Confessions of Love

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Miguel and Theresa make offers they hope won't be refused and Sheridan and Luis eavesdrop on Chris and Fancy

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Miguel looks through the window at Kay's and witnesses the romantic scene between her and Fox. He knows he can't compete with Fox's money but he still believes that isn't what matters to Kay. He is determined to make Kay realize that she wants to be with him and not Fox before it's too late. But Fox has other ideas. He thinks to himself that Kay belongs to him and no one else can have her.

Miguel breaks up the romantic scene. Fox immediately starts with the insults saying "Look what Fluffly dragged in." He sees the bouquet of flowers in Miguel's hands and he wants to know who they're for.
Before Miguel can say anything, Endora magically pops her and Maria into the scene. This distraction gives Miguel a chance to save face. He says the flowers are for the babies. Remarkably, Kay and Fox don't say anything about the obvious lie. Instead Fox starts praising Kay's maternal skills.

Fox takes this opportunity to point out the many pluses of marrying a rich man, namely him. Fox is still laying it on thick about how Kay won't have to lift a finger if she marries him. But Kay doesn't want that. That would make her just like Ivy. She wants to teach her child the value of hard work. Fox says whatever she wants she can have even if it means having the nannies and servants watch her work. He gets a call from someone at Crane and excuses himself but not before laying a big wet one on Kay. Miguel watches and fantasizes that it's him kissing Kay.

Alone with Kay, Miguel tells her that she reminds him of his mom. They beat around the bush talking about Ivy and Fancy and Ethan until Miguel finally confesses his love for Kay. He tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Kay protests that she's engaged to Fox and he treats her like a princess, giving her and her little girl everything. "Princesses belong in fairy tales." He will treat her like a woman. Engagements can be broken and he starts kissing her like it's a done deal.

At the police station, Luis is kissing Sheridan. Chris almost walks in on them but before he can, he gets a phone call. Luis and Sheridan escape notice and duck into another office as Chris, Fancy and James walk in. Luis wants to own up to what they've been doing but Sheridan won't let him, claiming James as an excuse. So they stand there and eavesdrop on Chris and Fancy who both talk about how much they love Sheridan and Luis. Both Chris and Fancy talk about having babies with the hidden couple. Sheridan sinks deeper and deeper into guilt as Chris talks about how he was like a broken lighthouseall alone until Sheridan came into his life.

Chris, Fancy and James finally leave without discovering Luis and Sheridan in the back. Luis wants to let Chris and Fancy know they're living in a dream world but Sheridan won't let him. She can't ruin other people's lives even if it means hurting him. She then walks out on him.

At Crane's, Theresa screams as someone scares her from behind.

It's only Ethan. Theresa lays into him for scaring her telling him he can't just go wandering around the building anymore. He tells her he was looking for her to let her know that her trick didn't work. He read every piece of material she brought to him in record time. Ethan just wants to talk professional to professional and as friends. Theresa's not buying it. She's too angry. She thinks that Ethan is jealous because she's finally moved on and that Ethan wants to control her but that's not going to happen anymore.

Ethan questions how much Theresa really knows about Jared. Theresa recites Jared's resume and then reminds Ethan that he is married and he ought to go back to his wife. Ethan takes the moral high road and tells Theresa he's just there to get Theresa to be the good guy and settle this case with Stewart. This would be her chance to set a good example for little Ethan. Theresa says that's the reason she's fighting the casefor little Ethan. The company is his legacy. Then it's back on the low road again. Theresa tells big Ethan she can't take seeing him all the time so "unless it's in court, I never want to see you again."

Ethan says he can't accept that but only because they're friends and because he's very confused. He thought Crane was going to be his destiny. Now he's just another lawyer on the make. With tears streaming down her face, a very emotional Theresa tells him he can fulfill his destiny because he still loves her. He can be CEO, her husband, and raise little Ethan. He can have it all.

As Fox eavesdrops on this touching scene, Ethan tells her any man would kill for a chance like that but there was still a hitchGwen. Theresa says that was her stupid fault for letting Ethan keep on seeing his ex. Fox realizes he's making the same mistake and runs back to Kay.

Ethan makes an attempt to leave but Theresa locks the door. She tells him she knows he loves her and proves it by kissing him passionately against the door. He kisses her back. His shirt disappears as they're about to do the nasty.

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