Going to the Dark Side

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Kay and Tabitha prepare to be evil, Luis and Sheridan begin their search, Ethan worries about Alistair and Theresa looks for her son.

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Kay and Tabitha go over the ransom letter the dark side sent to them which says, "If you ever want to see your loved ones again then you must both become bad witches", instructing them to cause as much pain as possible. Kay doesn't think she can ruin anyone's life, but Tabitha thinks the young witch has a knack for it. Kay thinks there must be another way, but Tabitha tells her if they don't obey the dark side they will never see Miguel or Endora again. Tabitha says it's not so bad being evil, "Causing massive pain and destruction can be quite fun sometimes." Tabitha vows to do anything to get Endora back and chooses her first victim. She conjures up NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray because the dark side will give them extra points for bringing them a real live daredevil. Obviously confused, the racecar driver wants to know what he's doing there. Tabitha just rubs her hands together preparing to send Jamie to the dark side, but Kay stops her saying he's Endora's favorite driver. When Jamie again questions what he's doing there Tabitha makes something up about the evils of drinking and driving and he responds that he's only had soda. Tabitha reluctantly zaps him back where he came from. Kay doesn't think she'll be able to cause pain on purpose, but Tabitha is prepared to sacrifice the whole Eastern Seaboard if it means Endora will come back to her. Tabitha suggests starting off with something easy like pushing someone under a bus, when there's a knock on the door. Tabitha opens the door to Sam who gently breaks to his daughter that Fox has died. Kay cries as she asks her father what happened and he tells her that Fox was murdered. The women are shocked by this announcement and Sam consoles his daughter. "I know we weren't together anymore, but he was my husband and I loved him," Kay cries. The women recount how great Fox was with Maria and Endora and ask for details on the crime. Kay asks if Fox felt any pain and Sam tells her he hopes not. Sam then asks his daughter where she was earlier that night. Kay angrily asks, "You think I did it Dad? You think I killed Fox?" She accuses him of coming over as a policeman instead of her father. He tells her he came over so he could help her clear her name and move on. Sam talks about how Fox deceived her and that the murderer is usually someone the victim knows. He then asks to speak with Miguel. Kay nervously tells Sam Miguel isn't there right now, but Sam adamantly states that he needs to talk with him. Kay insists Miguel didn't kill anyone, and Sam wants to know how she can be so sure. Kay just tells him Miguel didn't do it and that she doesn't know where he is. Sam starts to leave to find him and Tabitha tells him she may know where he is. Tabitha tells the police chief that she doesn't know his exact location, but did hear him mutter something on his way out. She tells Sam that Miguel seemed upset and said something about Fox. Kay insists that's not true, but Tabitha sticks to her story and says one minute he was here and the next "Poof! He was gone." Kay tells her father Tabitha doesn't know what she's talking about, but Sam tells her based on Tabitha's story Miguel is his number one suspect. Sam then says he'll put out an APB on Miguel to bring him in for questioning. "Good luck with that," Kay retorts. After Sam leaves, Kay demands to know why Tabitha would implicate Miguel and Tabitha tells her she did it because the dark side demands they be evil. She reminds Kay they have to be bad or else Miguel will have bigger problems than just being wanted for a murder he didn't commit.

Still in Fancy's room, Pretty tells her sister she only has her best interests at heart when she warns her about their Aunt Sheridan. She then asks where Luis could be right now trying to create doubt in Fancy's mind. Fancy decides to go and find Luis, playing right into Pretty's hands. Alistair enters applauding her performance saying how pleased he is with the seeds of doubt Pretty planted. Pretty basks in his praise, but Alistair secretly thinks how stupid his granddaughter really is.


Downstairs in the kitchen, Sheridan thanks Luis for vowing to help her find Marty. He reassures her that nothing is more important than finding their son. Luis suggests calling Sam, but Sheridan says they'll never find him if he gets Sam involved. Their conversation turns to how Luis doubted her before and how she lost Marty and she won't let that happened again by letting other people get in the way. Luis wants to tell Fancy, but Sheridan thinks it's a bad idea considering Fancy is Alistair's favorite and will be able to get info out of her. Luis starts to agree and tells Sheridan he won't tell anyone. "Our search for Marty will be our little secret," he tells her. Sheridan hugs Luis as Fancy walks in and sees them. Fancy interrupts them and Sheridan reminds Luis not to tell her niece anything. Fancy asks to speak with Luis alone and Sheridan says they'll talk later. Fancy asks what that's about and Sheridan says they were just commiserating over lost relatives, but Fancy doesn't believe her. Sheridan says Luis gave her good advice, but Fancy tells her to get a therapist. Before Luis leaves with Fancy he goes to the computer to start a program that will search for his son. As Luis starts to leave with Fancy, she apologizes for slapping him and he makes a joke, saying it wasn't the first time. They profess their love and kiss, as Sheridan rolls her eyes. Fancy suggests going upstairs which is an idea Luis clearly likes. Sheridan says to herself. "Enjoy him while you can because as soon as Luis finds our son he will forget your name," She goes to the computer hoping to find results from the search. All of a sudden Sheridan yells out, "Oh my God! I cant' believe it. I have to tell Luis."


