Are You the Donor's Mother?

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Pretty puts Luis on the spot; Sheridan and Pretty team up; Theresa talks a good game; Ethan wants to meet the mother of the donor; and Pilar tells Theresa about Maria.

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Fancy walks on the docks thinking about Luis having sex with Pretty. She runs into Sheridan and shows her the video of them together. Sheridan thinks it's a trick that Alistair rigged up just to upset her, but Fancy is sure it's real. Fancy starts to get teary and Sheridan tells her to snap out of it because they need to find Luis. Sheridan then calls her a hypocrite for being upset about Luis sleeping with someone else, considering she just slept with Noah. Fancy insists she doesn't know how that happened, but Sheridan accuses her of having never really loved Luis. Fancy says they need to focus on finding Luis and that they should put their differences aside until they find him.

Spike walks up talking on his phone and Sheridan tells Fancy she thinks Spike knows where Luis is. The women sneak up behind him, grab him and demand to know where Luis and Pretty are. Fancy finds Spike's gun and gives it to Sheridan who holds it on him, demanding he take them to Luis. Spike says he'll try to help, but all he can do is ask around. Sheridan tells him to get moving and they leave the docks.

Spike brings them to a run down area and asks one of his contacts if he knows anything about Luis' whereabouts. The man asks what's in it for him, as he creepily looks at Sheridan and Fancy, thinking they're hookers. Sheridan pulls the gun on him when he gets too friendly and he takes off. Spike tells her that was her chance to find Luis, but Sheridan doesn't think he knew anything anyway and Fancy agrees. Sheridan turns the gun back on Spike and tells him that he better help them find Luis or his life will be cut short. With the gun still trained on Spike, all three of them leave the area.

Spike leads Sheridan and Fancy to another spot and tells them he will make a few calls and get back with them. Sheridan tells him he's not going anywhere, but Spike turns to leave and Sheridan fires the gun. She demands that Spike take them to Luis or he will be cleaning his brains off the wharf.

As Pretty lay wounded, Luis urges her not to die on him and tries to move her, but Pretty screams out in pain. Luis checks out her wound and tells her it's not that bad - just a flesh wound. Luis tries to move Pretty again and they discover she hurt her ankle when she fell. Luis wants to leave to go get her help, but Pretty asks him not to. Pretty asks if she can have him a little bit longer before she has to give him back to Fancy. She explains that she has never expected to ever be loved and Luis tells her she is an incredible woman who deserves it. Pretty asks, "By you?" Luis gets flustered, but Pretty tells him she meant could a man like him love her? Luis tells her she is an amazing woman and that any man would be lucky to have her. She mentions her scar, but Luis says he doesn't even see it until she points it out to him. Pretty asks Luis if he'll sleep with her again, but Luis says he can't have sex with her because of Fancy. Pretty asks if he slept with her because he felt sorry for her. He tells her that they had sex because Alistair forced them too, but Pretty notes that he seemed to enjoy it. Luis says he did, but they were coerced into it. Pretty asks if weren't for Fancy, would he make love to her again or would he rather die first?

At the hospital, Gwen has a nightmare that Ethan finds out she knew about Little E and did nothing to help their son. He tells her that she's despicable and a liar and will never see Jonathan again. Ethan turns to Theresa and they discuss how happy they will all be as a family. Gwen wakes up and goes to check on her son.


In the waiting room, Ethan is confused to find Theresa where he expected to meet the mother of Jonathan's liver donor. Pilar enters and nervously asks if Theresa told him. Ethan demands to know if she's the mother of the donor or not. Theresa asks if the nurse told him that she specifically was the mother of the donor and Ethan says no, just that the mother was in the room. Theresa tells him she saw a stressed out woman in the room earlier and Ethan says he's sorry he missed her because he wanted to thank her. Ethan asks if Theresa would recognize the woman if she saw her again, but Theresa says she wasn't really paying attention because she was worried about Jonathan. Ethan tells her he knows she's worried and that he misjudged her. They rehash what happened between them and Theresa apologizes for the earring thing and for him thinking she told Little E he could replace Jonathan. Ethan appreciates the apology and hugs her.

Gwen walks in the waiting groom and sees Theresa and Ethan embracing and demands to know what Theresa just told Ethan. Puzzled, Ethan asks what's wrong with her and Gwen asks Pilar if she misunderstood the situation? Pilar says she did and Ethan tells her that Theresa apologized for the earlier events. Gwen makes some veiled threats to Pilar about losing children and then asks Ethan for his forgiveness for not getting Jonathan treatment sooner. Ethan tells her not to worry and Pilar and Theresa quietly comment what a snake Gwen is. Ethan leaves to find the mother of the donor and Gwen reminds Pilar and Theresa they can't tell Ethan the truth. Theresa is incensed that Gwen would threaten them while Little Ethan is in surgery saving Jonathan's life. Gwen doesn't care and reminds them to keep quiet about Little E being Ethan's son. Gwen walks away and Theresa says that she will never be able to tell Ethan the truth and that she will lose him.

Ethan returns to the room and tells Gwen he couldn't find the donor's mother anywhere. He remarks how selfless the woman is, but Gwen suggests that maybe money was involved. Ethan asks why she would say something like that and tells her that this woman is the most wonderful woman in the world. Ethan says this woman must be really special because he's not sure he would let his child do something like that, as Gwen looks panicked.

Privately, Theresa tells Pilar how brave Little Ethan was before surgery. Pilar isn't surprised, but asks why Theresa would risk telling Little E the truth. Theresa tells her that he needed to know. She looks at Ethan and Gwen talking and tells Pilar that she wants Ethan to know that she is the mother who let her son save his, and that every day she doesn't tell him, a little bit of their love dies. Theresa tells her mother that if she can't tell him, she doesn't know if she can go on living. Pilar says if she does tell, then she definitely won't live. Theresa thinks she might be exaggerating, but Pilar forcefully tells her that it's worse than she could imagine, explaining that her sister Maria was killed because of her secret. Pilar tells Theresa if Gwen reveals her whereabouts their whole family will share the same fate and that she's sorry, but her dream of a life with Ethan is over.


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