Harsh Reality

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Gwen realizes the error of her ways; Ethan misconstrues Theresa's actions again; Luis and Pretty are close to freedom and Alistair orders Spike to kill Luis.

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In Jonathan’s hospital room, Gwen has a nightmare that Jonathan died because he didn’t get the liver transplant. When she wakes up, Gwen panics and rushes over to Jonathan saying he’ll die if she doesn’t do something. Rebecca comes in and Gwen says her son is gonna die if they don’t find a viable donor. Rebecca says that the doctor told her that a while ago, but Gwen is just now realizing the gravity of the situation. Gwen freaks out and tells Rebecca that she needs to tell Ethan about Little E so he can save her son’s life. Rebecca tries to prevent Gwen from leaving the room, asking if Gwen is willing to risk losing Ethan to Theresa. Gwen says that she’s wasted too much time on Theresa already and that she isn’t a factor anymore – she just needs to save her son. Gwen demands her mother get out of her way so she can tell Ethan before it’s too late. The women struggle and Rebecca injects Gwen with a sedative that the doctor left. Gwen passes out from the injection and Rebecca says out loud that she did the right thing and that somehow it will all work out for the best and leaves the room.


In the waiting room, Little Ethan hugs Ethan and calls him daddy. Ethan laughs and asks why he called him that. Little E says, “Mommy told me everything.” Ethan asks Theresa what she told him, but Theresa remains mum. Ethan then asks Little E if Theresa told him to call him daddy, but Little E doesn’t know what to say. Theresa jumps in explaining that she was trying to make Little E feel better by telling him that if anything happened to Jonathan, Little E would be a comfort to Ethan because he’s always been like a son to him. Ethan looks irritated, but hugs Little Ethan and gives him money for a cookie in the cafeteria. Little E runs off, but Theresa goes after him to say he can’t have anything to eat because he needs an empty stomach for the operation. Theresa hugs her son and tells him she loves him.

Theresa comes back to Ethan and remarks how great he is with Little E. Ethan in turn asks, “What the hell is wrong with you?” He is outraged that she would suggest Little E could replace Jonathan. Ethan angrily tells her that even though he loves Little E like his own, he is not his biological son – Jonathan is. Theresa tries to defend herself, but Ethan says he is appalled by her behavior. He says he loves her and needs her support, but every time he comes to her, something ugly happens, like the earring incident or talk of replacing his son. Ethan says he doesn’t know where the woman he fell in love with is and walks off.


Theresa sits alone crying and Little Ethan returns asking where Ethan went. She tells her son that he had to go see Jonathan. Little E gives her a cookie he brought her from the cafeteria and apologizes for almost telling Ethan their secret. Theresa says it’s difficult to do sometimes, but it’s often important to keep quiet. Little E says he’s glad Jonathan is his brother and Theresa tells her son that what he’s doing for him is incredible, but it’s important to not tell anyone that Ethan is his father. He asks why and Theresa tells him that it’s complicated. He asks if he will ever be able to tell Ethan that he is his son. Theresa says someday, but she doesn't know when.

While asleep from the sedative, Gwen dreams that she’s at Jonathan’s funeral. Ethan tells her that they couldn’t find a donor for Jonathan and time ran out. She thinks to herself that it’s all her fault and starts to cry. Theresa enters and Gwen says she should have listened to her. Theresa tells her that they both made mistakes and she’s learned that telling the truth is always the right thing to do. Ethan says they should start the funeral, but Gwen grows hysterical. Ethan and Theresa bring her over to the casket and they start the service. Gwen stops it and says she needs to tell Ethan the truth.

Gwen wakes up from the sedative and sees Ethan standing over Jonathan. She tells him she needs to talk to him about Jonathan and that it’s urgent. Gwen tells him they have a donor and that Jonathan isn’t going to die.


At the warehouse, Luis strangles Alistair and says he’ll kill him. Alistair zaps Luis with an electric current from his watch. Luis goes flying and Pretty accuses Alistair of killing him. As Luis lay unconscious, Pretty feels for a pulse, but can’t find one. Alistair kicks him a few times and then Pretty feels a weak heartbeat. She tells her grandfather to get help or else Luis will die. Alistair tells her that they can both rot down there for all he cares and leaves.

Pretty strokes Luis’ head as he lay in her lap and says that he can’t die. She fantasizes that Luis told her how beautiful and sexy she was while they were having sex. She gushes over him and says that she loves him and that he will grow to love her. She urges Luis to wake up and she kisses him. When that doesn’t work, she goes over to the liquor cabinet, grabs a bottle and pours it over him. Luis wakes up from this and Pretty is thrilled that he is okay and kisses him. Luis asks what happened because he doesn’t remember. Pretty recounts the details and says that Alistair left them to rot, but Luis shows her a key he lifted off Alistair while they were struggling. Luis goes to find their clothes and says they just have to get past Alistair’s guards and they will be home free. Pretty isn’t as excited to be leaving the warehouse as Luis. She thinks to herself that the best moments of her life were there and plays their interlude over in her head, but puts a romantic slant on it. Luis is ready to leave, but Pretty says she doesn’t want to go.

Alistair goes out to the docks and Spike approaches. Alistair admonishes him for keeping him waiting and then tells Spike to kill Luis. Spike asks about Pretty and Alistair tells him that he doesn’t care if she gets caught in the crossfire, saying if she dies too, C’est la vie.


Next on Passions:

Spike holds Pretty at gunpoint and says Alistair sent him to kill Luis.

The doctor enters the room and says, “We found a donor.”

Ethan asks Theresa if she knows the mother of Jonathan's donor.

Gwen tells Theresa that she knew the deal and now her and her entire family will die.

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