Monday, December 17th, 2007

Spike leads Sheridan and Fancy to Luis; Eve tries to convince Julian that Vincent is alive; Vincent pays Eve another visit; and Pilar tells Theresa her secret.

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Julian enters Eve's room at the hospital and finds her sleeping in her bed. Eve dreams about Vincent and wakes up yelling, "Vincent's not dead, he's alive!" Julian tries to calm her down, but Eve grows upset telling him about Vincent choking her. Julian is doubtful saying he smells alcohol on her breath. Eve shows him the marks on her neck and insists that Vincent tried to force her to drink. Julian is unconvinced and says the doctor told him the marks on her neck were self-inflicted. Eve lays back on her bed exasperated because Julian doesn't believe her. She tells Julian to leave and that he should go to another one of his women because she's not good for him anymore. Julian says she is good for him and that he will make things right because he loves her and always will and leaves.

Vincent watches Eve and Julian from the hallway and laughs because Julian doesn't believe that Vincent is alive.

After Julian leaves, Vincent comes in the room and taunts Eve about Julian not believing her. Vincent asks how Julian would react to finding out that Vincent is pregnant with his child and asks Eve if he's starting to show yet. Eve tells him to stop playing with her and Julian and that he has to tell Julian he's pregnant with his child. Vincent says Julian would make him have an abortion, but he won't let that happen because he loves the baby. Eve calls him delusional and Vincent chokes Eve again.

Julian finds Eve's doctor and chastises him for allowing Eve to have alcohol. The doctor doesn't know how Eve got the drink and assures him they will investigate. Julian throws his Crane weight around and tells the doctor he better get to the bottom of it and fire who ever supplied Eve with alcohol. The doctor mentions there's a new orderly on staff and Julian instructs him to look into it.

As Vincent continues to choke Eve, he overhears Julian talking on his phone in the hallway. Julian walks in the room and says, "Oh my God!"

On the docks, Sheridan and Fancy hold Spike at gunpoint demanding he tell them where Luis is or they will kill him. Spike gives in and leads them to the Crane mansion. Sheridan and Fancy ask why they're there and Spike tells them that Luis has been under their noses the whole time. He goes over to the desk and pushes a secret button that opens a hidden door and tells them to follow him. The women are distrustful of Spike, thinking he will leave them in the secret room to die. Spike says he will take them to Luis and if he's not there, they can shoot him. The woman agree to follow him, but Sheridan says if it's a trick she will shoot him first and ask questions later. Spike leads them downstairs and then tries to run. Fancy gets the better of him and throws him against the wall and then to the ground. Sheridan tells him he can either take them to Luis or she will leave him down there for the rats to feast on.


Still in the warehouse, Pretty asks Luis if it weren't for Fancy would he make love to her again or would he rather die first. Luis delicately tries to navigate his way around the awkward question, which leads Pretty to think he's repulsed by her. She says she was stupid to think someone like him could be interested in someone like her. Luis insists the reason he wouldn't sleep with her again is because he's in love with Fancy, not because she's hideous. Pretty asks if true love is only for perfect people and Luis explains that one day she will find real love. Pretty says she wants to believe him, but she hasn't even been kissed since she was scarred and if she can't even get someone to kiss her, how will she get someone to love her? Luis tells her that someone will look into her beautiful brown eyes and fall in love with her and Pretty kisses him.

Spike leads Sheridan and Fancy to a seemingly dead end, but he tells the women Luis is behind the wall. Spike presses a button and the wall moves away. Sheridan and Fancy walk through and see Luis and Pretty kissing.


In the hospital waiting room, Pilar tells Theresa that her enemies killed her sister Maria and Theresa finally realizes the gravity of the situation. Theresa tells her mother that she has sacrificed her happiness to help keep her secret and now she deserves to know the truth. Pilar sits Theresa down and tells her what happened in Mexico, but leaves out the part about being raped and killing Juanita's husband. Theresa tells her mother what happened is not her fault, but Pilar wishes she would have realized how dangerous the situation was before it was too late and flashes back to being raped. Pilar tears up and says, "I'm sorry Theresa. I'm so sorry." Theresa asks if there's more to the story than she's letting on. Pilar just tells Theresa she's afraid for her children and that she's worried about what awful thing will happen next. Pilar asks Theresa not to do anything to anger Gwen and Rebecca or else they will pay. Theresa assures Pilar that she knows what's at stake and that she just wants Little E to save Jonathan's life and then the Hotchkiss women won't have a reason to want to lash out at them. Pilar worries that something will happen in the future to upset Gwen and Rebecca and that they'll have to live in fear the rest of their lives.

As Pilar and Theresa talk, they hear an alarm go off and run out into the hallway. Pilar and Theresa find out that something has gone wrong with the transplant surgery and a nurse tells them that one of the patients is in serous trouble, but doesn't know which boy.


Next on Passions:

Theresa tells Paloma that Ethan can never find out, just as Ethan enters and overhears.

Pretty asks, "You had unprotected sex with my sister?" and Pretty tells her that Alistair forced them to do it.

Valerie hugs Julian and says, "Daddy."

Eve says, "Valerie and Vincent are one in the same."

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