kay kissing out of his mind. He vows once more that he and Kay will be together.

Julian is on the phone telling someone to cut off all the Crane funding to Harmony Hospital immediately. Fox walks in and overhears his father. He questions him. Julian explains that Eve has refused to marry him. He wants her back. This is his way of showing her how much she needs him. Julian has never loved any other woman like he loves Eve. He can't let her go.

Fox doesn't understand how what he is doing will get Eve back. Julian said he learned his tactics from Alistair. Alistair never let his conscience nor ethics stand in the way of obtaining his dream. Fox won't resort to those tactics. He doesn't need to. Everything is back on track with him and Kay. Julian throws in the fact that Miguel and Kay sharing a child will make things more difficult just like Eve's family with T.C. has. Fox states he will not lose Kay and he will do whatever it takes to make that happen even if that means getting rid of Miguel.

Julian points out to Fox that he is talking like just like him. Fox repeats himself. He will do whatever he has to do to rid himself of Miguel. Julian wonders if that means permanently. Fox does not answer.

Noah and Ethan are still in the coffee house discussing the confused state of Ethan's love life. Ethan wants to be faithful to his wife but he's weak when it comes to Theresa. It isn't just the sex. He really loves her. Problem is he loves his wife too. Plus he feels obligated to her. Noah says that's not good enough when it comes to marriage. Who does Ethan want to be with for the rest of his life? How can he stay with someone when his heart is somewhere else? Ethan has thought about leaving Gwen but he stops short because he wants to stay in the marriage. Noah offers that he can have a family with Theresa and Little Ethan.

Ethan agrees everything Noah is saying makes sense but he couldn't live with the decision to leave Gwen. Noah just wants Ethan to be happy. From his own experience he knows that life is very delicate. He's learned that you can't afford to stay with the wrong person the rest of that life. Problem is, Ethan doesn't know who the right or wrong person is. He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. He can't choose.

Jared and Theresa are still in the company gym. Jared spots her as she lifts weight. The better to get close to her. Jared has more surprises for Theresa. He has prepared a candlelit luncheon in the gym. Theresa is impressed. Jared is sweeping her off her feet. Next Theresa and Jared move their romance to the sauna and steam it up.


Fancy forgives Luis

Fancy is down but not for long. She gets back up and shoots the perp in the virtual reality scenario. The cadets all cheer. Even Luis praises her with qualifiers. Fancy was good but she could have been killed if had been real life and not virtual reality.

As the cadet leave for the day, Luis pulls Fancy aside. He praises her once again and this time without qualifiers. He admits that he made her scenario harder than the other cadets. His reason for doing this is to prepare her for whatever happens when she becomes a real cop. He cares about her. A lot.

Fancy wants Luis to repeat his last statement. He apologizes for sending mixed messages and giving her a hard time. Fancy apologizes for acting like a child. Luis praises her for excellent instinct of using the adversary's weakness against himself, like she did when she mentioned Sheridan's name to him. Fancy doesn't think Luis' love for Sheridan is a weakness. She blames Sheridan for the mess they are in. Fancy knows Sheridan is still in love with Luis. She isn't sure she will stay married to Chris.

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