Passions is Back with a Vengeance!

Monday, September 17th, 2007

Fox dies, Ethan meets his new son, Alistair continues his manipulation of Fancy and Sheridan demands answers from Spike.

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Kay and Tabitha open the locked door with their powers to try and find Miguel and Endora. Tabitha and Kay go to the basement, even though it's against the rules for Kay to be there. "Screw the rules!" Kay says. Sadly the little witch and hunky Latino are nowhere to be found. Kay and Tabitha go back upstairs to figure out how to find their loved ones and Tabitha summons up a martini so she can think. Tabitha suggests using Voogle, the dark side of Google, to search the earth, other galaxies and universes for Endora. Worried the dark forces will throw up firewalls, Kay suggests they hack through it. Searching Voogle, Tabitha comes up empty handed. Kay suggests locating Endora by using a mother's love for her daughter. Tabitha calls out to Endora hoping her daughter will pick up on it and respond back. After that' s a bust, Kay tries to do the same to locate Miguel. Another dead end! Tabitha and Kay curse the dark side boys and Tabitha goes back to Voogle to track Endora down. Sadly the witch-tracking device turns up no hits on Endora's whereabouts. The two witches prepare themselves for the worst, thinking they've lost Miguel and Endora forever.

Fox and Esme are cozy in bed not realizing a gun is pointing at them. Fox tells Esme, "What we have feels right. I thought Kay was the one, but I was wrong. It's you." Fox gets up to prepare a toast when the gun goes off. Fox has been hit! Esme screams for help while Fox lies bleeding on the floor. As Esme pleads for Fox not to die, Julian enters the room and Esme explains what happened. Julian realizes that Fox isn't dead, but his pulse if very faint. Esme calls 911 while Julian tells his son he can't lose him. "Please don't die. You're my heir. My son. I love you," Julian tells Fox. As Esme tells 911 to hurry, Julian tells her there's no rush, "Fox is dead." Julian and Esme sit by Fox's lifeless body and discuss the man they loved. Julian says, "It's not right for a parent to lose a child like this," remarking how proud he was to be Fox's father. Esme tells him she was happier than she'd ever been with Fox. Julian questions her about the gun, but all Esme recalls is the actual shot and doesn't know where it came from. "Thank god Viki was asleep. She loved Fox too," Esme tells Julian. Julian questions her about who Viki is and she gives him the backstory. Julian tells her they can stay at the mansion, as it was what Fox wanted. Viki comes to Esme's side at Fox's body and blows him a kiss and waves goodbye to his body. Julian and Esme say their goodbyes to Fox, as Julian wonders how and why this happened. He asks Viki if she loved Fox too and Viki sadly nods her head.


Meanwhile, Spike shows Sheridan the calendar on the wall in the video proving Marty is alive. "For once you tell the truth," Sheridan remarks. Sheridan looks at the live feed of her son, "You're really alive," she cries. "I'm gonna go find your daddy and he's gonna help me find you and the three of us are going to be a family. No more Fancy," Sheridan tells the image of her son. Spike tries to make a hasty retreat, but Sheridan pulls a gun on him. "I told you, I do not know where Alistair has your kid," Spike says. Sheridan doesn't believe him and demands he tell her the truth or else she'll kill him. Spike continues to deny he knows where Marty is. "The only person that knows is Alistair," Spike tells her. As Spike turns to leave, Sheridan fires the gun, but misses. "I am not a lousy shot. I just want you to know I mean business," she tells him. Spike thinks to himself, "I think I just wet myself." After awhile, Sheridan finally believes that Spike doesn't know anything and tells him she will go straight to Alistair for answers. Spike tells her it'll be suicide if she does, but she says she'll kill her father first. "I am going to find Marty. My father will not live to see sunrise," Sheridan tells Spike. Spike tries to talk her down, and Sheridan questions why he cares. He tells her she's really hot and maybe there's a chance for them if Luis rejects her enough. "I'd rather make love to a chain saw," she replies. They go back and forth on the issue of her going to Alistair and Sheridan finally sees Spike's logic. Sheridan thinks Luis will be able to get the info out of Alistair himself. Spike isn't so sure and reminds her that Luis is with Fancy now and might not want to leave his new love to help Sheridan. Sheridan thinks she has the power to sway him back to her. "I will get back everything Father and Fancy cost me," she exclaims. Sheridan believes that Luis will drop everything to help find their son, which will lead to them getting back together. Citing their past lives, she thinks their history and passion will win out. Spike just thinks she's crazy.

As for Fancy, Pretty accuses Alistair of killing her sister as Fancy doubles over in pain. While Fancy's nose bleeds uncontrollably, Luis calls 911, but Fancy passes out first. Alistair worries if Luis gets Fancy help, it'll reveal the implant. He tells Pretty to stop Luis from calling 911 and gives her a two-way transmitter so they can communicate. Luis goes to call for help when Pretty walks in. He hands the phone to her to make the call. "Thank god I got here in time," she remarks. "I'll say," Alistair concurs, watching from the monitor. Pretty fakes being put on hold with 911 and Fancy wakes up. Pretty hangs up and Luis questions why she would do that. "She says she feels fine," Pretty replies. Luis still wants to take Fancy to the hospital, but Alistair talks to Pretty through the device and tells her to make sure that doesn't happen. If she can't stop him, then Alistair thinks out loud to himself, "I will kill Fancy and Luis himself." Luis still wants to take Fancy to the hospital, but Pretty talks him out of it and Fancy agrees. As Fancy lies in bed, Pretty tells her sister she's worried about her. Fancy tells Pretty she's happy things are finally getting back to normal between the two of them, as Alistair manipulates the transmitter in Fancy's head. Pretty goes back to Alistair and tells him to stop messing with Fancy. Alistair says he wants to secure Fancy's place in the family or see her in the mausoleum. Luis asks Fancy if she's sure she doesn't want to go to the hospital. Fancy says she's fine and covers up the fact that her nose is still bleeding.


At the hospital, Theresa tells Ethan he has a son. As Pilar goes to get Little Ethan, Theresa and Ethan discuss how happily they'll finally be able to live. Before Pilar can get to the room, Gwen comes in with her and Ethan's son! Ethan holds the baby in disbelief, as Theresa looks mortified. Theresa is stunned considering Gwen is supposed to be barren. Pilar walks in without Little E and Ethan mistakeningly thanks her for being so magnanimous in helping with the surprise. Ethan questions Gwen's ability to have kids and Gwen explains she thought she was just missing her period from stress, but in actuality she was in her second trimester. "This beautiful little boy is our flesh and blood," Gwen tells him. "It's a miracle. I couldn't' be happier right now," Ethan exclaims, as Theresa looks on distraught. Ethan asks a million questions and Gwen tells him she had her reasons for not telling him he had a son. When Pilar asks how she could keep Ethan from his child, Gwen replies," Theresa understands, don't you?" Gwen finally admits she didn't tell Ethan because she didn't want him to think it was a last ditch effort to get him back. Theresa continues to look on in disbelief while Gwen lays it on thick with Ethan. "Having a son changes everything," Ethan says. "I feel the same way," Gwen replies. Ethan reassures Gwen that he understands why she kept his son a secret from him, as the parents marvel over the little guy. Pilar urges Theresa to tell Ethan about their own son together, "Or you will live to regret it." Theresa says she can't do that because it's been too long since she's found out and worries that Ethan won't forgive her.

Next on Passions:

Julian tells Ivy Fox is dead.

Theresa says she will tell Ethan they have a son.

A stunned Esme asks Sam if he thinks she killed Fox.

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