She Did It!

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Pretty points the finger, Vincent reverts to being a child and undergoes hypnosis, Kay confuses Miguel with magic, Ethan and Theresa's wedding goes ahead.

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At the pool house, Luis asks Pretty what she means when she says that it is all Fancy's fault. Pretty asks her aunt to explain everything to him. Sheridan realizes that she can't say anything without looking like she is just after Fancy. Before she can answer, Eve gets a call, she leaves, but not without begging Pretty to stop being so vindictive. Luis asks what is going on again. All the women look at each other in a kind of panic. As Pretty start to rant at her sister for ruining her life, Luis manages to misinterpret this and imagines that she is merely the victim of an accident. She assures him that this isn't the case. Fancy tries to stop her from continuing, but she can't be stopped. Luis hopes that Pretty and Fancy can put what happened behind them. Pretty tries to explain herself again. She talks about having to defend herself against someone who scarred her for life out of jealousy and spite. 'What kind of a monster would do something like that?' he wonders. Sheridan grins. 'She did it!' Pretty says, jumping up and gesturing wildly at her sister.


Julian arrives at the mental hospital with Dr. Williams. She takes him to visit his son. Vincent has been deteriorating drastically, she warns him. They find him hiding under his bed. Dr. Williams promises him that his father is only there to visit and not to hurt him. Julian tells him that he shouldn't be hiding under the furniture; that's no way for a Crane to behave. Vincent starts to cry and the doctor tells Julian to stop being so confrontational. Eve arrives, shocked to see her son hiding. She asks Julian what he did to him. The doctor says it wasn't anything Julian did; their son is obviously terrified of someone though. She'd like to hypnotize him and find out who is behind this fear. Eve has to coax her son out, promising him that they only want what's best for him. After he crawls out from under the bed, he curls up on Eve's lap. He then starts to climb around the room and act like a toddler. Dr. Williams asks him to sit down and play a 'game'. She hypnotizes him and he quickly tells them that he is there because he failed in his mission to destroy everyone in Harmony. 'There's so much you don't know,' he smiles. When they ask for more details, he starts to go into spasms and breaks out of the hypnosis, crying at his mother's feet and begging for protection. The doctor asks Vincent to let his parents go so that she can talk to them. He refuses to let go until she offers him some cookies. Julian can't understand why his son thinks that he wants to hurt him. The doctor suggests that someone else might be involved in everything that's been happening. Vincent seems to be regressing to childhood because he feels powerless; someone must be controlling him. Who could be cold and calculating enough to use someone so fragile for their own evil ends? 'It couldn't be...' Julian wonders, thinking of his father. Meanwhile, Vincent eagerly runs up to the bars when the guard arrives with his cookies. The guard crushes the cookies before his eyes. Vincent suddenly recognizes him and begs the guard not to hurt him again. It's Alistair!


Ethan is shouting at Theresa to hurry back into the chapel so that they can get married. Pilar rushes out to her daughter who updates her on Gwen's plan. Pilar tells her that the only way out now is to tell Ethan the truth before Gwen can do it. Suddenly Chad arrives, thanks to a call from Ethan. When he offers to help out, Theresa gets a plan and huddles her friends together. Pilar wishes she could talk her daughter out of this, but it's pointless. They put the plan into action. Chad and Whitney pretend that Theresa has locked herself in the bathroom. Gwen and Rebecca follow them down the hall as they shout through the door. Rebecca offers them her lock picking set and, once she unlocks the door, Whitney pushes them in. As the mother and daughter beat on the door, Chad and Whitney laugh. Rebecca threatens to reveal Chad's secret to the public if he doesn't let them out. He insists again that he's not gay, but this makes Whitney uncomfortable. She moves away from him, hoping that Theresa's marriage turns out better than theirs did. She still blames him for tearing their marriage apart, not Vincent. Whitney starts to worry that Gwen and Rebecca are being too quiet. Inside, Gwen climbs up and smashes the window. Surprisingly, there are bars on the outside. There is no way out; the wedding will go ahead.


Theresa runs out from hiding and back down the aisle. She stops to kiss her children and then sends her mother in to announce that they're ready to proceed. In the chapel, Ethan can hear Gwen and Rebecca pounding on the washroom door. Pilar tells him that it's just someone changing a tire and he needs to concentrate on getting married. Theresa walks down the aisle with little Ethan. Arriving at the altar, she puts an arm around Ethan and crosses her fingers as the ceremony begins.


Kay and Miguel relax in bed, happy that Luis is finally a free man. Now that things are working out, they can become a real family with Maria. Kay's phone rings: It's Simone telling her that Theresa and Ethan eloped. Miguel immediately calls his mother and tells her that he'd like to come to the wedding. She tells him it's not a good time and hangs up. This seems strange to him. His sister has dreamed of this night her whole life and now he'll miss it. Kay starts to wonder if she should use her magic. She tries to think up a spell and accidentally puts them in a set of nineteenth century wedding outfits. This, of course, confuses him, so she puts them back in their regular bed clothes and tells him that his mind is playing tricks on him. Sending him off to take care of the 'headache' which seems to be causing his hallucination, she conjures up the magic bowl and spies on the wedding. She decides to stall the wedding so that she and Miguel won't miss it. Casting a spell on the justice of the peace, he begins to cough and choke before spouting nonsense. Now that the wedding is on hold, Kay finds a way to transport she and Miguel there. He returns, almost falling asleep, as she transports them to the chapel. He's confused again and so is Pilar when she sees them appear of nowhere. The justice of the peace suddenly gets his voice back and they resume the ceremony. Ethan asks Miguel to be his best man now that Chad has vanished. Pilar and Theresa walk out so that they can start again from the beginning. Whitney assures her that the wedding can go ahead now that Chad is watching the washroom. Theresa walks back down the aisle and they eagerly resume the wedding.

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