Cleaning Up After Kay

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Edna loses her slave when Spike is arrested, Pretty and Fancy fight, Luis confronts Sheridan about her behavior, Gwen's helpfulness disturbs Theresa.

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At Tabitha's, Norma and Edna are clinging to their slave boy Spike as Tabs threatens to get rid of him. He may be the only way to free Jessica from the threat of prison, she argues. Edna grabs at Spike and he tries to bat her away until Norma swats him. She wants him to rub suntan lotion all over her body. He points out that there is no sun, so Norma has Endora turn the living room into a tropical resort. As they sit in the sand, he looks for a way to escape. Tabitha warns him not to try or he'll end up in jail or the basement again.

Next door, at Sam's, Kay protests as her father places her under arrest for all of the murders. When he tries to drag her away, she explains that this is all magic and neither she nor Jessica are the murderer, Spike is. That sounds crazy so Kay starts to do magic, which keeps malfunctioning and zaps her all over the room until her handcuffs vanish. Miguel starts pointing at her and saying that she's a devil while Sam thinks they should call an exorcist. Kay insists that she is only trying to help catch Spike and runs out the back. They all run after her.


Back at Tabitha's, they hear Kay running over with everyone trailing behind her. Sam declares that he is there to arrest his daughter until Tabitha points to Spike and reminds him that he is the one he wants. Sam doesn't have much evidence against Spike though. While Tabitha tries to talk him into making the arrest, Edna watches Spike escape. Kay asks Endora for help. The little witch sighs: 'I always have to clean up Kay's mess.' After a zap, Sam snaps out of the trance he was in but is now even more confused. No one understands why the living room looks like a resort, why they are there or exactly who he should be arresting. Sam only knows that he was ordered to arrest Jessica. He and Paloma arrest her again while Kay worries about how to get Spike to confess. Endora zaps Spike back, just before Sam can take her away. At first, everyone is too confused by Spike's slave clothes, so Endora puts him in his regular clothes, an act which confuses everyone even more. Sam tells Paloma to arrest him but, before she can, he grabs Jessica and threatens to cut her with a letter opener. When Spike tells them that they should be arresting Tabitha for her freak show, Tabitha kicks him and Kay starts to argue with him. When she tries her confession spell again, she misses Spike and the spell only hits Norma and Edna who begin confessing that they never floss their teeth and that they steal candy from babies. Endora has to step in and cast the spell properly. Finally Spike drops down on his knees and begins confessing to all of the killings. Sam places him under arrest while Edna sadly watches her slave boy being cuffed. Spike starts to cry while Sam asks Jessica to forgive him; he will never let her go, he promises. Noah and Paloma start to kiss as Spike snaps out of the spell and starts to claim that he's innocent. Simone laughs at him. She and the Bennetts then go over to Sam's while he calls a squad car to pick up Spike. Before they can come, Norma takes the opportunity to kick Spike around one last time.


At the pool house, Pretty threatens to expose her sister and make Luis hate her forever. Fancy wishes that her sister would just let her be happy. They look around and wonder where Luis disappeared to. Soon, Pretty will be able to confront him and reveal what kind of person Fancy really is. Fancy repeats her story that she was only trying to defend herself against her sister and didn't want to hurt her. They need to put that behind them and be sisters again. 'The only link we will ever have is utter loneliness,' Pretty vows. Her sister keeps begging her to, pretty please, not take her Luis away. She's sure that a man will someday see past her physical deformity. When Pretty tries to turn away, Fancy grabs her and she trips, bruising her head. Her sister helps her up, apologizing, but Pretty thinks she just can't help herself. She slaps her sister across the face. When Pretty threatens to search for Luis, they start to throw each other around the room.


In her cabin, Sheridan gets an unexpected guest: Luis. She doesn't wants to see him right now; she's too upset. In her hands, she sadly clings to the gift which James made for her. Sheridan tells Luis that Chris was there to tell her how much James misses her and how much she hurt him. First she lost Marty, then Luis and now everything else. All that she ever wanted was to be a family... everything she touches turns to ashes. Luis asks her if she's ever stopped to think that she may be the reason why all these things have fallen apart. She does feel guilty and she isn't proud of the things she's done; she just loves him too much. Luis has had enough though: She tried to kill his sister! He doesn't understand how she could do that, but from his time on death row, he's learned to be more forgiving. They need to move on and she needs to get professional help. He doesn't want her to come between he and Fancy ever again. When he goes to leave, she offers to go with him, knowing that Fancy and Pretty must be fighting it out right now. Arriving in the pool house, they turn on the lights and are shocked to find a body floating in the pool.

Ethan and Theresa are surprised when Gwen congratulates them on their elopement. This happiness is then extended when Rebecca and Pilar walk in, both surprised to hear the news. Gwen and then Pilar hug the happy couple. As Ethan leaves the pair of mothers and daughters behind, all the women look each other over suspiciously. This seems crazy to Rebecca but her daughter assures her that everything is going to plan. Ethan returns, unable to find anyone who will marry them right away. Gwen offers to call her father and pull some strings; she's sure that she can get them married ASAP. Ethan is thrilled at that and starts making plans with his bride-to-be while Gwen smiles at the idea of stabbing Theresa in the back. Ethan walks over and thanks Gwen for being so helpful. This seems to soften her resolve. After he returns to Theresa's side, Gwen has to admit to her mother that she is having second thoughts; she still doesn't want to break Ethan's heart. To fight her doubts, Rebecca goes off and brings little Jane back to remind Gwen of why she is battling Theresa. As they sit with the little girl, Rebecca reminds Gwen that Theresa took her daughter from her and this is war. Gwen smiles at the little girl and realizes that her mother must be right.


Ethan and Theresa excitedly go downstairs, sure that nothing is standing in their way now. She starts to babble and worries about why Gwen is being so nice all of a sudden. Moments later, Gwen and Rebecca appear with Jane. Rebecca tells them that Jane must just be too excited to sleep: her parents will be married soon and she'll no longer be a bastard. Theresa hands her daughter off to Ethan and tells him to take her to bed. She then starts to lash out at Gwen and Rebecca. Gwen says that the only reason she won't reveal the truth to Ethan is that she doesn't want to hurt him. Theresa is sure that he will always be happy as long as he's with her. Gwen seriously doubts it. When Ethan returns, he thanks Gwen again for being so helpful while Rebecca stares at Theresa, giddy at the thought of her destruction.

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