Goodbye to You and Me

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Alistair has a chip put in Fancy's brain, Sheridan explains how she knows Marty is alive, Whitney says goodbye to Theresa, Eve wants revenge.

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At the mansion, after being drugged by her sister, Fancy passes out with her head on the table. Alistair and his doctor rush in to take her unconscious body away. Pretty realizes that her grandfather has just been using her and threatens to call Luis. He apologizes to her but she lashes out, accusing him of always favoring Fancy, even before she was scarred and unlovable. He insists that he loves her more than her sister; he just isn't good at showing his affections. 'I'm absolutely blown away by your unwavering loyalty to me,' he offers, hugging her and telling her that he loves her. She's convinced and he ushers her out. As they wheel Fancy out, Alistair grabs the nurse and tells her to kill Pretty if she makes any problems. They take Fancy down to his underground lab. Pretty starts to have second thoughts again and says so. This makes Alistair quite furious and he reminds her that her sister destroyed her life. The doctor takes out a chip and starts to insert it into Fancy's brain. This will break her up with Luis and bring her back to where she belongs, Alistair explains. 'Or kill her,' the doctor adds. After the operation, Alistair hopes aloud that this will finally get her back to her old self and make her grampy's favorite once again. 'I thought I was your favorite?' Pretty asks. Suppressing his growing annoyance at his granddaughter, he manages to calm her insecurities but then turns back to Fancy and whispers to her: 'We can go back to the way it used to be...just you and me.'


At the Blue Note, Eve and Julian are drunk. She blames Sheridan for killing their son. Julian encourages her to think clearly but she doesn't see the point. She doesn't want to hear anymore Crane excuses for their inexcusable behavior. Sheridan has become just as awful as her father. 'I hate her...I hate Sheridan and I'm not going to let her get away with killing my son,' she vows. As she cries over having lost everything for her children, Julian reminds her that she still has Whitney and will soon be a grandmother again. Eve is sure that she'll lose her as well. She starts to calm down until she remember Valerie. She'll have to tell her that Vincent's dead.


A smiling Sheridan tells Luis that the miracle they've prayed for has been granted: They will be with their son again! When she admits that she doesn't know Marty's exact whereabouts, Luis starts to shake his head. She's eager to go out looking but this seems crazy to him. How can they search? They don't even have any information about where he could be. It sounds to her like he's doubting her again, just like he did last time. When he asks her where she got the information, she explains that she had to kill someone for it: Vincent. He's disturbed by this and even more so when he realizes that she believed someone who would tell her this in a desperate attempt to save his own life. Sheridan cries as she thinks of the look in Vincent's eyes as he slipped from her hand. Whatever harm he caused, it wasn't his fault: He was sick. Now, Eve and Julian will hate her. Luis tells her that she is not responsible. Then he asks her who told her about their son; he needs to know if it's someone he can trust. When she admits that Spike told her, he's not impressed.


By Ethan's hospital bed, Theresa tells Whitney that she's finally told Ethan that he has a son and he seems to have heard her and forgiven her. Whitney tells her friend that she's sure that Ethan will come through this and they'll finally be happy...but she won't be around to see it. 'I'm leaving Harmony for good,' she sadly says. Theresa imagines that she just wants a break but Whitney insists that this is more than a vacation. Taking her friend's hand, they walk out to the waiting room. Theresa tries to convince her to stay but that is no use. Whitney needs to make herself whole again and, as long as she stays there, she will still be shattered. With tears in their eyes, they realize that they have to let go of the one great constant in their loves: Each other. Theresa tells her friend not to blame anything that's happened on herself; the worst is behind her. Whitney has already decided that she will move down to New Orleans, somewhere where she can begin with new memories for her children and Simone will be comfortable. After a long montage of the many happy moments of the Theresa-Whitney friendship, Theresa admits that she understands but hates that her friend is leaving. Whitney needs to do this for her children. But Theresa should be happy, she will finally have everything that she's always wanted and needs to cherish every moment of it. Getting up, Whitney says that she's already packed and doesn't want to miss her flight. They break into tears again as Theresa wishes her friend a wonderful life and says goodbye. After Whitney leaves, Theresa returns to Ethan's side and tells him that her best friend is gone. She will never leave his side again.

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