Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy.

Monday, August 7th, 2006

Siren learns how to attract a man, Jared and Theresa share a kiss, and Sheridan tells Luis to move on without her.

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In the kitchen, Siren and Tabitha discuss how Siren wants to steal Miguel and Fox from Kay's grasp! Tabitha tells Siren that she thinks she's being selfish, wanting both men. Miguel walks into the kitchen, and asks where Kay is, but Siren isn't interested in Kay, and starts to seduce him. Siren is shocked when it doesn't work, and a disinterested Miguel tells her that he has to go.

Tabitha tells Siren that she's going about things all wrong, that men love to chase girls, until they get them, and they enjoy the chase. She gives her the idea to become a 'damsel in distress', in order to get her man. Siren happily accepts the older woman's advice, and runs off! Endora tells her mother, "Way to go," as she's happy that she just helped Siren go after Miguel. Tabitha consults her cauldron, watching Fox and Kay talk. She thinks that Miguel and Kay may never be able to be together again, because of Siren's magic.

Making her way to her bedroom, Kay thinks to herself that the mermaid's curse is not real, and how she doesn't believe in it. When she gets in her room, Fox is there, asking for forgiveness. He tells Kay that he has no idea how he ended up in bed with Siren. She forgives him, asking that they focus on each other and pretend it didn't happen. Fox tells Kay that he's starting to believe in the power of magic. The couple discusses Kay's accident and how true love is more powerful than magic. They start kissing, as Miguel shows up at the door, but is ignored, by Kay and Fox. Maria cries out, and Kay leaves to give her a bottle.

Outside, Chad is playing basketball when Ethan shows up. Ethan explains how he's getting little Ethan's teddy bear for him, at Pilar's house. He starts asking a lot of questions about Theresa's new friend, but denies having feelings for her. Chad tells Ethan that it's his opinion that the two are still hung up on each other, but Ethan disagrees. Chad thinks it's best if Ethan moves on, instead of dangling a string in front of Theresa, just as she's moving on with Jared.

At the Crane Mansion, Theresa and Jared talk about his last love, 'Arabella' dying. She walks him to the door, telling him she has an early morning, and they both lean in for a kiss. Jared asks Theresa if she is trying to get over Ethan, and she admits that she has spent a lot of time following after Ethan, and is ready to move on. Jared tells her it's okay if she uses him to move on, and asks her out for tomorrow night. Theresa isn't sure she's available, but they agree that she will call if she's free. The couple kisses again, as Ethan walks up the path of the house. He spies on them kissing, but when Jared opens the door to leave, Ethan isn't there. Tess talks to herself, wondering what it is she likes in Jared, when she hears a knock on the door. Before she sees who is at the door, she hauls it open, asking, "Are you back for another kiss?" On the other side of the door stands Ethan. She apologizes, and asks why he is there, so he explains how little Ethan can't sleep without his teddy bear. Ethan says that he was just like him as a child, and finds it funny how he sees so much of himself in the boy, even though they're not blood related. Theresa feels guilty, and as she goes to find the teddy, she tells herself that she's doing the right thing by not telling Ethan the truth, about his paternity. As she is gone, Ethan stares at her and little Ethan's picture, and with the teddy in hand, he gets ready to leave. Ethan is curious about Jared. He wonders if the two are dating, but Theresa says although he is a nice guy, they've only just met. He asks if she had Crane security to do a background check on him, but she denies that she would do that to anyone. She feels she's usually a good judge of character, but says sometimes she is wrong. Ethan says that she misjudged him, but she cuts him off saying that she didn't misjudge his wife, and she gets upset, asking him to leave, so they can't argue any longer. Once alone, she stares at the door and sighs.

Sheridan rushes to the door, telling Luis that Chris is gone. They start looking all over the house, thinking he could not have gotten very far, as he was shot in the leg.

Chris is leaving through the gate, talking to himself about keeping his secret from Sheridan. He tells himself she can't see the papers and can't know that he had anything to do with her father. Luis and Sheridan find Chris in the garden, and that's not all they find. Sheridan points out something in the bushes. It looks like she is pointing to a piece of paper, with the Omega symbol on it, but she's pointing to the blood stain on the ground. Luis and Sheridan tell Chris that he's hurt and should be in bed, and while Luis scopes out the garden, he finds a gun. They wonder if it's the gun that shot Chris, so Luis agrees to take it to the station to see if there are prints still on it.

Later, Sheridan and Luis talk about how if she'd known he was alive she would never have married Chris, but she tells him that it's over between them, that she is married to Chris now. She gently lets him down, telling him that they're not together for a reason, but Luis is tortured, still. She encourages him to move on, and find happiness elsewhere. Luis isn't sure he can move on, and wishes she had never married Chris. Sheridan breaks down as she tells him that she has made a commitment to Chris. She tells him he deserves happiness, but it can't be with her. With this, he slowly departs the house, looking back at it one more time, while Sheridan looks back at him.

Later, Tabitha and Endora continue to discuss Fox, Siren, Miguel and Kay, as they watch them in the cauldron.

Siren lies on her bed crying, when Miguel walks in. She plays the damsel in distress, telling Miguel that she doesn't know why Kay was so mean to her. She says she doesn't understand how it happened, and because she forgave Fox she feels she should be forgiven, too. Miguel comforts her, they start to kiss, but Miguel puts her off. He tells her he needs his space, so Siren pulls out all the stops and starts singing her mermaid song. She keeps singing, not realizing that Miguel has a spell on him, and when she's singing out the window, Fox comes up behind her, surprising her!

Tabitha, who is watching Siren, in her room, in her cauldron, comments to Endora that Siren has messed things up for Kay, because she has both men after her now. Endora sends a spell over to Miguel, causing him to temporarily go deaf, and is giggling to herself, when Tabitha asks what she's up to.

On his way out, Jared sees Chad playing basketball, removes his shirt and gets in on the action. They play one game and take a break, as Chad grills Jared about his feelings for Theresa. He tells Chad he likes making her smile and the two start playing basketball again.

Miguel runs into the kitchen yelling, "I can't hear. I can't hear," as Kay is getting the bottle ready for Marie, and Tabitha looks on.

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