Choosing between two lovers

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Kay tries to hide Miguel from Fox, Theresa and Ethan are advised to make a choice, and Fancy shows Luis whose the boss.

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Paloma wants Luis to pick Fancy

Fox walks into the bedroom. Kay is looking guilty but there is no Miguel to be seen. Fox is ready for sex again! However, it might be a little crowded since Kay is hiding Miguel under the covers. Kay tries hard to push Fox out the room. She nearly succeeds until Fox hears Miguel snoring from under the covers.

Fox wants to know what was that noise. Kay lies and says it was her. She's coming down with something. The concerned Fox leaves to get her some medication. Kay tries to get Miguel out but Fox comes back with the medicine before she succeeds. She hides him under the cover again.

Fox is still trying to get a quickie with Kay. Lucky for her his phone rings and he is called back to the office. As Kay tries to get Miguel out of the room, he pulls her into a kiss. Fox is on his way back to get himself a belt.

At the police station, Fancy is complaining to Gwen about Luis. She thought he was speaking love to her but he was only dreaming about Sheridan once again. Fancy realizes that she's wasting her time on Luis. They will never be together.

Fancy finds it awkward talking about Luis to Gwen, Sheridan's best friend. Gwen is very understanding. She's been there herself, loving someone that doesn't love you back. She advises Fancy to just give Luis time. Fancy doesn't think it will help. Luis and Sheridan are Harmony's Romeo and Juliet. Even the stars say they are destined to be. Gwen encourages Fancy to try anyway. If she plays her cards right, maybe Fancy can beat the stars.

Gwen points out that Luis and Sheridan have been destined to almost be together. They have never lived happily ever after in their past lives. Fancy has a shot. Gwen learned to have patience through all the mess Theresa put her through. She thought she would lose her mind permanently. But now she believes Ethan is finally over Theresa. He is hers forever.

Fancy loves Luis so much. She gushes about how good he looked in his half naked state a few moments ago. Gwen's parting advice to Fancy is to go for it. With luck Fancy will have Luis in her bed forever.

Paloma is in the other room chiding Luis about how he is treating both Fancy and Sheridan. He needs to find Fancy and fix it with her. That's the only way he'll ever be happy. Luis is a big dumb ox. If he really cared about Sheridan, he would let her go. It's obvious that Sheridan chose Chris over Luis. Luis lets Paloma in on the fact that Sheridan is having second thoughts. She told him she still loved him. And even though she said she wouldn't divorce Chris, Luis can't let go. Paloma tells Luis to stop haunting Sheridan and let her go.

Luis bring the cadets into the station's gym. He tries to apologize to Fancy but she cuts him off. She wants to show him she's no girly girl. When he asks for a volunteer for a demonstration in judo, Fancy jumps at the opportunity. Implausibly, Fancy manages to turn the tables on Luis and throws him on the mat. Fancy has Luis under control. She won't let him up until he says uncle.

Theresa wants to know who appointed Whitney as her voice of doom. Whitney fulfills her job description and prophesies that things are going to end badly. Theresa can't keep both men on leashes. Theresa counters that it's Ethan's fault. He is pursuing her now. He wants to be with her. And last night he finally acted on his desire which makes her very confused. Whitney thinks it is a simple choice. Jared is the one she should be with.

Theresa wants Whitney to be more optimistic. Maybe Ethan finally seen the light. Whitney thought Theresa had finally saw the light and it was Jared not Ethan. Instead Theresa is looking for an excuse to make the pot boil over. She can't be happy with now that everything is going right. All she wants is drama. Theresa thinks fate is bringing her and Ethan together. Whiney thinks Theresa is just tempting fate with her actions.

Theresa is frustrated. She doesn't know why she didn't let Ethan tell Gwen. Ethan should have made his wedding vows to her not Gwen. History keeps repeating itself. Theresa needs to take charge for a change and move on with Jared. Jared walks in at this moment . He assures Theresa he is there for her. Life is great. Whitney can't take hearing Jared's delusions and lets herself out to look for Chad.

Jared shows Theresa the newspaper. There are photos of Theresa between Ethan and Jared. He complains that the press is playing up the personal battle instead of the legal one. He leaves Kay looking at the photos. The photos start begging her to choose between the two men.


Chad gives advice

Ethan and Jared are laying on the floor unconscious. Chad goes to dial 911 when both men start to come to. They want to continue their fight but Chad steps in to stop them. Chad orders Jared back to work. He outranks him. Jared reluctantly leaves but not before Ethan takes another dig at Jared. As soon as they're alone, Chad lays into Ethan.

Ethan wants to know why Chad is mad at him. Chad tells him to get over himself. He doesn't understand why Ethan is overreacting to Jared unless Ethan is jealous of Jared and Theresa. Ethan thinks the idea of Jared and Theresa as a couple is a joke especially since he's been sleeping with Theresa. He's sure that Chad wouldn't understand how he could cheat on his wife with Theresa. Little does he know that Chad understands very well since he is cheating on Whitney. Chad still advises Ethan to make up his mind who he really wants.

Ethan knows he's losing control. He really loves Gwen and their child but he wants Theresa too. Chad shares that he's been in the same situation himself. He knows what it's like to be in love with one woman and want another woman on the side. Of course, Whitney walks in at that precise moment. She wants to know if Chad has been unfaithful to her.

Chad lies and uses the old "I was talking about a friend" excuse. Whitney accepts his explanation. However, she goes off on Ethan for cheating with her friend. She tells him it has to stop. This time Gwen walks in on the tail end of a conversation. She wants to know what has to stop.

Whitney answers it's the tension between everyone that has to stop. Gwen is glad that at least the four of them have a rock solid romantic relationship. Chad and Whitney leave the couple in their delusions. Unfortunately Gwen and Whitney both mistakenly believe that everything is perfect with them and their men.

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