What's love got to do with it?

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Fox pressures Kay to elope while Ivy plots to stop the wedding, Fancy finally realizes it's all over with Luis, and Jared, Gwen, Theresa and Ethan make discoveries of their own.

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Fox wonders if Kay has second thoughts.

Sam is frantically looking in the refrigerator for Tabitha' special stew. It's the one that acts like viagra and an aphrodisiac rolled into one.

Kay and Fox are lying in bed, basking in the after glow of sex. Kay tries to reassure Fox of her love and devotion but Fox can't get the sight of Kay with Miguel out of his head. Fox is still pressuring Kay to elope that night. Kay doesn't want to disrupt all their wedding plans or disappoint their parents. Fox thinks Kay may be having second thoughts. She tells him she isn't. She just wants everything to be perfect. But in her mind she is thinking about Miguel's words of love.

Ivy and Sam can't find the stew. They decide they don't need it. They'll try it the old fashion way. Unfortunately they are interrupted by Fox and Kay looking for a late night snack. They tell their parents the date for the wedding has been moved up. Both Sam and Ivy agree that eloping isn't a good idea. Ivy especially wants to use the time to break up the wedding for good but she's afraid that if the two are left alone they will run off anyway. She suggests that the four of them all go dancing now. Sam is reluctant because he still has ideas of making magic with Ivy without the stew but Ivy convinces all of them that dancing is the ticket for the night.

While Sam and Fox are getting into their dancing clothes, Kay tells Ivy to butt out or she will tell her dad about the tricks Ivy used to break up his first marriage. Mentally, Ivy decides the Miguel is the key to break up the wedding.

Miguel dares Siren to show the photo of him kissing Kay to Fox. He wants them to break up. Siren says Fox will beat Miguel up once he sees the photo. Miguel doesn't care. If Siren shows Fox the photo, it will stop the wedding and it won't be his fault. Siren goes to show Fox the photo even though she knows Fox will explode. Miguel realizes that if Fox explodes, Kay will also feel the brunt of Fox's anger so it races after Siren to stop her.

Siren says the deal is make love to her or she will show Fox the photo. Miguel refuses to make love to her because he is still in love with Kay. Siren wants to know what's love got to do with it. She just wants sex with him. Siren can't make Miguel make sex with her so she orders him to take her dancing while she decides whether she will show the photo or not.

At the Blue Note Siren is tries to get Miguel drunk so he will have sex with her. Miguel goes to the bar to get them some drinks and talks to Noah behind the bar. Noah thinks Siren is hot. Miguel thinks she's not. Noah figures out Miguel must have someone else on his heart then and it must be Kay. Miguel can't deny it.

Noah advises Miguel to fight for Kay. Miguel flips it and asks Noah about Fancy. Noah says it would never have worked out and drops the conversation.

Sam, Ivy, Fox and Kay arrive at the Blue Note. Kay and Fox discuss their wedding plans. This kind of talk makes Ivy ill.

Siren wants Miguel to teach her to dance. She is determined to have him before the night is over.

While Sam talks to Noah at the bar, Fox is still trying to get Kay to elope.

Siren and Miguel are heating up the dance floor. Fox sees the two and decides Kay should see them too. She is not too pleased at the sight.

Fancy confronts Luis. She wants to know why he seems to be wearing Sheridan's perfume. Luis claims that he and Sheridan were just talking but that doesn't explain to Fancy why she can smell Sheridan's perfume all over him. They must have made love. Luis denies it but he can't deny that they kissed. Fancy knows now then that Luis is not over Sheridan. Luis says he's trying to get over her but it's complicated. To Fancy, it's very simple. Either he loves Sheridan or he doesn't. And if he does, what was he doing with Fancy?

Luis really likes Fancy. He assures her it wasn't his intent to play her. Fancy just knows that she doesn't want to be second choice. Luis rationalizes that they can't date anyway because of the cadet rules. Fancy believes that rule is a good thing because dating Luis would only suck her in more. It would only head her toward getting her heart broken.

Fancy thinks she must have a moron switch or maybe she's just too trusting. She keeps making the same mistake with men. First it was Noah and now it's Luis. She also figures that wanting someone that belongs to another runs in Luis' family. Luis and Theresa are two of a kind. As far as Fancy is concerned Luis is a married man because in his heart he is so much in love with Sheridan that he is unavailable to anyone else. Fancy doesn't blame Luis for the state of things. She's not mad either. She just wished he hadn't given her mixed signals. He tells her he didn't mean to. She realizes that Sheridan didn't mean it either when she told her it was okay for her to date Luis. Fancy knows that telling Luis this gives him hope. Fancy decides it's time to say goodbye to loving Luis and leaves.


Ethan is tired of the lies.

Theresa and Ethan are making love on Chris' desk. Gwen and Jared are still clueless about their whereabouts. Jared has the correct security code this time to open the doors to Chris' office. He enters the code and turns the door latch. The code doesn't work again. Jared realizes they must have changed it again and goes back to his office for the updated ones. Gwen stands guard outside the door. She can hear someone in there and she is afraid it is her husband with Theresa.

Gwen and Jared try knocking on the door. Theresa and Ethan are so busy they don't hear them at first. After they hear their names called out, the cheating couple realizes they are about to found out.

Gwen is very suspicious about the locked office. Jared isn't. Gwen wants to see what's going on in there. Jared doesn't.

Theresa and Ethan are hurrying to get dressed. Ethan decides he's sick of hiding and lying. Theresa wants to know if this means he's ready to leave Gwen for her. That's not what Ethan meant. Even though they just made love, he still plans on staying with Gwen if she doesn't leave him. If that's the case, then Theresa doesn't want Jared to find out what they were doing in the office. She wants Ethan to hide, anywhere, on the ledge, whatever, just hide. Ethan stands his ground. He is not hiding anymore.

Ethan wants to know why she just made love to him if she wants Jared. Theresa answers him that it was because she thought he was going to leave Gwen but since that isn't the case. . .

Jared opens the door finally. He and Gwen walk in. Gwen exclaims.

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