Everyone's Living in a Dream World

Friday, September 15th, 2006

Miguel, Luis, Ethan and Chad dream of love, Fancy realizes dreams don't come true, and Theresa wants two men.

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Kay wants Miguel to wake up.

Kay wakes up thinking about Miguel. She wants to spend the rest of her life with him, starting right now. She drops her robe and climbs into bed and tells Miguel to make love to her.

Fox is alone in his bed. He wakes up and realizes Kay isn't there. He flashes back to Kay and Miguel kissing for the millionth time. Fox threatens to kill Kay and Miguel if they're together. Kay walks in with a breakfast tray. Once again she assures Fox that he is the man she loves. She asks if anything has happened to make him doubt her love. Fox tells her everyone has doubts. Just then Fox morphs into Miguel right before Kay's eyes. It's just a mirage but it startles her.

Kay and Fox talk after making love. He still isn't sure of Kay's love. Kay's thoughts are all about Miguel but she finally convinces Fox everything is alright between them. He goes to take a shower. As soon as he leaves, Miguel comes into the bedroom and slips bed in next to Kay.

Miguel is making love to Kay in his dream, a dream he can't wake up from because of some pills he took. Kay realizes what's happened and desperately tries to wake him up before Fox comes back from his shower.

Fox walks into the bedroom. Kay looks worried.


Luis needs to wake up

Fancy walks into the police station. She immediately starts complaining of an upset stomach to Paloma. Paloma thinks Luis is the source of her ailment. Fancy says she's over Luis.

In the back room of the station, Luis is still asleep, dreaming. Sheridan walks into his dream and tells him what he wants to hearthat Chris is boring and a klutz in bed and she's even growing tired of his baby. She wants to get back with Luis. Suddenly dream Sheridan tells Luis she can't do it. She's not going to divorce Chris. Luis informs her that it's his dreams. He makes the rules. Sheridan says he can't make his dream come true. He has to accept that she has moved on and she pops out.

Paloma tells Fancy she just has to be patient. Luis realizes he messed up big time with her. Fancy doesn't think she has enough patience. Paloma insists that Luis is worth it.

Fancy goes into the back room to look for some forms. The form she finds is Luis sleeping on a cot. He is still dreaming of Sheridan. He willed her back into his dreams.

Fancy is doing a little fantasizing of her own. She wouldn't mind waking up to Luis' cute butt. Luis rolls over on her hand and traps her there. She overhears him talking in his dream. Luis tells Sheridan that no matter what, he will always love her. He doesn't want to lose her. At first, Fancy thinks he is talking about her until he says the name "Sheridan."

Fancy slaps Luis out of his dream and curses him for leading her on again. Luis apologizes and said it just a dream. Fancy tells him he lost his chance with both women and walks out of the back room into Gwen's comforting arms.


Whitney is dreaming.

Chad is lying in bed talking to an unseen mystery
woman. It is obvious that they had a tryst. Two wine glasses sit on the night stand. Chad tells the woman he regrets cheating on Whitney but what they have is too intense to not risk everything. There is a knock on the door. It's Whitney. She blasts him. She wants to know where the woman he's been cheating on her with is.

Whitney lets Chad know that the truth always comes out. Chad tries to apologize to her and explain how it happened. Whitney doesn't want a play by play of his infidelity. The next moment Whitney is waking Chad up. It was just a nightmare! But all Whitney's bad dreams went away when they found out they weren't siblings. Their dreams came true.


Ethan lets his fist talk for him

Ethan and Theresa are in bed together. They just made love. No, it's just a dream. He's really in bed next to Gwen.

Theresa is in her office thinking about Ethan making love to her. She says to herself that it was an amazing night with the man she loves. Jared walks in just in time to overhear her last statement. He immediately assume Theresa is speaking of him.

Jared hands Theresa a bouquet of flowers. It's a thank you for how she handled Ethan the night before. He saw how Ethan can still push her buttons. Theresa says "you have no idea" how right he is. Jared notices that Theresa is a little off this morning. He asks if what he overheard was about him or Ethan. She avoids the question and says everything is okay. Jared leaves after a quick kiss. Theresa rings up Whitney right away. She needs to some girl talk.

Chad and Whitney show up at Crane's. Whitney goes in to see Theresa while Chad and Jared talk. Jared tells Chad he can see himself marrying Theresa. At the same time, Theresa is telling Whitney that Ethan and her made love three times last night! The problem is that Ethan wants to tell Gwen but Theresa isn't ready for that. All she knows is that she always wanted Ethan. However, just in case Ethan isn't ready to leave Gwen, she's keeping Jared on stand-by.

Whiney points out that Theresa is asking for trouble. She could lose both men. Jared walks in while she is talking and overhears Ethan's name. He wants to know what Ethan did to her? If you only knew, Jared.

Theresa glosses over it by saying Jared caught Ethan spying on Crane. Chad defends his friend. Jared decides he will pay a little visit on Ethan and deliver his message in person.

Jared comes into Ethan's office and starts talking about how Theresa trust him to take care of all her needs. And he takes care of them, day or night, at work, at play and in the bed. Ethan, of course, knows that's a joke but he won't say anything except to order Jared to get out of his office.

Jared refuses to leave until Ethan signs off on the papers he brought. Ethan refuses to sign anything until Jared leaves. They both won't budge so Ethan socks him and knocks Jared to the floor. Jared gets up and starts punching back. The men hit the desk and are both knocked unconscious.

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Paloma advises Luis, Gwen advises Fancy and Whitney prophesies doom for Theresa and the men she loves.

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