To cheat or not to cheat

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Fox lets Kay know he'll never let her go, Sheridan tells Luis if he loves her he will let her go, and Theresa and Ethan can't let go.

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Jared and Gwen wonder what's become of Ethan and Theresa

Miguel and Kay are making out on her couch while Siren spies on them. Siren snaps a photo of them together on her cell phone because "this picture is worth 1001 words." She wonders if she should show Fox when Fox appears. Fox calls out Kay's name before he walks into the room giving Miguel and Kay a chance to compose themselves.

Fox tells Siren and Miguel that they have moved up the wedding date. He picks up Kay to whisk her off to bed. Siren wonders whether she should show Fox the photo now. Fox accidentally knocks the phone out of Siren's hands. He bends down to pick it up and looks at it strangely. The photo is that of Fox kissing Kay. It snapped as the phone fell.

Miguel suspects Fox knows about Miguel's true feelings for Kay. While Kay and Fox are gone, Siren makes her move on Miguel.

Miguel lets Siren know that all he wants to be with her is just friends. Siren tries singing her mermaid song, but the spell isn't working anymore. Siren grabs him and starts kissing him. "No means No, Siren", Miguel states. She wants to know why not. She shows Miguel the photo of him and Kay. She will blackmail him with it in exchange for sex. But Miguel calls her bluff and dares her to show it to Fox.

In the bedroom, Kay questions why Fox came home so soon. He tells her it was because he overheard Theresa and Ethan talking about how Ethan and Gwen's friendship broke them up. Kay puts 2 and 2 together and comes up with that Fox is worried about Miguel. He denies it. He trusts her. And then he asks if there is anything she wants to tell him. Of course, Kay denies there is anything to tell. Fox toasts his luck at finding the woman of his dream even if he doesn't deserve her. He tells Kay he'll never let her go.

After Chris has tucked James into bed, he talks with Fancy about Sheridan and Luis. They take turns reassuring each other that everything is fine. Fancy thinks Sheridan is finally over Luis. Fancy checks the ashes in the fireplace and finds the burnt photo of Sheridan and Luis. This is proof to Fancy that Sheridan is over Luis. Chris doesn't think burning the photos are proof that Sheridan is over Luis. It might mean just the opposite.

Luis runs after Sheridan and grabs her. He won't let her run away from their love. "Stop the madness and come back to where you belong," he tells her and pulls her into a kiss. Sheridan stops Luis's kisses saying she's a married woman. She only kissed him because she was tired. Luis sees through that lame excuse. He refuses to accept that she's over him. Sheridan says it doesn't matter that she still loves him. It doesn't change a thing. Her choice is Chris. And his choice should be Fancy. But Luis says he'll never accept her choice. Sheridan wants to know why not. They're lucky they survived a relationship that almost killed them. And they're lucky to have other people in their lives now.
Sheridan says they can be happy with other people. Luis says he likes Fancy but he loves Sheridan. Sheridan tells him if he really loves her, he'll let her go and she leaves him standing there.

Sheridan finally makes it home. She explains to Chris she was just out walking trying to clear her head. Fancy leaves. Chris mentions the burnt mementos to Sheridan and asks her why? Is she still in love with Luis? Sheridan flashes back to telling Luis he is the love of her life. Sheridan lies and tells Chris her heart belongs to him. All of it.

Fancy runs into Luis and asks him out for coffee. As she gets close to him she smells Sheridan's perfume on him.

Theresa and Ethan are one step from making mad passionate love in Chris' office while Gwen and Jared are outside the office door, wondering where their errant significant others are. They hear noises in the office which causes Jared to knock on the door. He thinks it must be Chris working late. He calls out to him asking if he's seen Theresa or Ethan and interrupts the two from making lovetemporarily.

Theresa thinks that they should just let Jared and Gwen see them together but Chris doesn't want to. He's not leaving his wife.

Jared tries the door and finds it locked. He enters the security code but gets it wrong. Ethan starts to panic. And Gwen becomes suspicious. To her, if both Ethan and Theresa are missing then they must be together.

Theresa calls Ethan a hypocrite. Ethan admits he is a bad husband and a weak and bad man. Theresa says he just made a mistake when he married Gwen. Divorce Gwen and that will make everything alright.

Theresa repeats that Ethan can have it all but Ethan wants to be loyal to Gwen. Theresa points out that he really sucks at the loyalty thing. He keeps on cheating on his wife with her because he can't stay away from her. She is his dream woman. She tells him to stop fighting it and make love to her.
When they don't find Theresa waiting for them at Jared's office, Gwen decides to go look for her and Ethan.

It seems like Ethan will give Theresa what she wants right there on Chris' desk. Gwen and Jared are back outside the office door. This time Jared has the right security code.

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Ivy and Kay argue over Sam. Fancy confronts Luis about Sheridan and will Jared and Gwen discover Theresa and Ethan.

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