Emotional Baggage

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Kay sees green on the dance floor, Fancy and Noah try the friendship thing, and Ethan lies his way out of a compromising spot.

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Miguel dances around the truth

Miguel and Siren are dancing with no space between them. Fox brings Kay over to witness them. Kay believes Miguel must be a fickle jerk to tell her he loves her and then dance like that with Siren the next minute. Fox couldn't be happier. Kay is still under the delusion that Fox didn't see her and Miguel kissing. Fox vows to himself that he will make them both pay for cheating on him. Ivy thinks it's wonderful that Kay is dancing with Fox because then Miguel will get jealous and break up the coming wedding.

Miguel and Siren are the center of attention on the dance floor. Siren reminds him of her blackmail chip. And leaves to get some drinks. Fox leaves the floor too. Kay and Miguel are alone on the dance floor. Kay takes the opportunity to trash his trashy dance partner and question how he could claim he loved her and dance like that with Siren. Was it just a lie? Miguel knows that if he tells Kay the truth, Siren will show Fox the photo of them kissing. He counters that he bared his soul to her and the next thing she did was lock lips with Fox. Kay thinks he is just trying to make her jealous. Miguel wants to know if it worked. Kay changes the subject to Charity. Siren interrupts the argument between Kay and Miguel.

Kay tells herself that she's done playing games with Miguel. She's calling his bluff. Kay has an announcement to make. She wants everyone to know that the wedding has been moved up to next week.

Noah wonders why Miguel is dancing so close with Siren after admitting he was still in love with Kay. Noah thinks Miguel's dancing is just a cover for being hurt by love. Sam says he ought to know since he's been covering up his hurt from being dumped by Fancy by going out with every woman he can. Noah thinks he has the right to do that since he's young and single and his father can stop the "Father knows Best" routine. Sam leaves just before Fancy shows up.

Fancy is mad at all men including Noah. Noah figures she's really just mad at Luis. She admits that that the jerk, Luis, led her on. Fancy wants to drown her troubles in martinis. Noah cuts off her supply. Fancy's not ready to stop and Noah doesn't have the right to stop her. Noah says it's his job as a bartender and his duty as her friend. Fancy doesn't consider him a friend after all they've been through. Noah wants to be friends. Fancy reluctantly agrees to try if Noah promises to be open and honest with the next woman to come into his life. If he isn't he will lose out on what could be the real thing. Noah promises but he doesn't believe Fancy can be honest. She's not being honest about being over Luis.


Paloma gives Luis advice

Too late Luis figures he needs to shower to get the smell of Sheridan's perfume off him. He walks into the station where Roberto and Paloma are doing a little research. Luis is in a bad mood. He orders Roberto out of the station. Paloma stands up to Luis. Roberto leaves. Boy, that perfume must be really loud. Even Paloma can smell it.

Paloma wants to get a few things straight with Luis about Roberto. Luis lets her know it's not Roberto that's making him mad. It's the fact that he's not a cadet and he's helping Paloma with police business. Paloma wants to know about the perfume. Somehow she figures out it must not be Fancy's because Luis is acting so angry. Luis confesses he is in trouble with Fancy, big trouble.

Paloma recites the whole Lopez-Fitzgerald history of loving unavailable people. It started with their papa and mama. Now Theresa, Miguel and Luis are carrying the same emotional baggage. Luis rationalizes that it's okay because he loves Sheridan. Paloma exclaims that love is not enough and happy endings will never come for them.

Luis blames his mood on Fancy because she caught him lying to himself about Sheridan. Paloma doesn't understand why he would get mad at Fancy for telling him the truth. He says what really made him angry was that she accused their entire family of being emotional cripples. Paloma agrees with Fancy.

Luis wants to be happy. Paloma asks what's stopping him. Fancy's raves about him all the time. Luis is not sure he can convince her to try again but he is willing to try and move on. However, it won't work with Fancy because of the "no fraternizing with cadets in training" rule and rules are rules. Paloma thinks that's okay except when it comes to love. Love trumps rules.

Ethan and Theresa are arguing about coming clean to Gwen and Jared. Ethan wants Gwen to know that he just made love to Theresa. Theresa doesn't want Jared to know since Ethan still wants to give his marriage to Gwen a chance. Jared and Gwen finally unlock the door to Chris' office and walk in on Ethan alone. Theresa is the one that went out on the ledge. Jared wants to know what Ethan is doing there. Ethan lies and says he was dropping off some papers. Jared asks him why is he in Chris' office then. Ethan lies and says because he wanted to go over the figures with Chris since Chris is new. Jared doesn't believe him. Ethan doesn't care. Jared wants to know why the door was locked then. Ethan said he didn't lock it. It must have locked by itself. Gwen mentions she heard voices. Jared wants to know who he was talking to. Ethan makes up a lie after seeing Theresa's desperate face out the window. He tells them it was Stuart on the speaker phone.

Gwen and Jared accuse Ethan of looking out the window. He says he thought he saw some lightening. Gwen opens the window to be sure. She sees lightening off in the distance but no Theresa. Ethan looks out the window too, worried about what happened to Theresa. She's disappeared. Gwen can't figure out what's wrong with Ethan. He's acting so strange. He claims he thought he saw somebody getting mugged outside. Before he can go check, Jared is on the phone to security to look for victims. To Ethan's relief, Theresa walks in. She immediately goes on the offensive, asking why are they there at such a late hour.

Jared said they were looking for her and they found Ethan inside Chris' office doing God knows what. Theresa knows what. Gwen wonders where she was. Theresa said she was in the day care making arrangements for little Ethan, something Gwen should do for Jane.

Jared thinks Ethan was there as a spy. Theresa says he may not be a spy but he is definitely a traitor. And if he could betray her, she tells Gwen, he certainly can betray his wife. Gwen can't believe Theresa is attacking Ethan. It makes her heart glad. Theresa orders them out of Crane's.

Jared is so proud of Theresa for standing up to Ethan. He thought her and Ethan were in the office getting busy. He assures Theresa that he's convinced that wasn't the case now.

Gwen tells Ethan that she knows he was there to nail Theresa. Ethan almost chokes until he realizes Gwen was talking about a different kind of nailing than the one he actually did.

Jared is proud of Theresa. For him, the night was a turning point for her. And he's falling for her big time. Gwen thinks it was a turning point for Ethan too but the look that Ethan and Theresa give each other as they hug their different partners says something different

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