Stringing Me Along

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Jessica is arrested, Kay tries to save her sister but it backfires, Chris visits Sheridan, Fancy has dreams about her sister.

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At Tabitha's, Norma and Edna are relaxing on couches while dressed in their imperial robes. They call their new slave boy, Spike, in to feed them grapes one by one. Tabitha and Endora walk in chuckling. Norma makes Spike re-enact a scene from Spartacus and then Edna starts to pinch his bottom. He's not happy about this, but Tabitha reminds him that it's this, the basement or jail. Tabitha interrupts the fun. She wants to take slave boy away; she has chores for him to do. She sends him up to clean the chimney and we soon hear him coughing and see soot shooting from the fireplace. He falls out filthy and they all laugh at him while he cleans up.


At Sam's house, Kay, Miguel, Noah, Paloma, Simone and Jessica sit in the parlor talking about the recent miracles. Simone wonders how her mother could have delayed revealing the truth about Luis for so long. Sam walks through the front door and asks Jessica to stand up. To everyone's horror, he says that he has to arrest her for multiple homicides. They just received a complete report with fingerprints, saliva and DNA evidence that lays the blame on her for all of the dead bodies they've been digging up. Kay starts to panic and tries to think of a way out of this. She freezes them to give her more time to come up with a plan. When she doesn't come up with anything, she leaves them all frozen so that she can go and talk to Tabitha.


After trying to wiggle her nose to transport herself fails, she just zaps herself over. To her surprise, she finds herself at Tabitha's with everyone she had frozen transported along with her. Unfortunately, now they are all unfrozen and confused. When Sam demands to know what is going on, Endora has to freeze them all over again. Spike walks in and Kay grabs him. He's the one who killed all those men! When he tries to run away from her accusations, they freeze him in spot. Kay explains that her father just arrested Jessica for murder. Tabitha tells Kay to just get her father to arrest Spike instead. She can't do that because all of the evidence points to Jessica. Norma offers to help them get a confession out of Spike with her ax but Kay decides to use magic. She zaps Spike and he collapses on the floor screaming that he did it. Soon, everyone else collapses on the floor stating that they did it and clutching at Kay's feet. Tabitha has to have Endora fix things again and soon everyone stands frozen. Kay needs to find a way to get Spike to confess, but the ladies all want to keep him around: It's nice to have a slave, even if it is Spike. Kay gets frustrated and zaps them all back to Sam's house. Everyone becomes unfrozen and confused. Kay casts another spell, making her father take the handcuffs off of Jessica. She's happy with this result until he turns around and arrests her instead.


At the mansion, Sheridan has to continue encouraging the reluctant Pretty to reveal the truth about Fancy to Luis. Sheridan's desperate to brutally wake Fancy out of the dream world she is living in. Pretty bangs on Fancy's door but, when no answer comes, she and Sheridan burst in to find the room empty. Pretty wonders if this is a sign that they should wait, but her aunt is still determined. As Pretty looks around, she begins to remember things from the past. There is a flashback of her bringing Fancy her own designer perfume and pastries back from Paris. When she starts to have second thoughts again, Sheridan takes her to the mirror and points to her scar. Does her sister deserve another moment of happiness after doing this to her? she prods again. Pretty becomes upset again and Sheridan calls security to track Fancy down. She finds out that Luis and Fancy are at the pool and that someone is at her cottage


Sheridan goes to her cottage and is surprised to find Chris waiting for her there. 'We have to talk about James,' he says. There is nothing wrong with James, but he made something for her and he wanted his father to give it to her. He hands her the sculpture that James made for her Chris is concerned about James; he thought they were going to be a family. That's what Sheridan thought too. 'Did you? Or were you just stringing us along?' he asks angrily. She insists that she thought she loves him and their family but... He knows that she didn't do this on purpose, but it's hurt James all the same. The boy is moody and quiet and often bursts into tears because he misses her so much. She wants to see the boy, but he tells her that he needs more time away from her to adjust. Maybe some day she can visit him, but not now. He walks out, leaving her alone, depressed for having hurt James. Suddenly, someone else looms in the doorway. 'I can't see you now,' she tells them.


In the pool house, Fancy lays in Luis' arms. This is the only place she wants to be. Soon, they are in the pool kissing and saying how much they love each other. Nothing she could ever do could make him abandon her, he promises. Staring off, she sees all the pool chemicals sitting nearby and remembers scarring her sister's face. She sadly wishes that she could be close to her sister again, but that seems like too much to hope for. Luis swims up to her and tells her to stop thinking about the past. It's time for them to think about their future. They get out of the pool and lay down on the couch nearby. As they close their eyes, Pretty walks in and wakes up her sister. They get into the pool and start to play. Fancy tells her sister that this is just a dream. She points over to the corner where she is still asleep with Luis. She knows that in real life Pretty wants to destroy her; but still, they should enjoy this dream. Pretty tells her that the happy memories she has of their life together are all a dream too because a good sister would never disfigure her sister. Fancy wakes up from this nightmare and finds Pretty standing above her. They start to argue and Luis wakes up. Pretty introduces herself and tells him that things aren't alright; in fact, they haven't been alright since her sister 'did this to me' she says, flashing her scar to him. He's shocked, but luckily this was nightmare too. When Fancy wakes up, she finds Pretty standing above her...


Ethan and Theresa are making love in her bed. They take a break so he can tell her that he wants to elope tonight. Gwen barges in, despite their obviously being busy. Little Ethan's been having nightmares and is asking for Ethan. She knows how mad he would be if anyone kept anything about little Ethan from him, so she came up to tell him. After Ethan leaves, Theresa wonders what she's up to. She tells Gwen that she will reveal the truth to Ethan soon and, once he forgives her, they will be happy. This sounds stupid to Gwen; she doesn't think Theresa is capable of being happy or making anyone else happy. 'He's going to hate you when he finds out that he's little Ethan's father,' she says, just as Ethan walks through the door. Gwen covers over this though and says that it just looks like he's the child's father and he acts more like a father than Julian ever has. Happy with this explanation, the couple then tell Gwen that they will be eloping right away. 'The hell you will,' Gwen thinks to herself.

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