Why Did it Have to End This Way?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Chad is taken to the morgue, Ethan is rushed to the hospital, Kay unleashes the floating head, Vincent and Spike fall off a cliff.

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At Tabitha's, Kay searches through the attic and accidentally unleashes the floating head. He tells her not to freak out and warns her that he's been hearing stories about her magical incompetence in the spirit world. Tabitha, Norma, Edna and Endora march in, worried that Kay is up to some ill advised magical mischief. Soon they all start mocking Kay, suggesting that she'll turn her own wedding into a funeral. Tabitha stops the laughter though, reminding everyone that the quicker Kay and Miguel are married, the surer they'll be that Charity never comes back. She tells Kay that she has love and that's all she needs; she doesn't need magic for Miguel. The floating head is slightly appalled by this new Hallmark-friendly version of Tabitha and offers Kay an early wedding gift. With a twinkle, he flashes The Idiots Guide to Witchcraft into her hands. 'Are you calling me an idiot?' Kay asks, rather stupidly. All the ladies start laughing at her but Kay is defiant. She already cast a spell on Miguel to put him to sleep. Worrying at the sound of this, Tabitha sends her daughter down to check on the sleeping Miguel.


Kay decides to prove that her talents are up to snuff and tries casting a spell on a shiny flower. It explodes and the burnt petals get stuck to everyone's faces. Tabitha tells Kay that these are her props and she is not allowed to use them; besides, she's 'a bloody awful witch'. Kay starts looking through the book and finds a spell about bridesmaids that she decides to try. When she tries casting it, her hair blows up like the bride of Frankenstein's. Luckily Endora reappears and her mother asks her to reverse Kay's spell. Kay starts to panic and jumps up and down when she thinks that Miguel might be coming. It's just Endora playing a joke on her though. After Endora fixes things up, Kay decides to try the spell again. Everyone braces for the worst but she only conjures up some miniature flowers. Relieved, everyone laughs until the head tells her to keep practicing. Annoyed by this advice, Tabitha warns her that Endora won't always be around to fix things. This makes Kay angry and she casts another spell. This one makes her head float off of her body. It's not just her head though: All the heads in the room are now floating above their bodies!


'I've met some guys with identity issues but you take the cake,' Spike proclaims after chasing Vincent down. As Vincent begs Spike not to kill him, Sheridan suddenly runs into the fray, slapping Spike's gun toting arm away. 'I won't let you kill my nephew!' She helps Vincent up into her lap. Spike tells her that he doesn't answer to her, only to Alistair and he'll kill them both if he has to. She won't let him do that and she's sick of him calling her honey and acting like a pervert. When he tries to shoot Vincent, she pushes Spike over and then runs off with her nephew. They get in her car and start driving as Spike follows behind. When she sees that she's running out of gas, Vincent freaks out and grabs the wheel. They crash into a tree, jump out and run. Spike chases them to a cliff and yells at her to step aside so that he can take care of her psycho nephew. She shields him with her body and tells Spike that he'll have to kill her first. She offers him money and he puts the gun down for a moment...then he lunges at Vincent, knocking both of them over the cliff. Both men cling to the edge and Sheridan leans down to grab a hold of their hands. She can't hold both of them and has no doubt about who she is dropping. Spike suddenly claims that Marty is alive and he knows where he is.


At the inn, the paramedics arrive to take Ethan away. As Theresa prays that he won't die, Whitney sits by Chad's side, still in shock. Despite the fact that he is clearly dead, she begs the paramedics to try and revive him. They can't. She takes his hand and breaks into tears again, begging him not to die and promising that she can fix things between them. Still in denial, she begs the paramedics to take Chad to ICU with Ethan. They refuse at first but Theresa convinces them to humor her. As the men's bodies are wheeled out, Gwen and Theresa threaten to kill each other if Ethan doesn't pull through.


At the hospital, the doctors tell Theresa that they don't know if they can save Ethan. Whitney wanders in, now admitting to herself that Chad is dead. He'll never play with Miles again or see his new baby; she never had the chance to tell him that she forgave him... he's the only man she ever loved. She tells Theresa that she'd better go and tell Ethan the truth now; she may never have another chance. Suddenly, Ethan's life support machines start to ring. They watch as his stomach is pumped and he's stabilized. Whitney tells her friend again to tell the truth now. The mortuary attendant takes Whitney away to sign paperwork as Theresa goes to Ethan's side. Gwen and Rebecca sit nearby. Sadly, Gwen admits to her mother that she has never stopped loving Ethan. They watch as Theresa talks to Ethan. Gwen suddenly gets a call telling her that 'he's sick.' Instantly, she hangs up and rushes off, leaving her perplexed mother behind. Meanwhile, Theresa actually tells Ethan that he has a son and he hears her. 'I have a son. I have to live,' he thinks. Meanwhile, down in the morgue, Whitney slowly walks to Chad's side, remembering all of the happy times they had. As tears fill her eyes again, she pulls the cover back to look at his face. 'Why did it have to end this way? Why?'

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