Kay's wedding will go on

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Kay is jealous, Theresa goes to the mat with Jared, Luis uses tough love on Fancy, Eve won't be controlled by Julian and Ethan can't make up his mind.

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Ethan and Noah check out the tabloids

Eve is at the coffee shop talking on her cell phone. She's very upset. A construction crew has started remodeling her office without her permission. Julian walks in and confesses, he was the one who authorized the remodeling. It was his surprise for her. Eve does not appreciate the gesture. She can't believe Julian went behind her back. Julian tells her that was just the first part of his surprise. He bought a yacht so that the two of them can sail to the Mediterranean. With her office in disarray, she has no excuse about taking some time off. It will be an unbelievable and wonderful adventure. Eve agrees with the unbelievable part. Wonderful, however, it isn't.

She is livid. She is a doctor not a car mechanic. She can't just desert her patients. Julian has that covered too. Eve is angry that he thinks she is so easily replaced. Julian just wants Eve to pay attention to their personal relationship as well as to her patients and ex-husband. To Eve, Julian is self-centered. He should have consulted her. If he had, she would have gladly taken time off. She realizes that Julian is still a cold, vindictive control freak but she has changed. She won't be controlled anymore. She walks out on him but Julian is not giving her up.

Noah literally runs into the coffee shop and into Ethan. He shows Ethan the tabloid's front page with Jared's, Theresa's and Ethan's photos. Ethan thinks the article is horrible but only because Gwen will see it. Noah notices that Ethan is back to square onestuck between two women. Ethan admits he has no clue what to do about it.

Noah gives Ethan love advice. "End it," he says at first. Noah puts himself up as an example. He is still in love with Fancy and she doesn't want anything to do with him. On the other hand, Fox loves two women and both women love him back. Therefore he needs to make up his mind. Ethan knows this but it isn't that easy. He is happy with his life with Gwen and their child but all he can do is think about Theresa. He has been fighting his feelings for her. He loves her. Noah advises him to be honest and tell both women the truth. Ethan is afraid if he does that, he will lose Gwen. Ivy walks into the coffee house in time to hear this. After looking at the tabloid, she jumps to the conclusion that it is all Theresa's fault.

Ivy warns Ethan to stay away from Theresa. She rips out men's hearts. Besides, she won't let another son of hers ruin his life over the wrong woman. Of course, she is talking about Fox and Kay. She leaves after getting a phone call.

Ethan decides his mother is right. He can't leave his wife. Ethan doesn't want to keep anything from Gwen but he doesn't want to hurt her or Theresa. Noah suggests that he choose Theresa.

Jared's and Ethan's photos are begging Theresa to choose between them. Theresa decides that Jared's the man for him based on the fact that he's the only one truly available. Just then Jared phones her. He insists that she come meet him on the 3rd floor right away. Theresa goes to meet him wondering what else can go wrong.`

She asks Jared what's wrong. There's nothing wrong. It was Jared's way of getting her down to the gym. He has cleared the floor and set up a private yoga session for the two of them. He wants her to unwind.

Jared seduces Theresa with yoga and it works. Jared and Theresa are lying on the mat relaxed now that they have made love. Jared wants to continue pampering her. Theresa is grateful for everything Jared has done. He claims Theresa brings out the best in him. She responds by telling him she is falling for him too.


Luis gets tough on Fancy

Fancy has Luis down on the mat. She wants him to say uncle before she lets him up. He reluctantly gives in to her demand. Luis immediately turns the table on Fancy and throws her to the mat.

Luis is being a hard drill Sargent on his cadets. He has set up a virtual reality session complete with headset and equipment. This will allow them to experience what it is like to apprehend a perp.

Paloma is the first to try the gear as everyone watches the scene on a plasma screen. Paloma excels. Fancy is ready to take her turn but Luis wants her to run around the block five times first. Paloma calls Luis on his harsh treatment of Fancy. Luis claims he is tough on all his cadets. Paloma thinks he's just sexually frustrated. When Fancy comes back from her run, Luis allows her to suit up for the virtual reality session. However, her session is much, much harder than Paloma's. Fancy fails the session. She is virtually shot.


Fox walks in on Kay

Fox is on his way into the bedroom while Kay is struggling to get the sleeping Miguel out of her bed. When Fox walks in Kay is lying on the floor. She claims she fell when she heard Fox coming in. It's her faux illness. She's well enough to run and get him his belt and push in out the door.


Kay wants Miguel out of her bed

Miguel has finally come out of his sleep. Kay is angry at him for drinking too much and hanging out with Siren. Miguel doesn't understand why she should be so angry. She is angry because one minute he is declaring his love for her and the next minute his hands are all over Siren. She informs him that the wedding to Fox is on.

Kay and Fox share wedding details over the phone. Kay is at the bridal shop trying on gowns and Fox has just booked their honeymoon. The sales clerk shows Kay the ugliest wedding dress every sewn. Ivy proudly informs Kay that she picked out the dress just for her.

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