This is Our Son

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Endora is pulled into Hell, Fox and Esme get a shock, there's a surprise at Valerie's, Sheridan finds proof that her son is alive, Sam and Ivy kiss, Ethan wakes up to something he never expected.

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Kay and Tabitha struggle to free themselves from the grips of demons as an evil cat tries to lure Endora into the basement. Miguel comes downstairs and assumes that he's having another hallucination. Kay insists that this is all real and begs him to save the little witch before she's consumed by the flames of Hell. He's too confused to do anything useful. Finally, Kay casts a spell and gets the demons off. 'I think Miguel's onto us,' Tabitha sums up. She thanks Kay for saving them but, as soon as she has her daughter in her hands, fire starts to burst from the basement, throwing her down as new demons rush in and grab Endora away. Kay and Tabitha starts using their magic to battle the demons while explaining to Miguel that they are witches. 'That explains everything!' he says, relieved that he isn't go crazy. When he gets in the way of their magical beams, the demon runs down into the basement with Endora in his arms. Miguel runs after them, consumed in a fireball as the door slams shut. They've lost them both to the dark side! Thinking fast, they cast a spell to open the door. Tabitha hugs her friend goodbye before running into the basement. Kay follows her down and they discover that everything in the basement is gone including Endora and Miguel.


As Viki falls back to sleep, Esme tells Fox again how grateful she is to him for all of his help. It's only a pity that she's wasted so much of her life chasing after princes and counts when she should have been looking for a man like him. All the voices in her head are telling her that they could have a future together. He warns her that he doesn't have any money anymore. She doesn't mind; money can't buy what they could have together. Now that she has Viki to look after, she finds that she's growing up a lot. They start to kiss before she leads him away to his bedroom. As they sit on his bed, he confesses that, after Kay, he didn't know if he would ever see happiness again, but when he looks at her, he can imagine it again. As they kiss, we see a gun appear in the background by the french doors. After they make love, she tells him how amazing he is. 'What we have feels're the woman that I've dreamed about my whole life,' he says. After a kiss, he climbs out of bed to get more wine and a gunshot rings out. Looking over, she screams as she finds Fox on the floor with a gunshot through his chest.


Behind her door, Valerie begs for Vincent to stop. He hears his mother coming and decides to hide, warning that he'll kill her if she betrays him again. When Eve knocks on the door and enters, she's shocked to find that the place has been trashed. Valerie claims that someone broke in. Her life is looking even more grim now that Alistair is back, she remarks. Eve sadly shakes her head and tells her that Chad is dead. 'Not Chad! I loved him!' Valerie blurts out before backtracking and saying that she used to. With even more difficulty, Eve then tells her Vincent died. Valerie coldly says that she doesn't care if he fell off a cliff and died. Eve's baffled: She never said anything about how he died. Valerie claims that she heard it on the radio and offers to make some tea to calm their nerves. After they have a chat, Valerie shows her out. Leaning against the door she smiles and says, 'You can come out now.' Valerie then begins to speak with Vincent's voice and pulls his/her mask off to reveal that it is Vincent underneath. 'Mommy, your son is alive and well and mad as hell,' he laughs diabolically.


Spike is sauntering down by the waterfront before Sheridan smacks him on the had. When he falls to the ground, she gets on top of him and thrusts her gun in his face. If he's been lying to her about her son, she is going to kill him. She lets him get up to lead the way to her son, but warns him again that she will shoot him down if he tries to run. He takes her to an underground room which contain surveillance footage. This includes a live video feed to a room where she can see Marty playing with a train set. As she starts to cry, Spike tries to sneak away. That's not going to happen though-- she needs more proof. He insists that the video is live, so she demands to know where it is being broadcast from: She needs proof that her son is still alive. Spike swears on his porn collection that her son is alive. Getting her to lower her gun, he sits back at the computer and tries to make the camera close in on the calendar. When it's not working, she pushes the gun at the back of his head. Finally, the camera pans up to a calender which proves the video is current. 'My son with Luis is alive,' she says breathlessly, touching the image of her son on the computer screen. Now she can go and get Luis and they will be a family again.


At the mansion, Luis interrupts Fancy and Pretty's little tea party. The sisters hug before Pretty leaves. Luis is happy to see them finally getting along. Meanwhile, Alistair watches Luis and Fancy through his surveillance network. Pretty soon appears at his side while he laughs about Pilar ending up with two dead sons on her hands. They watch as Luis and Fancy start making out on her bed. He's angry when he sees that the chip doesn't seem to be working. Fancy should be attacking Luis and she's not. As he starts to fidget with the controls that are supposed to dictate her behavior, Fancy starts to have an adverse reaction. Pretty begs him to stop before he hurts her sister. When Luis starts to suggest that Fancy go to a hospital, Alistair starts to panic. Lucky for him. Fancy insists that she's okay and only asks Luis for water. Suddenly, her nose starts to bleed uncontrollably until she collapses.


Ivy, Sam and Julian arrive at the hospital. Pilar introduces them all to the doctor who explains that Ethan is on the road to recovery. Sam is somewhat dismayed that the doctor assumes that Ivy and Julian are the parents. He brings them coffee and she starts to rant about how much Theresa has ruined her life. She hopes that Theresa rots in Hell for what she's done to her son. As she runs off, Sam suggest that Julian go after her. 'I think that you should,' Julian smiles. When Sam assures Ivy that their son will be fine, she excitedly hugs him. 'Maybe we'll be fine too', he thinks, smiling. She wishes that she had been honest with him all those years ago. Then their lives would have been perfect. 'Maybe not perfect, but pretty darn close,' he says. To her surprise, he pulls her into a kiss.


As Ethan continues to mumble, Theresa sits by his side and tells him that he can soon see his son and his daughter. She smiles as she waits for him to wake up to their 'dream come true'. His eyes open as he comes out of the coma. Theresa runs outside and announces the good news to everyone. She's so excited that she's shaking and giddy as her mother smiles and strokes her hair.'This is the start of a whole new chapter for us,' she says. Going back to Ethan's side, he tells her that he remembers marrying her and her saying something wonderful to him. He knows that he has a son and is excited to see him. Pilar leaves to get little Ethan while Ethan tells Theresa that the past eight years have been worth it just for this. Suddenly, Gwen walks in cradling a baby in her arms. 'You don't have to wait any longer: This is our son,' she smiles, placing the baby in his arms. Ethan stares at the child on the verge of tears while Theresa stares on in shock.

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