I'm Not Drunk, I'm Destroyed!

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Alistair and Pretty push ahead with his plan, Luis refuses to listen to Sheridan, Whitney says goodbye to her mother, Rebecca gets a shock, Tabitha, Kay and Endora are attacked.

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Alistair starts to panic when Fancy's heart suddenly stops. The doctor grabs an adrenaline shot and trusts it into her chest in an attempt to revive her. As she starts to breathe again, Alistair tells her that he can't bear the thought of losing her. When she is taken away to be examined, Pretty starts to worry that she isn't her grandfather's favorite anymore. He tells her to stop being so insecure. She begins hugging him until he sends her off to help with her sister. Alone, he admits that he doesn't care about her at all; this is all just his new plot to destroy Luis using the new love of his life: Fancy. They go back upstairs and the doctor reminds Alistair that there is still a chance that Fancy might remember everything that has just happened. Pretty asks what they'll do if she does. 'Kill her,' grandfather says, handing her a gun. He sends the doctor out and hides in the closet as Fancy wakes. She lifts her head, feeling disoriented. Her sister explains that she put some vodka in their lemonade and it must have had quite a kick. Fancy keeps thinking of all of Alistair's plots against Luis and Sheridan; she can't believe that she was so taken in by him for all those years. Pretty hides the gun while Fancy hugs her and tells her that she wants to be real sisters with her again.


In the bedroom, Luis is appalled that Sheridan would actually believe Spike's claim that their son is alive. He doesn't want to see her go through this pain again. Her pain is all his fault, she claims. She starts to apologize, but he says she's right. He does feel guilty for what happened in the past, he admits. All the same, he's sure that Spike is lying and she needs to accept that Marty is dead. He can't have this conversation anymore. When he tries to walk away, she stops him, unable to accept that her son is gone. Shaking his head, he walks away.


Bundles of flowers are brought into Ethan's hospital room as Theresa paces. The doctor walks in and tells her that she may be getting ahead of herself. Ethan is recovering but it could take some time, he cautions. After he's called away, she lights some aroma candles and puts on music, encouraging him to remember the night they danced to the song. He starts to wake up, mumbling that he has a son. When he falls back asleep, the doctor comes in and tells her to take it slow: Ethan can't handle any stress. She just wants to talk to him about his son. 'He's going to meet him tonight,' she explains. Smiling, she tells Ethan that everything will be perfect.


Gwen calls her mother back and, instantly Rebecca starts begging her to come back and fight for Ethan before it's too late. This just doesn't make any sense. She's eager for her daughter to finally get revenge on Theresa but Gwen wants her to be patient. Later, Rebecca calls her daughter again and tells her that she's blown it: Ethan is awake and with Theresa. So who is this new man in her life that is so important? Gwen smiles mischievously and does a little dance. When she tells her mother who he is, Rebecca collapses in shock.


At home, Tabitha is teaching Endora how to play 'Ghostopoly' when Kay runs in, still worrying about making her wedding day with Miguel perfect. She tells Tabitha that she and Miguel saw two shooting stars crash in the sky. According to legend, any couple that sees such an omen will be destroyed. Suddenly, she spots a face peering out from the basement. The boys down there must be up to their old mischief again. Turning around, Tabitha sees that Endora is sitting by the basement grate while a kitty meows at her. She pulls her daughter away and warns her that that is not a real kitten. The boys in the basement are trying to lure her down there for revenge. Tabitha is eager to go on the run before things get worse. She's so frazzled that she can't think so she asks Kay to casts a spell to get them out of there. Suddenly, demons appear. As the demons hold Tabitha and Kay back, Endora begins to move to the kitty as fire billows from the basement.


Sam arrives at the Blue Note and Eve begs him to tell her that her son is not dead. He can't tell her that, but the coast guard hasn't found Vincent's body yet. She starts to cry as Whitney walks in. Seeing her mother crying, she assumes it's over Chad. They don't know what she's talking about so she explains that Alistair killed him. Julian and Eve are horrified at the news. Eve tells Whitney that her brother is dead too. She wants to talk through all of their grief, she never gets to spend any time with her daughter anymore...'Then what I have to say won't make you very happy,' Whitney explains. She is taking Miles and leaving Harmony for good. This news makes Eve upset of course. and she suggests that her daughter just take a long vacation. Whitney's mind is made up though: She is moving to New Orleans with Simone for a fresh start. The drunken Eve begs her not to take her grandchildren away while she is losing everyone. Whitney doesn't think she can talk with her mother about this now. 'I'm not drunk, I'm destroyed!' Eve cries. Whitney says that she is not ashamed of her and their past, she just doesn't wants her children growing up without all of the baggage her family brings. She also tells her mother that she's glad Vincent is dead. Eve bursts into tears again but knows that she can't change her daughter's mind. Making things worse, Whitney tells her that she's leaving right away: This is their goodbye. As she hugs her daughter close, Julian and Sam tell her that they will miss her too. Whitney walks away, stopping to take one final look at her mother before she walks out the door. Julian tries to comfort Eve but she doesn't think she'll be alright. Everyone is leaving her. She decides that she needs to go and see Valerie now. She wants to go alone. Julian agrees and offers to go with Sam to see Ethan.


Having miraculously survived the fall, Vincent crawls out from the water and onto the shore. He's soon back to his old self (well, one of them) and ready to make everyone pay. He makes his way to Valerie's house and begins screaming through the door accusing her of telling on him. Soon, he is inside and we can hear him screaming at her, telling her that she will pay. 'I'm going to kill you and your dear sweet mother!'

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