No Such Luck

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Jonathan and Little Ethan go into surgery; Gwen and Theresa fight; Ethan meets the mother of the donor; Spike attacks Pretty and Luis; and Noah's plan backfires.

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In Jonathan's hospital room, Gwen tells Ethan that they have a donor for Jonathan. Ethan is overjoyed and asks who it is. Gwen is too groggy to spit it out and the doctor comes in to also say they found a donor. Ethan asks the doctor who it is and the doctor flashes back to Theresa telling him that Ethan and Gwen can't know Little E is the donor. He tells Ethan they wish to remain anonymous.

In the waiting room, a nurse comes to get Little Ethan to prep him for surgery. Theresa tells her son how brave he his and Little E says he will do anything to save his half-brother's life. Theresa hugs him and thinks to herself it's unfair that Ethan will never know that he is his son. The nurse then leads Little E away.

Theresa sees Little Ethan being wheeled into surgery and she tells him again how amazing he is, but reminds him he can't tell Ethan he is his son. Little E says he can't wait till he can tell Ethan, but Theresa thinks to herself that will never happen.


The nurse comes in to take Jonathan into surgery and Theresa walks by the room. She sadly thinks that Ethan should have been there for Little E before he was taken into surgery as well. Ethan and Gwen say goodbye to their son and then Ethan puts Gwen back in bed until the sedative wears off. He goes out into the hallway and sees Theresa. He hugs her and tells her that they found a donor for Jonathan. Ethan goes off with the doctor so he can be with his son.

Theresa enters Gwen's room while she's sleeping and Theresa says she's sorry, but she had to tell because she couldn't let Jonathan die. Gwen wakes up and angrily says, "You told? One phone call to Mexico and you and you're entire family will die." Theresa assures her that the doctor and Little E will both keep quiet. Gwen doesn't believe Little E can keep a secret like that and threatens her again. Theresa says she did it to save Jonathan's life, but Gwen accuses her of doing it to take Ethan from her. As they argue, Gwen passes out. Theresa wonders if Gwen had a heart attack, saying she should be so lucky. Theresa checks for signs of life and says, "Nope, still has a pulse." She puts a pillow under Gwen's head and says all her dreams will come true regarding Jonathan once she wakes up and leaves the room.

As he waits for word on Jonathan, Ethan tries to find out who the parents of the donor are so he can thank them. A nurse tells him she could get into a lot of trouble, but she can take him to the mother of the little boy. Theresa sits in another waiting room and begs God to make sure her son is okay. Ethan enters and tells Theresa, whose back is to him, that he wanted to thank her for allowing her child to donate part of his liver to his son. Theresa turns around and Ethan is shocked to see it's her. Theresa innocently asks what's going on and he explains why he's there. Bewildered, Ethan asks, "Are you the mother of Jonathan's donor?"

Still lying passed out on the floor of the hospital room, Gwen dreams that Jonathan dies and that Ethan yells at her for not doing anything to help save their son.


Trying to flee the warehouse, Luis is stunned when Pretty doesn't want to leave. She explains that she can forget when she's down there because no one thinks she's a freak. Spike overhears, laughs and sneaks in as Luis pressures Pretty to leave. Pretty thinks to herself that she can't give Luis back to Fancy, but Luis thinks she's hesitating because of Alistair. He tells her not to listen to Alistair's insults and urges her to leave with him. Spike jumps out and holds Pretty at gunpoint. He tells Pretty that Alistair sent him there to kill both of them. Pretty is hurt that Alistair would want to kill her and Spike pushes her away pointing the gun at Luis. Luis attacks him and they struggle as the gun goes flying. Luis yells for Pretty to get the gun, but she's lost in her disbelief over Alistair wanting to kill her. Spike goes for a knife in his boot and takes a swipe at Luis. Pretty finally snaps out of it, grabs the gun and points it at Spike. Luis knocks the knife out of Spike's hand as Pretty throws the gun to Luis. Spike attacks Luis, they struggle and the gun goes off! Luis and Spike both say the bullet missed them and realize Pretty is the one who got hit. Spike takes off and Luis tries to go for help, but Pretty doesn't want him to leave, fearing she'll die alone.

Paloma waits in "Christmas Town" for Noah. Noah, dressed up like Santa, walks up and gets her to open up to him. Not knowing she's talking to Noah, she tells him how she feels about her fiancé, recounts how he cheated on her and says she doesn't know if she can trust him. "Santa" guarantees that her fiancé will never disappoint her again. She says she's an idiot for trusting Noah, but "Santa" tells her to listen to her heart and asks if she can get past what happened. Paloma says she can forgive Noah, thanks "Santa" and leaves. Noah peels of his beard and says "She loves me." Paloma comes back and yells at him for tricking her. She accuses him of manipulating her and slaps him. Noah says he was just trying to have fun and had no idea she would go into their relationship problems with "a two-bit Santa on the wharf," but Paloma sees it as a betrayal. She reminds him how upset she was over finding him with Fancy and Noah says he thought they were past it. Paloma says she thought so too, but isn't so sure. Noah asks if she still loves him and Paloma tells him that she doesn't know what to think anymore. Noah grabs her hand and leads her over to the mistletoe and they kiss. Noah tells Paloma he loves her and they kiss again. Paloma breaks away, saying she hates that he lied to her. Noah apologizes, but tells her he's not lying now - he loves her and they belong together. Paloma grabs him and kisses him.


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Pretty asks Luis, "Could a man like you ever love a woman like me?"

Sheridan and Fancy hold Spike at gunpoint and demand that he take them to Luis.

As Ethan holds on to Theresa, he tells Gwen, "You're a despicable mother" and says he will make sure she never sees Jonathan again.

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