Upstairs, Luis and Fancy make out by her door and then go inside her room. Pretty runs up to the door and frets that her plan to tear them apart isn't working. Alistair tells her to use more finesse and that she needs to practice patience. As Luis and Fancy continue to get intimate in Fancy's bedroom, Pretty tells Alistair something needs to happen to stop them. Alistair tells her to wait for it, and just then Luis' phone rings. It's Sheridan telling him she has a lead on Marty. She tells him to come back to the kitchen, but he says he's in the middle of something. Sheridan reminds him he promised that nothing would get in his way of finding her son. Luis tells Fancy he has to go to work and Fancy wants to come with him incase there's news on Fox. Luis tells her he's working on something else, but can't say anymore when Fancy presses him for info. Alistair and Pretty hide behind the wall when Luis leaves the room and Alistair tells his granddaughter that his plan is working perfectly. Fancy finds Luis' s phone and rushes after him, but he's already gone. She checks out his phone records and sees that his last call came from Sheridan. Alistair and Pretty revel in how angry Fancy sounds and Alistair tells Pretty he must go to find his wife, because Theresa left him and "No one ever leaves me. She has to be punished."

When Luis returns to the kitchen, Sheridan throws her arms around him and tells him she found Marty.


Still shirtless and in a hospital bed, Ethan questions Gwen about the health of their son, but Gwen assures him the boy is fine. He then asks why she didn't tell him about the baby in the first place. She tries to explain that she didn't believe she was pregnant at first and then thought Ethan would think she was trying to trap him. After he made it clear to her that he was moving on with Theresa she didn't want Theresa to think it was all a game and destroy her happiness over being pregnant. Ethan tells her she's given him a great gift and Gwen tells him their boy is miracle and asks him not to hate her for trying to protect him. Ethan tells her he didn't think anything could make him as happy as marrying Theresa until he found out about this son. He continues to say that hearing Theresa tell him he had a son while he was unconscious made him want to fight to live. The conversation turns to Alistair and Gwen says now that he's back it changes everything telling Ethan that with Alistair, Theresa's dead husband still being alive, "I'm not her husband," Ethan finishes. Gwen worries that Ethan could be in danger as Alistair is obsessed with his possessions and thinks of Theresa as one. Ethan is concerned about Alistair finding out he and Theresa got married, but Gwen tells him the elder Crane already knows. Ethan then grows panicked about Theresa's safety and wants to warn her. Gwen stops him from getting out of bed telling him she just talked to Theresa and she's fine. Ethan continues to worry that Alistair will hurt Theresa and reminds Gwen that Alistair raped her when they were married. He thinks that Alistair will find something to hold over Theresa to torture her with and Gwen thinks, "From your lips to God's ears." Ethan explains how Alistair will fight for Theresa even though he doesn't even want or love her. Ethan vows that he won't win this time and that he will make sure Alistair divorces Theresa. Gwen offers her help in making that happen and Ethan thanks her for her support marveling over how she's changed. However, Gwen thinks to herself that by teaming up with Alistair she'll make sure Ethan and Theresa are never happy together.

Out in the corridor, Theresa panics and calls hospital security when Pilar tells her Alistair has picked up Little E. She tells them her son has been kidnapped and wants the hospital locked down-no one comes in or out. Theresa blames herself for not warning people to look out for Alistair and wonders why he would be interested in Little Ethan. Theresa and Pilar run off to search for him again, but turn nothing up. Theresa comes back to the hallway and looks into Ethan's room to see him and Gwen in a close moment. Pilar tells her daughter she needs to tell him the truth now or else she will lose him. Theresa says she can't ell him because it will jeopardize his recovery and that she will be able to find her son on her own. After another search around the hospital, Pilar tells Theresa she has news about Little E. Pilar tells Theresa that her son is back safe and sound, as Alistair picked him up, gave him a present and Little E returned safely. Theresa starts to panic and wonders why Alistair would give her son a present and what he's really up to.

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