What Have I Done?

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Vincent escapes and goes after Sheridan, Alistair shocks his granddaughters, Whitney and Chad help the newlyweds get away.

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At the prison, Alistair is furious when Vincent breaks the news that little Ethan isn't a biological Crane. This ruins everything he has planned, he screams. Vincent tells him to look on the bright side: At least he still has him. Somehow that doesn't make Alistair feel better. 'To hell with you! To hell with everybody! To hell with them all!' he continues to scream. Down the hall, Eve and Julian can hear the screams coming out of their son's cell. When they rush over to the cell, they find the door open and their son gone. As they search, Vincent and Alistair escape from the prison with ease. Julian and Eve find a guard and tell him that their son has escaped. Soon, Sam arrives and looks around for clues, suggesting that someone must have helped Vincent escape. Luis arrives, shocked to hear about the escape. As Eve and Julian worry that the police might hurt their son, Luis finds a list of the names of people Vincent plans to kill. He runs off to search for Vincent, knowing who his targets are. Sitting down, Sam and Julian tap into the surveillance footage using Julian's laptop and can see clearly that someone helped Vincent escape. But who?


At the pool house, Pretty is realizing that her aunt has changed a lot over the years. She hasn't even seen her smile since she got back. Sheridan tells her that she's changed and Pretty should keep her judgments to herself. She's just doing what she has to in order to get back the man she loves. Pretty thought that if you truly loved someone you'd let them go. She admits that, now that she has evened the score with her sister, she just feels like her aunt has been using her. Sheridan tells her to be honest: Isn't she thrilled to see her sister finally hit rock bottom? She continues to rub salt in her niece's wounds, threatening to force her to stare at her face and asking her how many boys she's been out with since she was deformed. Pretty is easily depressed and shrinks from her aunt. Sheridan is sure that Luis will be hers again soon, thanks to Pretty. 'What have I done?' Pretty sadly asks herself as her aunt walks away.


Luis searches the grounds for Fancy. She's sure that he must hate her now that he knows the truth about her. Finally she sneaks away to the mansion and hides in the dark of Alistair's library. As she thinks back to fighting with her sister in the pool house, the light suddenly comes on, startling her. Pretty is sitting at their grandfather's desk. She recalls all of the times that Alistair defended his little princess Fancy to the detriment of everyone else. Fancy is sick of having her sister lash out at her; she regrets what she's done but now she just hates her sister for taking away all of her hopes and dreams. 'I'm sorry,' Pretty says. Fancy doesn't take the apology well; everything her sister has done to her has been intentional. 'I hate you and I have never hated you before,' Fancy proclaims. No wonder Alistair never liked her. Pretty always tried to get their grandfather to pay attention to her, but he only ever cared about Fancy. She's still sure that, no matter what Fancy says, her attack on her face was deliberate. This time, at least, Fancy won't get everything she wants. Fancy smacks her sister for saying this, just as Alistair strolls in, shocking both of them. 'Grampy? But you're dead?'


Sheridan returns to her cabin and, after slipping into her negligee, lights some candles and waits for Luis. When a knock comes at the door, she's shocked to find Vincent walking in. He tells her that he just had to get out of the mental hospital. He's not crazy, he laughs. She tells him that this isn't a good time and she'd like to be alone when Luis gets there. She wishes him good luck but he sits down, refusing to leave. He was told to come there and he always does what he's told, he explains, taking out a knife. She backs up as he holds the knife to her throat. Terrified, she reminds him that they are friends and family; she wants to repay him for all the favors he's done for her. The only thing he wants her to do for him, however, is to die. She is just the first on his list, he tells her, and it will be a long night. As she screams, Luis starts to run toward the cabin.


At the chapel, Gwen refuses to let Ethan and Theresa go anywhere before she gives them her wedding gift. Ethan keeps telling her that she doesn't have to do anything more for them, but she's insistent. Whitney stops her before she can say anything and suggests that it's time for Chad to make a toast. They all grab champagne and gather around. Gwen takes Whitney aside and tells her that she can't stop her from revealing the truth, no matter what other tricks she tries to pull. Leaving Gwen, she returns to Chad's side and they try to figure out a way to get the newlyweds out of there before the truth can be revealed. Meanwhile, Miguel tells Kay that he's never been more hopeful about their future than he is now. If Theresa and Ethan can overcome all the odds, anyone can. Gwen suddenly raises her champagne glass to make a toast. She starts her speech by saying that no one knows the newlyweds better than her and she just wants to see them happy. Ethan holds two things sacred: Family and honesty. There are no shades of grey when it comes to the truth for Ethan. Theresa watches with dread while Gwen continues but the justice of the peace suddenly interrupts and hands out packs of birdseed to throw at the bride and groom. Pilar takes the chance to make a quick toast and cut Gwen short. As the birdseed starts to fly, the wedding party starts to move outside and Chad holds the Hotchkiss women back. Theresa throws her bouquet, which Kay catches before excitedly kissing Miguel, and then the happy couple run off.

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